Mormon Trail Softball

Class: 1A
Conference: Bluegrass
Overall Record: 0-24
Winning Streak: L26
Overall Win %: 0.00%
Conference Record: 0-20
Conference Win %: 0.00%
District Record: 0-23
District Win %: 0.00%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
05/23/19 8:00PMDiagonalBox ScoreL 19-7Mormon Trail Jr-Sr High School
05/28/19 8:00PMMelcher-DallasGame PreviewMormon Trail Jr-Sr High School
05/30/19 6:00PMMoraviaBox ScoreL 11-1Moravia High School
05/31/19 Twin CedarsBox ScoreL 22-0Mormon Trail Elementary School
06/03/19 7:30PMEast UnionBox ScoreL 13-0Mormon Trail Jr-Sr High School
06/04/19 8:00PMMoulton-UdellBox ScoreL 21-3Moulton-Udell High School
06/05/19 6:00PMSeymourBox ScoreL 14-1Seymour High School
06/06/19 8:00PMMurrayBox ScoreL 12-0Murray Jr/Sr High School
06/07/19 Orient-MacksburgBox ScoreL 17-0Mormon Trail Jr-Sr High School
06/08/19 Twin CedarsBox ScoreL 19-0Moulton-Udell High School
06/08/19 Moulton-UdellBox ScoreL 10-9Moulton-Udell High School
06/10/19 6:00PMMount AyrBox ScoreL 17-0Mormon Trail Jr-Sr High School
06/11/19 8:00PMSeymourBox ScoreL 15-2Seymour High School
06/12/19 LenoxBox ScoreL 15-0Lenox High School
06/13/19 8:00PMDiagonalBox ScoreL 7-6Diagonal Junior-Senior High School
06/15/19 Orient-MacksburgBox ScoreL 11-1Orient-Macksburg Senior High School
06/15/19 DiagonalBox ScoreL 10-5Orient-Macksburg Senior High School
06/18/19 Melcher-DallasBox ScoreL 12-0Melcher-Dallas Sports Complex
06/20/19 8:00PMMoraviaBox ScoreL 15-0Mormon Trail Jr-Sr High School
06/21/19 8:00PMTwin CedarsBox ScoreL 12-0Twin Cedars Jr-Sr High School
06/24/19 Central DecaturBox ScoreL 12-0Central Decatur MS/Sr High School
06/25/19 8:00PMMoulton-UdellGame PreviewMoulton-Udell High School
06/27/19 8:00PMMurrayBox ScoreL 18-0Mormon Trail Jr-Sr High School
06/28/19 Orient-MacksburgBox ScoreL 13-3Orient-Macksburg Senior High School
07/02/19 Melcher-DallasBox ScoreL 15-0Mormon Trail Elementary School
07/08/19 5:00PMSeymourBox ScoreL 12-0Seymour High School
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Shelby Flesher26Freshman
Tori Ewing15Sophomore
Skylar Watsabaugh3Sophomore
GraceAnn Bellon8th
Kianna Morgan17Senior
Miah Roberts8th
Madison Page1Sophomore
Emma Carlson23Freshman
Kaylee Rains19Junior
Cali Arnold8th
Chelsea Johnson32Sophomore
Maddie Gunzenhauser8th
Allison Coffey12Freshman
Alexis Roberts8Senior
Olivia Halferty13Senior

Game Team Stats

Game DateABHitsRunsDoublesTripleHRRBISBBBGameTeams
05/23/1929370002910vs Diagonal
05/30/192011000046@ Moravia
05/31/191000000001vs Twin Cedars
06/03/191010000001vs East Union
06/04/192863100303@ Moulton-Udell
06/05/191671000143@ Seymour
06/06/191000000001@ Murray
06/07/191120000000vs Orient-Macksburg
06/08/19311790006155@ Moulton-Udell
06/08/191120000021@ Twin Cedars
06/10/19800000012vs Mount Ayr
06/11/191982010101@ Seymour
06/12/19900000001@ Lenox
06/13/1928561003105@ Diagonal
06/15/1921050001135vs Diagonal
06/15/191501000032@ Orient-Macksburg
06/18/191220000011@ Melcher-Dallas
06/20/191030000010vs Moravia
06/21/191310000000@ Twin Cedars
06/24/191430000011@ Central Decatur
06/27/19910000001vs Murray
06/28/191833000272@ Orient-Macksburg
07/02/191020000000@ Melcher-Dallas
07/08/19900000000@ Seymour

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