Alta-Aurelia Softball

Class: 2A
Conference: Twin Lakes
Overall Record: 22-10
Winning Streak:
Overall Win %: 68.75%
Conference Record: 10-4
Conference Win %: 71.43%
District Record: 13-3
District Win %: 81.25%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
05/23/19 West Bend-MallardBox ScoreW 11-1Alta-Aurelia High School School
05/25/19 10:00AMAkron-WestfieldBox ScoreL 8-3Kingsley-Pierson High School
05/25/19 10:00AMSt. Marys, RemsenBox ScoreW 6-1Kingsley-Pierson High School
05/31/19 East Sac CountyBox ScoreW 17-0Unknown
06/01/19 Akron-WestfieldBox ScoreW 8-0Washington High School
06/01/19 Cherokee WashingtonBox ScoreW 11-3Washington High School
06/03/19 7:00PMSt. Marys, Storm LakeBox ScoreW 7-0Alta-Aurelia High School School
06/04/19 Pocahontas AreaBox ScoreW 12-0Alta-Aurelia High School School
06/05/19 Newell-FondaBox ScoreL 7-1Newell Fonda Softball Field
06/06/19 7:00PMSt. EdmondBox ScoreW 2-1Alta-Aurelia High School School
06/07/19 Southeast ValleyBox ScoreL 5-0Alta-Aurelia High School School
06/10/19 South Central CalhounBox ScoreW 8-2Unknown
06/11/19 OABCIGGame PreviewOABCIG HS Softball Field
06/12/19 Sioux CentralBox ScoreW 10-4Peterson Ball Park
06/14/19 Manson-NW WebsterBox ScoreW 13-10Alta-Aurelia High School School
06/17/19 West Bend-MallardGame PreviewWest Bend-Mallard High School
06/18/19 West Bend-MallardBox ScoreW 13-0West Bend-Mallard High School
06/19/19 EmmetsburgBox ScoreW 11-10Alta-Aurelia High School School
06/21/19 GTRABox ScoreL 10-6Terril Ball Fields
06/22/19 TBDGame PreviewAlta-Aurelia High School School
06/22/19 River ValleyBox ScoreW 7-3Alta-Aurelia High School School
06/22/19 Ridge ViewBox ScoreL 6-0Unknown
06/24/19 Sioux CentralBox ScoreW 13-3Alta-Aurelia High School School
06/26/19 Newell-FondaBox ScoreL 9-4Alta-Aurelia High School School
06/28/19 6:30PMWoodbury CentralBox ScoreL 4-3Alta-Aurelia High School School
06/29/19 TBDGame PreviewUnknown
06/29/19 TBDGame PreviewUnknown
06/29/19 Kingsley-PiersonBox ScoreW 10-0Storm Lake High School
06/29/19 Sioux City NorthBox ScoreW 7-0Storm Lake High School
07/01/19 7:00PMOkobojiGame PreviewOkoboji High School
07/02/19 7:30PMWestwoodBox ScoreL 7-1Westwood High School
07/03/19 West MononaBox ScoreL 3-0Alta-Aurelia High School School
07/05/19 Sioux City WestGame PreviewAlta-Aurelia High School School
07/10/19 7:00PMMVAOCOUBox ScoreW 12-1Alta-Aurelia High School School
07/12/19 7:00PMWoodbury CentralBox ScoreW 10-3Alta-Aurelia High School School
07/15/19 7:00PMWest SiouxBox ScoreW 5-3Alta-Aurelia High School School
07/22/19 5:30PMCentral SpringsBox ScoreW 2-0Iowa Central CC-Rogers Sports Complex
07/24/19 5:00PMEast MarshallBox ScoreW 2-1Kruger Seeds-Rogers Sports Complex
07/25/19 8:15PMNorth LinnBox ScoreL 3-0Kruger Seeds-Rogers Sports Complex
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Rachel WienholdFreshman
Shea Peterson8th
Abby Kraemer23Senior
Alli Magnussen26Freshman
Jocelyn LaundervilleFreshman
Sierra Hill13Sophomore
Brittany Turnquist11Senior
Emma PetersonFreshman
Brielle Engelmann8th
Mallorie Jacobson21Sophomore
Alaina Westphal25Sophomore
Sara CarginFreshman
Jessica Larson12Sophomore
Angela Lopez33Freshman
Jenna Nielsen24Freshman
Jessica Flaherty22Senior
Deanna Schaffer2Senior

Game Team Stats

Game DateABHitsRunsDoublesTripleHRRBISBBBGameTeams
05/23/19311311110821vs West Bend-Mallard
05/25/1928123000200vs Akron-Westfield
05/25/193096100614vs St. Marys, Remsen
05/31/192616174011451@ East Sac County
06/01/1926118300724@ Akron-Westfield
06/01/19261111100754vs Cherokee Washingt
06/03/192687010673vs St. Marys, Storm
06/04/1913612100948vs Pocahontas Area
06/05/192761000110@ Newell-Fonda
06/06/192132010201vs St. Edmond
06/07/192770000000vs Southeast Valley
06/10/1930108400722@ South Central Calh
06/12/193413103001063@ Sioux Central
06/14/193817132011160vs Manson-NW Webster
06/18/192111134001122@ West Bend-Mallard
06/19/19269111119310vs Emmetsburg
06/21/192866000452@ GTRA
06/22/192660000000vs Ridge View
06/22/192267110424vs River Valley
06/24/192713132211024vs Sioux Central
06/26/192344000226vs Newell-Fonda
06/28/193193200322vs Woodbury Central
06/29/192547201438@ Sioux City North
06/29/1920710001734@ Kingsley-Pierson
07/02/192221000100@ Westwood
07/03/192430000031vs West Monona
07/10/192916121101111vs MVAOCOU
07/12/19281210130724vs Woodbury Central
07/15/1927105110514vs West Sioux
07/22/192762000221@ Central Springs
07/24/192852100203@ East Marshall
07/25/192440000002@ North Linn

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