River Valley Baseball

Class: 1A
Conference: Western Valley
District: District 2
Overall Record: 3-17
Winning Streak: L9
Overall Win %: 15.00%
Conference Record: 1-16
Conference Win %: 5.88%
District Record: 0-5
District Win %: 0.00%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
05/20/19 Lawton-BronsonBox ScoreL 25-15River Valley Junior- Senior High School
05/22/19 Woodbury CentralBox ScoreL 11-1Woodbury Central High School
05/24/19 6:00PMWestwoodBox ScoreL 9-8Westwood High School
05/28/19 Kingsley-PiersonBox ScoreL 13-0River Valley Junior- Senior High School
05/31/19 MVAOCOUBox ScoreL 10-0River Valley Junior- Senior High School
06/03/19 West MononaBox ScoreL 4-1River Valley Junior- Senior High School
06/05/19 6:00PMRidge ViewBox ScoreL 13-3Ridge View High School
06/06/19 WhitingBox ScoreW 5-4River Valley Junior- Senior High School
06/10/19 6:00PMLawton-BronsonBox ScoreL 6-1Lawton Junior-Senior High School
06/11/19 WhitingBox ScoreW 13-0Whiting Senior High School
06/12/19 WestwoodBox ScoreW 9-6River Valley Junior- Senior High School
06/14/19 6:00PMKingsley-PiersonBox ScoreL 12-2Kingsley-Pierson High School
06/17/19 6:00PMMVAOCOUBox ScoreL 8-2Maple Valley-Anthon Oto High School
06/18/19 6:00PMOABCIGBox ScoreL 9-0Odabolt Arthur-Battle Creek Ida Grove High School
06/19/19 Ridge ViewBox ScoreL 12-7River Valley Junior- Senior High School
06/21/19 OABCIGBox ScoreL 17-2River Valley Junior- Senior High School
06/24/19 6:00PMWest MononaBox ScoreL 3-1West Monona High School
06/26/19 Woodbury CentralBox ScoreL 14-8River Valley Junior- Senior High School
07/02/19 Lawton-BronsonBox ScoreL 12-2Lawton Junior-Senior High School
07/13/19 7:00PMSt. Marys, RemsenBox ScoreL 14-1St Mary's Catholic School
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Carter Riedemann35Senior
Austin Holtz23Sophomore
Ethan Thomas6Freshman
Freddy Rarrat8th
Brody Lillefloren12Sophomore
Garrett Trapp8Sophomore
Colton Johnson3Sophomore
Chris Todd7Senior
Carter Putzier21Freshman
Landon Johnson8th
Ashton Lichtenberg22Senior
Tyler Towne11Sophomore
Sawyer Cockburn5Junior
Jared Salinas25Senior
Trey Goettsch1Senior
Dom Schirmer2Senior

Game Team Stats

Game DateABHitsRunsDoublesTripleHRRBISBBBGameTeams
05/20/1930121530011910vs Lawton-Bronson
05/22/191831000132@ Woodbury Central
05/24/192678000737@ Westwood
05/28/191620000021vs Kingsley-Pierson
05/31/191600000031vs MVAOCOU
06/03/192451100143vs West Monona
06/05/191953200223@ Ridge View
06/06/19301150004120vs Whiting
06/10/192431001103@ Lawton-Bronson
06/11/193419134009163@ Whiting
06/12/192699101874vs Westwood
06/14/192142110224@ Kingsley-Pierson
06/17/192652200242@ MVAOCOU
06/18/192330200021@ OABCIG
06/19/1932117300763vs Ridge View
06/21/191642000231vs OABCIG
06/24/192881100161@ West Monona
06/26/19331083007103vs Woodbury Central
07/02/192352200243@ Lawton-Bronson
07/13/191841100102@ St. Marys, Remsen

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