BGM, Brooklyn Girls Basketball

Class: 1A
Conference: South Iowa Cedar
District: Region 4
Overall Record: 9-13
Winning Streak:
Overall Win %: 40.91%
Conference Record: 8-8
Conference Win %: 50.00%
District Record: 4-4
District Win %: 50.00%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
11/19/18 English ValleysBox ScoreW 54-28Brooklyn-Guernsey-Malcom Jr-Sr High School
11/20/18 6:30PMGMG, GarwinBox ScoreL 43-40GMG Secondary School
11/27/18 North MahaskaBox ScoreL 55-15North Mahaska Jr-Sr High School
11/30/18 HLV, VictorBox ScoreW 59-21H-L-V Junior-Senior High School
12/01/18 7:30PMGladbrook-ReinbeckBox ScoreL 44-41Brooklyn-Guernsey-Malcom Jr-Sr High School
12/04/18 MontezumaBox ScoreL 54-21Brooklyn-Guernsey-Malcom Jr-Sr High School
12/07/18 Colfax-MingoBox ScoreW 41-39Colfax-Mingo High School
12/11/18 Lynnville-SullyBox ScoreL 52-32Brooklyn-Guernsey-Malcom Jr-Sr High School
12/14/18 Belle PlaineBox ScoreL 37-27Belle Plaine Jr/Sr High School
12/17/18 6:00PMEast MarshallBox ScoreL 51-44East Marshall Senior High School
12/21/18 Iowa ValleyBox ScoreW 42-41Iowa Valley Jr-Sr High School
01/04/19 SigourneyBox ScoreL 52-39Brooklyn-Guernsey-Malcom Jr-Sr High School
01/08/19 English ValleysBox ScoreW 47-42English Valleys Jr-Sr High School
01/11/19 6:00PMLone TreeBox ScoreW 47-32Lone Tree Junior-Senior High School
01/15/19 North MahaskaBox ScoreL 66-24Brooklyn-Guernsey-Malcom Jr-Sr High School
01/17/19 KeotaBox ScoreW 42-32Brooklyn-Guernsey-Malcom Jr-Sr High School
01/25/19 Colfax-MingoBox ScoreW 40-38Brooklyn-Guernsey-Malcom Jr-Sr High School
01/26/19 3:30PMColo-NescoBox ScoreL 57-34Colo-NESCO Jr./Sr. High School
01/31/19 6:00PMHLV, VictorBox ScoreW 54-36Brooklyn-Guernsey-Malcom Jr-Sr High School
02/02/19 6:30PMMontezumaBox ScoreL 63-29Montezuma High School
02/04/19 6:00PMIowa ValleyBox ScoreL 45-36Brooklyn-Guernsey-Malcom Jr-Sr High School
02/05/19 Lynnville-SullyGame PreviewLynnville-Sully High School
02/09/19 3:00PMMeskwaki Settlement SchoolBox ScoreL 45-26Meskwaki Athletic Complex
02/12/19 HLV, VictorGame PreviewMeskwaki Athletic Complex
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Rachel Hawkins1/5-05Junior
Marian Coover3/5-06Junior
Taylor VanErsvelde5/5-04Junior
Rylie VanErsvelde105-06Junior
Belle Austin115-04Sophomore
Rachel Weiss155-07Junior
Kelsey Lint205-11Senior
Morgan Kline225-04Sophomore
Rylie Gritsch325-08Senior
Layle McClenathan345-09Junior
Olivia OhlerUnknown
Sophie PulsUnknown
Alexa ColemanUnknown
Paige CottrellUnknown

Game Team Stats

11/19/18vs English Valleys54271321415
11/20/18@ GMG, Garwin40381113016
11/27/18@ North Mahaska151341429
11/30/18@ HLV, Victor59311522317
12/01/18vs Gladbrook-Reinbec4127810515
12/04/18vs Montezuma2120313811
12/07/18@ Colfax-Mingo412489718
12/11/18vs Lynnville-Sully3223610616
12/14/18@ Belle Plaine273075116
12/17/18@ East Marshall442567516
12/21/18@ Iowa Valley4237781015
01/04/19vs Sigourney3927116619
01/08/19@ English Valleys4730714617
01/11/19@ Lone Tree47331110214
01/15/19vs North Mahaska241461138
01/17/19vs Keota42251010418
01/25/19vs Colfax-Mingo4038612419
01/26/19@ Colo-Nesco342867115
01/31/19vs HLV, Victor5437126216
02/02/19@ Montezuma291710828
02/04/19vs Iowa Valley3626117314
02/09/19@ Meskwaki Settlemen26403670

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