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Player of the Week: Jake Kliegl

Galva-Holstein (Ridge View) High School

Senior  -   Football

What do you attribute to your success?

We definitely had good coaches so that helped me a lot. We also have some huge line men who make my job at linebacker and running back pretty easy.

What is your favorite sports memory?

My favorite sports memory was probably last year playing on a field that had standing water on it against a top ten ranked team. We lost in overtime but playing in a sloppy muddy game like that with my teammates is something I’m not gonna forget.

Do you have any role models?

My role model for sports has been Josey Jewell. I loved watching him play and his story from being barely recruited to being one of the best linebackers in the country is incredible.

Tell us more about yourself?

Outside of football I also play basketball and run track. If I’m not in school or doing sports I really enjoy bow hunting and being outdoors.

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CiML 2nd Round Playoff Previews
11/2/2017 12:00:00 AM

Johnston vs Dowling Catholic

Dowling, 9-1, is coming into this matchup as first in the CIML in offense averaging 595 yards and defense, only allowing 288 yards.  Johnston, also 7-1, is averaging 396 yards on offense and allowing 362 yards on defense.  Both teams rely heavily on the run game.  Dowling’s ground and pound game is averaging 321 yards a game behind Jayson Murray (8.71 YPC avg) and Blake Clark (7 YPC avg).  Blake Clark is also averaging 162 passing yards a game with a QB rating of 253.  Johnston’s averages about 250 yards on the ground.  Johnston’s offense will rely heavily on Andrew Nord (6.88 YPC avg) and Nuutele Davis (5.25 YPC avg) to carry the workload.  Andrew Nord is a is also passing for close to 100 yards a game and has a QB rating of 135.  This is going to be a great, grind-it-out type of game between two teams with a solid rushing attack and defenses that can hold their own.

 Johnston vs Dowling Game Preview By the Numbers

Lewis Central vs Ankeny Centennial

 Lewis Central is coming into this game at 9-1 and Centennial is sitting at 8-2.  Centennial is averaging 420 yards a game on offense and holding opposing defenses to 308 yards a game.  Centennial’s game plan  will be a run by committee ground attack.  The 4 primary backs are Jensen Gates, Chance Gibbons, Gabe Godwin and Zach Mills.  Lewis Central is averaging 406 yards a game on offense and only giving up 292 yards on defense. Lewis’ Central’s ground game is based on the ability of dual QB Max Duggan who is averaging 6.18 yard a carry. He will get some help from DeAnthony Bridgeford who is averaging 6.2 yards a carry.  On paper, these teams match up pretty evenly and will be based on who can stop the run most effectively. 

 Lewis Central vs Ankeny Centennial Game Preview By the Numbers
CIML 3rd Round Playoff Preview
11/3/2017 12:00:00 AM

Ankeny Centennial vs Dowling Catholic

 Round 2 of Ankeny Centennial vs Dowling at the UNI-Dome is going to be one for the ages.   Centennial gave Dowling it’s only loss this year back on 10/13 with a score of 22-19.  Since that game, both teams have gone on to be undefeated and dominating teams on their way.  Dowling’s offense is outputting 575 of total offense and relies heavily on Blake Clark who is averaging almost 6 yards a carry and Teagan Johnson who averages 8.71 yards a carry to get their usual 306 yards on the ground.  Dowling also has a reputable passing game averaging 170 yards a game. Blake Clark is playing ‘lights out’ at QB with a 250 QB rating.

 Centennial comes into the game averaging 430 yard a game with a majority of their yards, 275, on the ground.  I would expect Gabe Goodwin, who averages 6 yards a carry, and Jensen Gates, who averages 11 yards carry, to grind out the yards on the ground. Chance Gibbons will lead the passing game. He’s averaging 71 yards a game with a QB rating of 120.


Both defenses are absolutely suffocating offenses.  Centennial’s defense only gives us 308 yards a game while Dowling is only allowing 288 yards a game.

 This is going to a ground and pound game with defenses holding their ground.  If Centennial can contain Blake Clark this is going to be anyone’s game.


Ankeny Centennial vs Dowling Catholic Game Preview by the Numbers