Waterloo West Baseball

Class: 4A
Conference: Mississippi Valley
District: District 3
Overall Record: 10-24
Winning Streak: W2
Overall Win %: 29.41%
Conference Record: 6-20
Conference Win %: 23.08%
District Record: 2-3
District Win %: 40.00%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
07/13/19 Iowa City, City HighBox ScoreL 7-3West High School-Waterloo
05/20/19 Cedar FallsBox ScoreL 5-3Robinson Dresser Sports Complex
05/23/19 Waterloo EastBox ScoreW 2-1West High School-Waterloo
05/23/19 Waterloo EastBox ScoreW 16-1West High School-Waterloo
05/24/19 Xavier, CRGame PreviewXavier High School
05/24/19 5:00PMXavier, CRGame PreviewXavier High School
05/29/19 5:30PMWaterloo EastBox ScoreW 3-0East High School (Waterloo)
05/31/19 Iowa City, LibertyBox ScoreL 13-3Unknown
05/31/19 5:00PMIowa City, LibertyBox ScoreL 9-8Mount Mercy University
06/03/19 Linn-MarBox ScoreL 16-1Linn-Mar High School
06/03/19 5:00PMLinn-MarBox ScoreL 10-0Linn-Mar High School
06/05/19 7:30PMColumbus CatholicBox ScoreW 7-2West High School-Waterloo
06/07/19 10:00AMIowa City WestBox ScoreL 9-2West High School-Waterloo
06/07/19 12:00PMIowa City WestBox ScoreL 13-3West High School-Waterloo
06/10/19 Cedar Rapids KennedyBox ScoreL 10-4West High School-Waterloo
06/10/19 5:00PMCedar Rapids KennedyBox ScoreW 8-0West High School-Waterloo
06/14/19 Dubuque HempsteadBox ScoreL 12-1West High School-Waterloo
06/14/19 5:00PMDubuque HempsteadBox ScoreL 7-4West High School-Waterloo
06/15/19 Don BoscoBox ScoreW 9-1West High School-Waterloo
06/17/19 Wahlert CatholicBox ScoreL 10-0Unknown
06/17/19 4:00PMWahlert CatholicBox ScoreL 3-1Gerald McAleece Park
06/19/19 Xavier, CRBox ScoreL 7-2Xavier High School
06/19/19 Xavier, CRBox ScoreL 11-1Xavier High School
06/21/19 5:00PMIowa City, City HighGame PreviewWest High School-Waterloo
06/21/19 5:00PMIowa City, City HighGame PreviewWest High School-Waterloo
06/24/19 7:00PMCedar FallsBox ScoreW 9-3Robinson Dresser Sports Complex
06/25/19 7:00PMCedar FallsBox ScoreL 7-3West High School-Waterloo
06/28/19 Cedar Rapids WashingtonGame PreviewWest High School-Waterloo
06/28/19 Cedar Rapids WashingtonGame PreviewWest High School-Waterloo
07/01/19 Cedar Rapids JeffersonBox ScoreL 8-2Kingston Stadium, Cedar Rapids
07/01/19 Cedar Rapids JeffersonBox ScoreL 9-3Kingston Stadium, Cedar Rapids
07/05/19 Western DubuqueBox ScoreL 15-3West High School-Waterloo
07/05/19 Western DubuqueBox ScoreL 10-0West High School-Waterloo
07/08/19 PrairieBox ScoreL 7-4West High School-Waterloo
07/08/19 5:00PMPrairieBox ScoreL 15-3West High School-Waterloo
07/09/19 DecorahBox ScoreW 10-0West High School-Waterloo
07/12/19 Dubuque SeniorBox ScoreL 18-7Dubuque Senior High School
07/12/19 Dubuque SeniorBox ScoreL 8-2Dubuque Senior High School
07/13/19 1:00PMIowa City, City HighBox ScoreW 5-4West High School-Waterloo
07/16/19 Waverly-Shell RockBox ScoreW 4-2Waverly-Shell Rock Senior High School
07/19/19 7:00PMAnkeny CentennialGame PreviewAnkeny Centennial High School
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Sam Moore10Sophomore
Nate Elliott1Junior
Chase Pabst14Senior
Kayden BravenderSophomore
Liam Hagen22Sophomore
Carter Schulte5Sophomore
Dylan AlcornSophomore
Ben MelcherSophomore
Zach Heyerhoff13Senior
Noah Susong15Senior
Brady O'Connor7Sophomore
Colby AdamsSophomore
Mondre Lagow2Junior
Luke Fordyce4Sophomore
Max Paxton12Junior
Tanner PollockSenior
Dylan KipperSophomore
Mitch Fordyce16Sophomore
J.P. Richmond8Senior
Clayton RottinghausSophomore
Nolan McCannFreshman

Game Team Stats

Game DateABHitsRunsDoublesTripleHRRBISBBBGameTeams
05/20/193183200314@ Cedar Falls
05/23/192012162101347vs Waterloo East
05/23/192362000225vs Waterloo East
05/29/192633200103@ Waterloo East
05/31/19311182004010@ Iowa City, Liberty
05/31/191973200004@ Iowa City, Liberty
06/03/192020000002@ Linn-Mar
06/03/191411000004@ Linn-Mar
06/05/192697300504vs Columbus Catholic
06/07/192393010302vs Iowa City West
06/07/192752000132vs Iowa City West
06/10/192488410713vs Cedar Rapids Kenn
06/10/192684500441vs Cedar Rapids Kenn
06/14/192664000134vs Dubuque Hempstead
06/14/192261000102vs Dubuque Hempstead
06/15/1929109110852vs Don Bosco
06/17/191940100021@ Wahlert Catholic
06/17/192241000185@ Wahlert Catholic
06/19/1929102110200@ Xavier, CR
06/19/191821000122@ Xavier, CR
06/24/193299301811@ Cedar Falls
06/25/192333001302vs Cedar Falls
07/01/192762200203@ Cedar Rapids Jeffe
07/01/192873101244@ Cedar Rapids Jeffe
07/05/192263000302vs Western Dubuque
07/05/191500000001vs Western Dubuque
07/08/192554100402vs Prairie
07/08/191973300342vs Prairie
07/09/19251310211962vs Decorah
07/12/192897001503@ Dubuque Senior
07/12/192562000130@ Dubuque Senior
07/13/1933115201413vs Iowa City, City H
07/13/192683200331vs Iowa City, City H
07/16/192434110207@ Waverly-Shell Rock

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