Iowa City Liberty Softball

Class: 4A
Conference: Unknown
Overall Record: 21-22
Winning Streak:
Overall Win %: 48.84%
Conference Record: 0-0
Conference Win %: 0.00%
District Record: 9-3
District Win %: 75.00%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
05/23/19 Waterloo EastBox ScoreW 7-1Mount Mercy University
05/23/19 Waterloo EastBox ScoreW 9-2Mount Mercy University
05/25/19 North ScottBox ScoreL 6-3Jefferson Softball Park
05/25/19 Pleasant ValleyBox ScoreL 9-2Jefferson Softball Park
05/28/19 Cedar Rapids JeffersonGame PreviewUnknown
05/28/19 Cedar Rapids JeffersonGame PreviewIowa City Liberty
05/30/19 5:30PMCedar Rapids WashingtonBox ScoreW 13-0Franklin Field
05/30/19 5:30PMCedar Rapids WashingtonBox ScoreW 16-0Franklin Field
06/01/19 OttumwaBox ScoreL 8-3Lacey Sports Complex
06/01/19 AlbiaBox ScoreL 12-0Lacey Sports Complex
06/04/19 Dubuque HempsteadBox ScoreL 4-3Hempstead High School
06/04/19 4:00PMDubuque HempsteadBox ScoreL 9-4Hempstead High School
06/05/19 Iowa City WestBox ScoreW 10-4West High School-Sioux City
06/05/19 5:30PMIowa City WestBox ScoreL 11-2West High School-Iowa City
06/06/19 Dubuque SeniorBox ScoreW 8-4Dubuque Senior High School
06/06/19 4:00PMDubuque SeniorBox ScoreL 4-3Dubuque Senior High School
06/11/19 PrairieBox ScoreW 14-4Unknown
06/11/19 5:30PMPrairieBox ScoreL 6-1Mount Mercy University
06/13/19 Waterloo WestBox ScoreW 13-3Unknown
06/13/19 5:30PMWaterloo WestBox ScoreW 12-0Mount Mercy University
06/15/19 CrestonBox ScoreW 10-2Lacey Sports Complex
06/15/19 Collins-MaxwellBox ScoreL 2-0Collins-Maxwell Middle/High School
06/18/19 Western DubuqueBox ScoreW 4-3Unknown
06/18/19 5:30PMWestern DubuqueBox ScoreW 12-8Mount Mercy University
06/19/19 Cedar Rapids JeffersonBox ScoreL 10-5Jefferson Softball Park
06/19/19 Cedar Rapids JeffersonBox ScoreL 10-9Jefferson Softball Park
06/20/19 Linn-MarBox ScoreL 4-3Oak Ridge Middle School
06/20/19 5:30PMLinn-MarBox ScoreL 5-1Oak Ridge Middle School
06/22/19 Central CityBox ScoreW 2-0Washington High School
06/22/19 PekinBox ScoreL 7-5Washington High School
06/25/19 Iowa City, City HighBox ScoreL 12-3Unknown
06/25/19 5:30PMIowa City, City HighBox ScoreL 6-1Mount Mercy University
06/27/19 Xavier, Cedar RapidsBox ScoreW 11-10Xavier High School
06/27/19 5:30PMXavier, Cedar RapidsBox ScoreW 8-4Xavier High School
07/02/19 Wahlert CatholicGame PreviewMount Mercy University
07/02/19 Wahlert CatholicBox ScoreW 5-2Mount Mercy University
07/05/19 HudsonBox ScoreW 3-2Jesup High School
07/05/19 Belle PlaineBox ScoreW 8-0Belle Plaine Jr/Sr High School
07/06/19 Wahlert CatholicBox ScoreL 6-0Unknown
07/06/19 5:30PMWahlert CatholicGame PreviewMount Mercy University
07/08/19 Cedar Rapids KennedyBox ScoreL 7-1John F Kennedy High School, Cedar Rapids
07/08/19 5:30PMCedar Rapids KennedyBox ScoreL 6-1John F Kennedy High School, Cedar Rapids
07/10/19 Cedar FallsBox ScoreW 9-4Robinson Dresser Sports Complex
07/10/19 Cedar FallsBox ScoreL 3-2Robinson Dresser Sports Complex
07/11/19 7:00PMWashingtonBox ScoreW 3-1Washington Golf & Country Club
07/13/19 7:00PMXavier, Cedar RapidsBox ScoreW 11-0Xavier High School
07/16/19 7:00PMIndependenceBox ScoreL 4-2Independence Baseball/Softball
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Delaney Alberts13Junior
Olivia Davenport16Freshman
Ashlyn Geasland5Sophomore
Blythe Geiman25Sophomore
Claire Geiman3Sophomore
Emma Hall10Sophomore
Ella Johnson24Junior
Mallory Jones14Freshman
Miranda Jones11Sophomore
Tiffany Jones7Sophomore
Alana Just4Sophomore
Brylee Klosterman22Junior
Chaise Lange8Sophomore
Rhianna Maakestad19Junior
Kara Maiers12Sophomore
Marit McCaffery17Sophomore
Ella McLaughlin15Freshman
Haley Napoli23Freshman
Kelsey Phipps18Sophomore
Kinsley Robertson21Freshman
Addie Schmierer20Sophomore
Carlie Schroeder9Freshman
McKenna Schroeder1Sophomore
Eva Stewart6Sophomore
Raquel Trolliet2Sophomore
Kennedy Daugherty8th
Kylie Hammers8th
Courtney OlsonJunior
Kylie Hamers8th

Game Team Stats

Game DateABHitsRunsDoublesTripleHRRBISBBBGameTeams
05/23/19301291309103vs Waterloo East
05/23/192577100783vs Waterloo East
05/25/192152000202vs Pleasant Valley
05/25/193253110355vs North Scott
05/30/193613132001274@ Cedar Rapids Washi
05/30/192512164001636@ Cedar Rapids Washi
06/01/191843100302vs Ottumwa
06/01/191320100002@ Albia
06/04/1931104100400@ Dubuque Hempstead
06/04/1929103100303@ Dubuque Hempstead
06/05/193617107001012@ Iowa City West
06/05/192742000224@ Iowa City West
06/06/192573200305@ Dubuque Senior
06/06/1934128200834@ Dubuque Senior
06/11/19299142001153vs Prairie
06/11/191901000107vs Prairie
06/13/193218135401212vs Waterloo West
06/13/19158124011113vs Waterloo West
06/15/192613107001012@ Creston
06/15/191500000004@ Collins-Maxwell
06/18/1927104200413vs Western Dubuque
06/18/192910124001126vs Western Dubuque
06/19/192999200639vs Cedar Rapids Jeff
06/19/1931105101501vs Cedar Rapids Jeff
06/20/193071100101@ Linn-Mar
06/20/192573200304@ Linn-Mar
06/22/192995100502@ Pekin
06/22/191832000221vs Central City
06/25/192531100100vs Iowa City, City H
06/25/1929103110302vs Iowa City, City H
06/27/193310112001024@ Xavier, Cedar Rapi
06/27/1934108102811@ Xavier, Cedar Rapi
07/02/192475100332vs Wahlert Catholic
07/05/1932133200301vs Hudson
07/05/1934148300751@ Belle Plaine
07/06/192210000000vs Wahlert Catholic
07/08/192331000101@ Cedar Rapids Kenne
07/08/192441100111@ Cedar Rapids Kenne
07/10/192599210814@ Cedar Falls
07/10/192542000124@ Cedar Falls
07/11/1929103201333@ Washington
07/13/192713113011132@ Xavier, Cedar Rapi
07/16/192762100213@ Independence

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