Ar-We-Va Softball

Class: 1A
Conference: Rolling Valley
Overall Record: 9-12
Winning Streak: L1
Overall Win %: 42.86%
Conference Record: 6-9
Conference Win %: 40.00%
District Record: 8-11
District Win %: 42.11%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
05/21/19 River ValleyGame PreviewRiver Valley Junior- Senior High School
05/22/19 5:30PMBoyer ValleyBox ScoreW 12-8Boyer Valley Middle/High School
05/24/19 CAMBox ScoreL 9-1Unknown
05/29/19 Exira-EHKBox ScoreW 11-8Vail Softball Field
05/31/19 5:30PMCoon Rapids-BayardBox ScoreL 6-2Coon Rapids-Bayard
06/04/19 5:30PMWhitingBox ScoreW 11-1Whiting Senior High School
06/05/19 5:00PMGlidden-RalstonBox ScoreL 7-4Glidden-Ralston Jr-Sr High School
06/07/19 West HarrisonBox ScoreL 15-3Vail Softball Field
06/10/19 5:30PMWoodbineBox ScoreL 8-7Woodbine High School
06/13/19 River ValleyBox ScoreL 13-8River Valley Junior- Senior High School
06/14/19 5:30PMBoyer ValleyBox ScoreW 13-10Vail Softball Field
06/17/19 5:30PMCAMBox ScoreL 7-5CAM High School
06/19/19 Coon Rapids-BayardBox ScoreW 4-3Vail Softball Field
06/20/19 5:30PMEast Sac CountyBox ScoreW 6-1Vail Softball Field
06/24/19 Glidden-RalstonBox ScoreW 5-2Vail Softball Field
06/25/19 5:30PMSouth Central CalhounBox ScoreL 7-5Vail Softball Field
06/26/19 5:30PMWest HarrisonBox ScoreL 7-5West Harrison High School
06/28/19 5:30PMWoodbineBox ScoreL 4-3Vail Softball Field
07/01/19 Exira-EHKBox ScoreL 3-0Lloyd Peterson Ball Park
07/08/19 7:00PMSt. AlbertBox ScoreW 9-8St Albert High School
07/10/19 7:00PMWest HarrisonBox ScoreW 5-4West Harrison High School
07/12/19 5:30PMClass 1A-Region 2Box ScoreL 10-0West Monona High School
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Maggie Ragaller8th
Maci Ruch7Freshman
Kora Obrecht8th
Maddie Owen30Senior
Sara Schurke23Sophomore
Emily Hinners33Senior
Patrisha WoltermanJunior
Jamie Hausman8th
Leslie Luft2Junior
Sophie Jackson40Freshman
Hannah Kraus3Sophomore
Olyvia Charlot0Freshman
Jadeyn Smith22Sophomore

Game Team Stats

Game DateABHitsRunsDoublesTripleHRRBISBBBGameTeams
05/22/193414122011066@ Boyer Valley
05/24/192541000113vs CAM
05/29/1928911000964vs Exira-EHK
05/31/192632000232@ Coon Rapids-Bayard
06/04/19321411201972@ Whiting
06/05/192974400335@ Glidden-Ralston
06/07/192323000122vs West Harrison
06/10/193477111600@ Woodbine
06/13/193068100523@ River Valley
06/14/192681320010312vs Boyer Valley
06/17/192975101402@ CAM
06/19/192684310411vs Coon Rapids-Bayar
06/20/192736010500vs East Sac County
06/24/192675000524vs Glidden-Ralston
06/25/193285200402vs South Central Cal
06/26/193185010312@ West Harrison
06/28/192663000311vs Woodbine
07/01/192760000000@ Exira-EHK
07/08/192979202913@ St. Albert
07/10/1932145200441@ West Harrison

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