Sidney Volleyball

Class: 1A
Conference: Corner
Overall Record: 27-4
Winning Streak: W12
Overall Win %: 87.10%
Conference Record: 9-0
Conference Win %: 100.00%
District Record: 13-0
District Win %: 100.00%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
08/29/19 MVAOCOUBox ScoreW 2-0Sidney High School
08/29/19 5:00PMGlenwoodBox ScoreW 2-1Tri-Center High School
08/29/19 5:00PMCouncil Bluffs, TJBox ScoreW 2-0Tri-Center High School
08/29/19 5:00PMTri-Center, NeolaBox ScoreW 2-0Tri-Center High School
08/31/19 IndianolaBox ScoreW 2-0Sidney High School
08/31/19 St. Albert, CBBox ScoreW 2-0Unknown
08/31/19 UnderwoodBox ScoreL 2-1Underwood High School
08/31/19 8:30AMTreynorBox ScoreW 2-1Harlan Community High School
08/31/19 8:30AMTri-Center, NeolaBox ScoreW 2-1Harlan Community High School
08/31/19 8:30AMHarlanBox ScoreW 2-0Harlan Community High School
09/03/19 7:30PMJohnson-Brock EaglesBox ScoreW 3-1Sidney High School
09/05/19 StantonBox ScoreW 3-0Stanton High School
09/10/19 7:00PMEssexBox ScoreW 3-0Sidney High School
09/17/19 7:30PMEast MillsBox ScoreW 3-1Sidney High School
09/19/19 5:30PMEarlhamBox ScoreW 2-0Lenox High School
09/19/19 6:30PMEast UnionBox ScoreW 2-0Lenox High School
09/21/19 ClarindaBox ScoreW 2-0Red Oak High School
09/21/19 HarlanBox ScoreL 2-0Red Oak High School
09/21/19 Mount VernonBox ScoreL 2-1Red Oak High School
09/21/19 10:00AMClarindaBox ScoreW 2-0Red Oak High School
09/21/19 10:45AMCouncil Bluffs, ALBox ScoreL 2-0Red Oak High School
09/21/19 2:00PMTri-Center, NeolaBox ScoreW 2-0Unknown
09/28/19 LamoniGame PreviewBedford High School
09/28/19 1:00PMLamoniBox ScoreW 2-0Unknown
09/28/19 9:00AMCentral Decatur, LeonBox ScoreW 2-0Bedford High School
09/28/19 9:00AMEast MillsBox ScoreW 2-1Bedford High School
09/28/19 9:00AMMount AyrBox ScoreW 2-0Bedford High School
09/28/19 9:00AMEast MillsBox ScoreW 2-1Bedford High School
09/30/19 5:30PMEssexBox ScoreW 2-0Sidney High School
09/30/19 7:30PMGriswoldBox ScoreW 2-0Sidney High School
10/01/19 7:30PMStantonBox ScoreW 3-0Unknown
10/01/19 7:30PMTBDGame PreviewSidney High School
10/03/19 6:00PMTBDGame PreviewFremont-Mills Middle And Senior High School
10/03/19 7:30PMEast MillsBox ScoreW 3-0Fremont-Mills Middle And Senior High School
10/08/19 7:30PMFremont-MillsGame PreviewUnknown
10/08/19 7:30PMFremont-MillsBox ScoreW 3-0Fremont-Mills Middle And Senior High School
10/15/19 7:00PMGriswoldGame PreviewSidney High School
10/17/19 Lourdes Central Catholic, NEGame PreviewSidney High School
10/19/19 8:30AMTBDGame PreviewLewis Central Senior High School
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Presley Brumbaugh145-05
Maddy Duncan35-05
Savannah Hall15-05
Kelsey Hobbie65-09
Lily Johnson275-01
Olivia Larsen25-05
Paige Smith285-06
Harley Spurlock55-06
Alyson Barker155-06
Faith Brumbaugh235-05
Emily Hutt75-02
Makenna Laumann15-02
Kaden Payne185-10

Game Team Stats

10/03/19@ East Mills40386065
10/01/19@ Stanton47475561
09/30/19vs Griswold32304644
09/30/19@ Essex32293235
09/28/19@ Mount Ayr26212505
09/28/19@ Central Decatur, Leon23232314
09/28/19vs East Mills31274464
09/28/19@ East Mills373352135
09/28/19@ Lamoni212023111
09/21/19@ Mount Vernon22204631
09/21/19@ Clarinda19182726
09/21/19@ Clarinda14131764
09/21/19@ Harlan17163833
09/21/19vs Tri-Center, Neola11142853
09/21/19@ Council Bluffs, AL19182971
09/19/19@ East Union27243524
09/19/19@ Earlham26252722
09/17/19@ East Mills554955117
09/10/19@ Essex312921019
09/05/19@ Stanton30324156
09/03/19@ Johnson-Brock Eagles474364128
08/31/19vs Indianola20173124
08/31/19vs Underwood30255865
08/31/19vs Tri-Center, Neola282744112
08/31/19@ Harlan12122135
08/31/19vs St. Albert, CB16152481
08/31/19vs Treynor21204784
08/29/19vs MVAOCOU1715927
08/29/19@ Council Bluffs, TJ20192538
08/29/19@ Glenwood31312512
08/29/19@ Tri-Center, Neola16142645

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