St. Mary's, Remsen Girls Basketball

Class: 1A
Conference: War Eagle
District: Region 1
Overall Record: 3-19
Winning Streak:
Overall Win %: 13.64%
Conference Record: 2-16
Conference Win %: 11.11%
District Record: 1-11
District Win %: 8.33%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
11/20/18 Woodbury CentralBox ScoreL 61-13St Mary's Catholic School
11/27/18 Clay Central-EverlyBox ScoreL 60-42Clay Central-Everly JR. SR. High School
11/30/18 South O'BrienBox ScoreL 70-25South O'Brien Secondary School
12/04/18 HintonBox ScoreL 66-44St Mary's Catholic School
12/07/18 MMCRUBox ScoreL 70-29Marcus-Meriden-Cleghorn Jr/Sr High School
12/11/18 West Sioux, HawardenBox ScoreL 53-32West Sioux High School
12/13/18 Kingsley-PiersonBox ScoreL 63-30Kingsley-Pierson High School
12/14/18 Harris-Lake ParkBox ScoreL 53-33St Mary's Catholic School
12/18/18 Akron-WestfieldBox ScoreL 55-21Akron Westfield Senior High School
01/04/19 South O'BrienBox ScoreL 52-27St Mary's Catholic School
01/08/19 HintonBox ScoreL 59-45Hinton High School
01/11/19 Gehlen CatholicBox ScoreL 53-36St Mary's Catholic School
01/14/19 River ValleyBox ScoreW 49-39St Mary's Catholic School
01/15/19 West Sioux, HawardenBox ScoreL 57-25St Mary's Catholic School
01/17/19 Hartley-Melvin-SanbornBox ScoreW 52-35Hartley-Melvin-Sanborn High School
01/22/19 Akron-WestfieldBox ScoreL 54-24St Mary's Catholic School
01/25/19 Clay Central-EverlyBox ScoreL 60-41St Mary's Catholic School
01/28/19 St. Mary, Storm LakeBox ScoreL 42-35St Mary's Catholic School
02/01/19 6:00PMTrinity Christian, HullBox ScoreW 33-32Trinity Christian, Hull
02/04/19 6:00PMGehlen CatholicBox ScoreL 61-29Gehlen Catholic High School
02/05/19 6:00PMUnity ChristianBox ScoreL 60-19Unity Christian
02/08/19 7:00PMAkron-WestfieldBox ScoreL 60-22Akron Westfield Senior High School
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Carly Ortmann135-08Sophomore
Ana Conover355-09Sophomore
Lexi Harpenau145-03Senior
Kailey Arens105-03Sophomore
Ashley Willman235-08Junior
Brittany Johnson225-09Sophomore
Tori Galles155-03Sophomore
Madde GroverUnknown
Lexie Delperdang215-06Sophomore
Maddy Feller115-06Junior
Sydney Schroeder325-05Sophomore
Emma Galles205-08Junior

Game Team Stats

11/20/18vs Woodbury Central132839212
11/27/18@ Clay Central-Everl4229138418
11/30/18@ South O'Brien252657112
12/04/18vs Hinton4439126118
12/07/18@ MMCRU292289315
12/11/18@ West Sioux, Haward323411625
12/13/18@ Kingsley-Pierson303911549
12/14/18vs Harris-Lake Park3336101119
12/18/18@ Akron-Westfield2124681010
01/04/19vs South O'Brien2713612215
01/08/19@ Hinton45251016119
01/11/19vs Gehlen Catholic364599421
01/14/19vs River Valley49391512513
01/15/19vs West Sioux, Hawar252286217
01/17/19@ Hartley-Melvin-San52391111215
01/22/19vs Akron-Westfield242197915
01/25/19vs Clay Central-Ever41351012317
01/28/19vs St. Mary, Storm L353679219
02/01/19@ Trinity Christian,333689318
02/04/19@ Gehlen Catholic293277712
02/05/19@ Unity Christian1922412512
02/08/19@ Akron-Westfield22147739

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