Dowling Catholic Softball

Class: 5A
Conference: CIML
Overall Record: 7-32
Winning Streak:
Overall Win %: 17.95%
Conference Record: 5-25
Conference Win %: 16.67%
District Record: 5-28
District Win %: 15.15%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
05/20/19 Fort DodgeBox ScoreL 5-3Harlan Rogers Sports Complex
05/20/19 Fort DodgeBox ScoreL 11-1Harlan Rogers Sports Complex
05/30/19 6:00PMValleyBox ScoreL 10-0Valley High School
05/31/19 UrbandaleBox ScoreW 9-3Urbandale High School
05/31/19 UrbandaleBox ScoreL 11-2Urbandale High School
06/01/19 Dallas Center-GrimesBox ScoreL 12-4Dallas Center-Grimes High School
06/01/19 WaukeeBox ScoreL 7-1Unknown
06/01/19 Cedar Rapids JeffersonBox ScoreL 6-3Thomas Jefferson High School, Cedar Rapids
06/03/19 AnkenyBox ScoreW 11-7Ankeny High School
06/03/19 5:00PMAnkenyBox ScoreL 10-6Ankeny High School
06/08/19 Xavier, Cedar RapidsBox ScoreL 8-3Dowling High School
06/08/19 Newman CatholicBox ScoreW 9-1Dowling High School
06/08/19 Columbus CatholicBox ScoreL 8-2Dowling High School
06/10/19 JohnstonBox ScoreL 10-5Dowling High School
06/10/19 5:00PMJohnstonBox ScoreL 7-4Dowling High School
06/12/19 Ankeny CentennialBox ScoreL 7-4Ankeny Centennial High School
06/12/19 5:00PMAnkeny CentennialBox ScoreL 9-5Ankeny Centennial High School
06/14/19 Cedar Rapids KennedyBox ScoreL 13-1Harlan Rogers Sports Complex
06/14/19 11:00AMWintersetBox ScoreW 10-7Harlan Rogers Sports Complex
06/15/19 Columbus CatholicBox ScoreL 6-5Harlan Rogers Sports Complex
06/17/19 UrbandaleBox ScoreL 9-2Dowling High School
06/17/19 5:00PMUrbandaleBox ScoreL 6-5Dowling High School
06/18/19 WintersetGame PreviewDowling High School
06/19/19 AmesBox ScoreL 9-0Ames HS Baseball,Softball,Tennis
06/19/19 AmesBox ScoreL 8-7Ames HS Baseball,Softball,Tennis
06/20/19 Des Moines LincolnBox ScoreL 13-9Dowling High School
06/20/19 5:00PMDes Moines LincolnBox ScoreW 13-3Dowling High School
06/22/19 Ankeny CentennialBox ScoreL 11-2Ankeny Centennial High School
06/24/19 AnkenyBox ScoreL 9-0Dowling High School
06/24/19 5:00PMAnkenyBox ScoreL 7-1Dowling High School
06/27/19 Southeast PolkBox ScoreL 17-16Southeast Polk High School
06/27/19 5:00PMSoutheast PolkBox ScoreL 14-10Southeast Polk High School
06/28/19 JohnstonBox ScoreL 13-3Johnston Middle School
06/28/19 JohnstonBox ScoreL 11-1Johnston Middle School
07/01/19 Ankeny CentennialBox ScoreL 15-3Dowling High School
07/01/19 Ankeny CentennialBox ScoreL 14-4Dowling High School
07/08/19 AmesBox ScoreL 15-3Dowling High School
07/08/19 5:00PMAmesBox ScoreW 11-1Dowling High School
07/11/19 7:00PMDes Moines RooseveltBox ScoreW 8-4Dowling High School
07/13/19 7:00PMIndianolaBox ScoreL 11-1Indianola High School
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Anna JohnsonSophomore
Mila Alessio25Sophomore
Ella McVey12Sophomore
Mollie MoistFreshman
Jessie VedaneJunior
Catherine Beggs5Sophomore
McKenna Moses44Junior
Yalitza Lovan8th
Nicole Bellis7Senior
Abby Reinhardt24Freshman
Sarah HochbergerFreshman
Becca YoungersFreshman
Alyssa Last10Sophomore
Rees Cunningham9Freshman
Bri Rodriguez13Junior
Emma Gipple20Freshman
Karley Swesey1Freshman
Kendal HemrySophomore
Abby Hughes23Senior
Sam YorkFreshman
Ashley Akers8th
Lindsey Grask3Junior
Annie Thomas16Sophomore

Game Team Stats

Game DateABHitsRunsDoublesTripleHRRBISBBBGameTeams
05/20/192141100101@ Fort Dodge
05/20/192863200311@ Fort Dodge
05/30/192140100000@ Valley
05/31/193142000206@ Urbandale
05/31/1941169200944@ Urbandale
06/01/193071101102@ Waukee
06/01/193143100107@ Cedar Rapids Jeffe
06/01/192064000303@ Dallas Center-Grim
06/03/192766100607@ Ankeny
06/03/194015116101101@ Ankeny
06/08/192593200204@ Xavier, Cedar Rapi
06/08/192399201908@ Newman Catholic
06/08/1928102000202vs Columbus Catholic
06/10/1930104200301vs Johnston
06/10/193185200302vs Johnston
06/12/192995301506@ Ankeny Centennial
06/12/1933114700402@ Ankeny Centennial
06/14/191611001100vs Cedar Rapids Kenn
06/14/193312102021001vs Winterset
06/15/1931125300501@ Columbus Catholic
06/17/192362000003vs Urbandale
06/17/1940125100304vs Urbandale
06/19/192550000006@ Ames
06/19/1934107400700@ Ames
06/20/193115134001204vs Des Moines Lincol
06/20/193079100405vs Des Moines Lincol
06/22/192762100201@ Ankeny Centennial
06/24/192790200002vs Ankeny
06/24/1931111100103vs Ankeny
06/27/1931910102906@ Southeast Polk
06/27/193617165011505@ Southeast Polk
06/28/192351000000@ Johnston
06/28/192163100302@ Johnston
07/01/192153200304vs Ankeny Centennial
07/01/193094001403vs Ankeny Centennial
07/08/19321111100906vs Ames
07/08/192963200304vs Ames
07/11/1931148420802vs Des Moines Roosev
07/13/191831200100@ Indianola

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