Waterloo West Softball

Class: 5A
Conference: Mississippi Valley
Overall Record: 6-32
Winning Streak:
Overall Win %: 15.79%
Conference Record: 5-23
Conference Win %: 17.86%
District Record: 3-21
District Win %: 12.50%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
05/23/19 PrairieBox ScoreL 11-0West High School-Waterloo
05/23/19 5:30PMPrairieBox ScoreL 10-2West High School-Waterloo
05/29/19 Columbus CatholicBox ScoreL 11-0West High School-Waterloo
05/30/19 Dubuque SeniorBox ScoreL 12-2Dubuque Senior High School
05/30/19 4:00PMDubuque SeniorBox ScoreL 8-7Dubuque Senior High School
05/31/19 Dubuque HempsteadBox ScoreL 23-2West High School-Waterloo
05/31/19 5:30PMDubuque HempsteadBox ScoreL 13-0West High School-Waterloo
06/04/19 5:30PMCedar Rapids JeffersonBox ScoreL 11-0Thomas Jefferson High School, Cedar Rapids
06/04/19 5:30PMCedar Rapids JeffersonBox ScoreL 6-0Thomas Jefferson High School, Cedar Rapids
06/06/19 5:30PMCedar Rapids WashingtonBox ScoreW 11-0Franklin Field
06/06/19 5:30PMCedar Rapids WashingtonBox ScoreW 7-5Franklin Field
06/07/19 Linn-MarBox ScoreL 11-1Oak Ridge Middle School
06/07/19 5:30PMLinn-MarBox ScoreL 7-0Oak Ridge Middle School
06/11/19 Waterloo EastBox ScoreW 8-7West High School-Waterloo
06/11/19 5:30PMWaterloo EastBox ScoreW 15-7West High School-Waterloo
06/13/19 Iowa City LibertyBox ScoreL 13-3Unknown
06/13/19 5:30PMIowa City LibertyBox ScoreL 12-0Mount Mercy University
06/14/19 Des Moines HooverBox ScoreL 6-5East High School (Sioux City)
06/14/19 7:30PMDes Moines EastBox ScoreL 16-3East High School (DM)
06/15/19 North ScottBox ScoreL 2-0East High School (Sioux City)
06/15/19 10:00AMWiltonBox ScoreL 9-7East High School (DM)
06/17/19 7:00PMWaverly-Shell RockBox ScoreW 6-4West High School-Waterloo
06/18/19 Iowa City, City HighBox ScoreL 21-0West High School-Waterloo
06/18/19 5:30PMIowa City, City HighBox ScoreL 11-0West High School-Waterloo
06/20/19 Iowa City WestBox ScoreL 12-2West High School-Waterloo
06/20/19 5:30PMIowa City WestBox ScoreL 6-1West High School-Waterloo
06/25/19 Western DubuqueBox ScoreL 12-0West High School-Waterloo
06/25/19 5:30PMWestern DubuqueBox ScoreL 7-3West High School-Waterloo
06/27/19 Cedar FallsBox ScoreL 3-1Robinson Dresser Sports Complex
06/27/19 Cedar FallsBox ScoreL 14-6Robinson Dresser Sports Complex
07/02/19 Cedar Rapids KennedyGame PreviewWest High School-Waterloo
07/02/19 Cedar Rapids KennedyGame PreviewWest High School-Waterloo
07/03/19 Xavier, Cedar RapidsBox ScoreL 13-1Xavier High School
07/03/19 Xavier, Cedar RapidsBox ScoreL 11-4Xavier High School
07/06/19 Cedar Rapids KennedyBox ScoreL 12-0West High School-Waterloo
07/06/19 5:30PMCedar Rapids KennedyBox ScoreL 12-0West High School-Waterloo
07/08/19 Wahlert CatholicBox ScoreL 10-1Wahlert High School
07/08/19 4:00PMWahlert CatholicBox ScoreL 14-11Wahlert High School
07/11/19 7:00PMCedar Rapids WashingtonBox ScoreW 4-0West High School-Waterloo
07/13/19 7:00PMCedar Rapids KennedyBox ScoreL 4-0John F Kennedy High School, Cedar Rapids
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Game Team Stats

Game DateABHitsRunsDoublesTripleHRRBISBBBGameTeams
05/23/191710000010vs Prairie
05/23/1932112100200vs Prairie
05/29/192350100000vs Columbus Catholic
05/30/1932127110611@ Dubuque Senior
05/30/192692100201@ Dubuque Senior
05/31/191122001200vs Dubuque Hempstead
05/31/19910000001vs Dubuque Hempstead
06/04/191830000000@ Cedar Rapids Jeffe
06/04/192460200003@ Cedar Rapids Jeffe
06/06/192711111001101@ Cedar Rapids Washi
06/06/1934117100608@ Cedar Rapids Washi
06/07/192051000101@ Linn-Mar
06/07/192890000001@ Linn-Mar
06/11/193816152101103vs Waterloo East
06/11/1931118011621vs Waterloo East
06/13/191010000001@ Iowa City Liberty
06/13/192453100302@ Iowa City Liberty
06/14/191843000305@ Des Moines East
06/14/192765201501vs Des Moines Hoover
06/15/192320000000vs North Scott
06/15/1932137201701@ Wilton
06/17/192696500543vs Waverly-Shell Roc
06/18/19900000001vs Iowa City, City H
06/18/191820000001vs Iowa City, City H
06/20/192772000200vs Iowa City West
06/20/192651000101vs Iowa City West
06/25/192773101321vs Western Dubuque
06/25/191230000002vs Western Dubuque
06/27/1931136400405@ Cedar Falls
06/27/1931101100120@ Cedar Falls
07/03/192794200411@ Xavier, Cedar Rapi
07/03/191641100100@ Xavier, Cedar Rapi
07/06/191500000001vs Cedar Rapids Kenn
07/06/191110000011vs Cedar Rapids Kenn
07/08/19391311500810@ Wahlert Catholic
07/08/193091110101@ Wahlert Catholic
07/11/192794300321vs Cedar Rapids Wash
07/13/192660000001@ Cedar Rapids Kenne

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