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TeamPreviewGame DateLocation
TeamPreviewGame DateLocation
Ankeny @ Ridgewood LanesPreview01/17/19 Maps
Bellevue @ May CityPreview01/17/19 Maps
Cascade, Western Dubuque @ May CityPreview01/17/19 Maps
Centerville @ Adams BowlingPreview01/17/19 Maps
Clarinda @ Lucky LanesPreview01/17/19 Maps
Clarke, Osceola @ Alley BowlPreview01/17/19 Maps
Council Bluffs, Abraham Lincoln @ Plaza BowlPreview01/17/19 Maps
Council Bluffs, Thomas Jefferson @ ThunderbowlPreview01/17/19 Maps
Denison-Schleswig @ Lucky LanesPreview01/17/19 Maps
Des Moines, East @ Great EscapePreview01/17/19 Maps
Des Moines, Hoover @ Warrior LanesPreview01/17/19 Maps
Des Moines, North @ Merle Hay LanesPreview01/17/19 Maps
Des Moines, Roosevelt @ Air LanesPreview01/17/19 Maps
Fort Dodge @ Ridgewood LanesPreview01/17/19 Maps
Isaac Newton Christian Academy @ May CityPreview01/17/19 Maps
Johnston @ Warrior LanesPreview01/17/19 Maps
Knoxville @ Alley BowlPreview01/17/19 Maps
Lewis Central @ ThunderbowlPreview01/17/19 Maps
Marshalltown @ Champion BowlPreview01/17/19 Maps
Mason City @ Merle Hay LanesPreview01/17/19 Maps
Oskaloosa @ Adams BowlingPreview01/17/19 Maps
Ottumwa @ Champion BowlPreview01/17/19 Maps
Sergeant Bluff-Luton @ Plaza BowlPreview01/17/19 Maps
Sioux City, East @ Plaza BowlPreview01/17/19 Maps
Sioux City, North @ Plaza BowlPreview01/17/19 Maps
Sioux City, West @ Plaza BowlPreview01/17/19 Maps
Urbandale @ Air LanesPreview01/17/19 Maps
Waukee @ Great EscapePreview01/17/19 Maps
LeMars @ West Sioux High SchoolPreview01/17/19 Maps
West Sioux, Hawarden @ West Sioux High SchoolPreview01/17/19 Maps
Harlan @ Ida Bowl-Hideaway LoungePreview01/17/19 Maps
OA-BCIG @ Ida Bowl-Hideaway LoungePreview01/17/19 Maps
Davis County, Bloomfield @ Champion BowlPreview01/17/19 Maps
Cascade, Western Dubuque @ May CityPreview01/18/19 Maps
Cedar Falls @ Maple LanesPreview01/18/19 Maps
Charles City @ Tripoli Middle/Sr High SchoolPreview01/18/19 Maps
Columbus Catholic @ Thunder LanesPreview01/18/19 Maps
Davenport, North @ Bowlmor LanesPreview01/18/19 Maps
Decorah @ Forest City High SchoolPreview01/18/19 Maps
Denver @ Lilac LanesPreview01/18/19 Maps
Dubuque, Hempstead @ Cherry Lanes Bowling AlleyPreview01/18/19 Maps
Dubuque, Senior @ Colonial LanesPreview01/18/19 Maps
Forest City @ Forest City High SchoolPreview01/18/19 Maps
Iowa City, City High @ Colonial LanesPreview01/18/19 Maps
Iowa City, West @ Cherry Lanes Bowling AlleyPreview01/18/19 Maps
Maquoketa @ Lightning LanesPreview01/18/19 Maps
Muscatine @ Bowlmor LanesPreview01/18/19 Maps
North Fayette Valley @ Lilac LanesPreview01/18/19 Maps
North Iowa @ North Iowa High SchoolPreview01/18/19 Maps
Oelwein @ Viper LanesPreview01/18/19 Maps
Oskaloosa @ Mahaska BowlPreview01/18/19 Maps
Pella Christian @ Mahaska BowlPreview01/18/19 Maps
Prairie, Cedar Rapids @ Maple LanesPreview01/18/19 Maps
St. Albert, Council Bluffs @ ThunderbowlPreview01/18/19 Maps
Sumner-Fredricksburg @ Thunder LanesPreview01/18/19 Maps
Tri-Center, Neola @ ThunderbowlPreview01/18/19 Maps
Tripoli @ Tripoli Middle/Sr High SchoolPreview01/18/19 Maps
Waukon @ Viper LanesPreview01/18/19 Maps
Waverly-Shell Rock @ North Iowa High SchoolPreview01/18/19 Maps
West Delaware, Manchester @ Lightning LanesPreview01/18/19 Maps
Xavier, Cedar Rapids @ May CityPreview01/18/19 Maps
Burlington @ FunCityPreview01/18/19 Maps
Davenport, West @ FunCityPreview01/18/19 Maps
Cedar Rapids, Jefferson @ Cedar Rapids Bowling CenterPreview01/18/19 Maps
Linn-Mar, Marion @ Cedar Rapids Bowling CenterPreview01/18/19 Maps
Creston @ Little Waite LanesPreview01/19/19 Maps
Davis County, Bloomfield @ Flamingo LanesPreview01/19/19 Maps
Denison-Schleswig @ Tri-Center High SchoolPreview01/19/19 Maps
Fairfield @ Flamingo LanesPreview01/19/19 Maps
Keokuk @ Flamingo LanesPreview01/19/19 Maps
Knoxville @ Mustang LanesPreview01/19/19 Maps
Louisa-Muscatine @ Flamingo LanesPreview01/19/19 Maps
Mount Pleasant @ Lebowski's Rock n BowlPreview01/19/19 Maps
Newton @ Mustang LanesPreview01/19/19 Maps
Norwalk @ Pella Excit-A-BowlPreview01/19/19 Maps
Pella @ Pella Excit-A-BowlPreview01/19/19 Maps
Shenandoah @ Little Waite LanesPreview01/19/19 Maps
Tri-Center, Neola @ Tri-Center High SchoolPreview01/19/19 Maps
Washington @ Lebowski's Rock n BowlPreview01/19/19 Maps

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