Clinton Girls Basketball

Class: 4A
Conference: Mississippi Athletic
District: Region 6
Overall Record: 8-11
Winning Streak:
Overall Win %: 42.11%
Conference Record: 6-10
Conference Win %: 37.50%
District Record: 3-3
District Win %: 50.00%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
11/15/18 Northeast, Goose LakeGame PreviewClinton High School
11/15/18 Northeast, Goose LakeGame PreviewClinton High School
11/20/18 Cedar Rapids, JeffersonBox ScoreW 43-35Thomas Jefferson High School, Cedar Rapids
11/27/18 Davenport, WestBox ScoreW 55-10Clinton High School
11/29/18 North Scott, EldridgeBox ScoreL 62-35North Scott Senior High School
12/04/18 BettendorfBox ScoreL 59-46Bettendorf High School
12/07/18 MuscatineBox ScoreL 36-23Clinton High School
12/11/18 Davenport, CentralBox ScoreW 65-54Clinton High School
12/14/18 Davenport, NorthBox ScoreL 78-50North High School-Sioux City
12/18/18 BurlingtonBox ScoreW 59-39Clinton High School
12/21/18 Davenport, AssumptionBox ScoreL 66-51Davenport Assumption
01/04/19 Pleasant ValleyBox ScoreL 56-24Pleasant Valley High School
01/08/19 Davenport, WestBox ScoreW 46-23West High School-Sioux City
01/10/19 North Scott, EldridgeBox ScoreL 46-34Clinton High School
01/12/19 MaquoketaBox ScoreW 59-48Clinton High School
01/25/19 Davenport, CentralBox ScoreW 52-36Central High School (Davenport)
02/01/19 6:00PMBurlingtonBox ScoreW 56-40Burlington Community High School
02/04/19 BettendorfBox ScoreL 47-44Clinton High School
02/04/19 6:30PMBettendorfGame PreviewClinton High School
02/05/19 6:00PMDavenport, AssumptionGame PreviewClinton High School
02/07/19 6:00PMMuscatineGame PreviewMuscatine High School
02/07/19 7:30PMCentral DeWittGame PreviewClinton High School
02/08/19 6:00PMPleasant ValleyBox ScoreL 50-15Clinton High School
02/09/19 12:00PMDavenport, NorthBox ScoreL 47-42Clinton High School
02/13/19 7:00PMMaquoketaBox ScoreL 46-38Clinton High School
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Elle Davis1/5-06Sophomore
Chapman Molly2/5-08Senior
Macy Mulholland5/5-08Senior
Marissa Fullick105-05Senior
Megan Gandrup155-06Senior
Brooke Mulholland245-07Junior
Molly Shannon305-10Sophomore
Madison Meggenberg355-05Junior
Makenzie CooleyUnknown
Rylie MussmanUnknown
Michelle PowellUnknown
Selena TelloUnknown

Game Team Stats

11/20/18@ Cedar Rapids, Jeff4323108216
11/27/18vs Davenport, West5542171519
11/29/18@ North Scott, Eldri352783114
12/04/18@ Bettendorf4624153214
12/07/18vs Muscatine232542019
12/11/18vs Davenport, Centra653213808
12/14/18@ Davenport, North5031162210
12/18/18vs Burlington59291817214
12/21/18@ Davenport, Assumpt5126136420
01/04/19@ Pleasant Valley24346425
01/08/19@ Davenport, West4641108212
01/10/19vs North Scott, Eldr3432118411
01/12/19vs Maquoketa59371712116
01/25/19@ Davenport, Central52371113413
02/01/19@ Burlington56351115212
02/04/19vs Bettendorf4433127513
02/08/19vs Pleasant Valley152320214
02/09/19vs Davenport, North423095115
02/13/19vs Maquoketa382587021

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