Starmont Boys Basketball

Class: 1A
Conference: Tri-Rivers
District: District 5
Overall Record: 3-19
Winning Streak:
Overall Win %: 13.64%
Conference Record: 2-16
Conference Win %: 11.11%
District Record: 2-2
District Win %: 50.00%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
11/26/18 OelweinBox ScoreL 80-38Starmont High School
11/27/18 LisbonBox ScoreL 69-35Lisbon High School
11/30/18 Easton ValleyBox ScoreL 81-43Starmont High School
12/04/18 Midland, WyomingBox ScoreL 55-50Midland Middle/High School
12/07/18 Calamus-WheatlandBox ScoreL 82-39Starmont High School
12/11/18 North LinnBox ScoreL 107-36North Linn Senior High School
12/14/18 Central CityBox ScoreL 71-47Starmont High School
12/18/18 AlburnettBox ScoreL 62-28Alburnett Senior High School
12/20/18 SpringvilleBox ScoreL 65-37Springville Secondary School
01/04/19 Maquoketa ValleyBox ScoreL 55-48Starmont High School
01/08/19 Edgewood-ColesburgBox ScoreL 83-66Starmont High School
01/10/19 Gladbrook-ReinbeckBox ScoreL 84-49Starmont High School
01/11/19 East BuchananBox ScoreW 55-52East Buchanan High School
01/15/19 North LinnBox ScoreL 88-36Starmont High School
01/24/19 Central CityGame PreviewCentral City High School
01/25/19 SpringvilleBox ScoreL 88-49Starmont High School
02/01/19 7:45PMEdgewood-ColesburgBox ScoreL 89-57Edgewood-Colesburg High School
02/02/19 7:30PMAlburnettBox ScoreL 65-47Starmont High School
02/04/19 6:00PMCentral ElkaderGame PreviewStarmont High School
02/04/19 7:30PMMaquoketa ValleyBox ScoreW 52-39Maquoketa Valley Senior High School
02/07/19 6:00PMResched 2/05 to 2/07 to 6:00PM:Resched to 5:00PM:Resched 2/05 to 2/07 to 6:00PM:Resched to 5:00PM:Resched 2/05 to 2/07 to 6:00PMBox ScoreL 75-74Starmont High School
02/08/19 7:00PMCentral CityBox ScoreL 63-37Central City High School
02/12/19 6:30PMKee, LansingBox ScoreW 56-50East Buchanan High School
02/14/19 8:00PMDunkertonBox ScoreL 85-39Dunkerton High School
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Jack BeattyUnknown
Henry Hamlett54Junior
Caleb Wittman52Senior
Chance WesselsUnknown
Chris Baumgartner4/Junior
Quinton Brehme32Junior
Calvin GenkingerUnknown
Connor Boardman14Junior
Zac Conduff14Junior
Graham SchuchmanUnknown
Jake Fenton30Senior
Garrett WaterhouseUnknown

Game Team Stats

11/26/18vs Oelwein382353210
11/27/18@ Lisbon35214517
11/30/18vs Easton Valley43294609
12/04/18@ Midland, Wyoming503276113
12/07/18vs Calamus-Wheatland39285439
12/11/18@ North Linn36171221
12/14/18vs Central City472516321
12/18/18@ Alburnett281916111
12/20/18@ Springville37301609
01/04/19vs Maquoketa Valley482053019
01/08/19vs Edgewood-Colesbur662071612
01/10/19vs Gladbrook-Reinbec49247416
01/11/19@ East Buchanan552534013
01/15/19vs North Linn361563413
01/25/19vs Springville492324111
02/01/19@ Edgewood-Colesburg572543110
02/02/19vs Alburnett47146208

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