Saint Ansgar Girls Basketball

Class: 2A
Conference: Top of Iowa
District: Region 3
Overall Record: 16-5
Winning Streak:
Overall Win %: 76.19%
Conference Record: 13-5
Conference Win %: 72.22%
District Record: 3-2
District Win %: 60.00%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
11/20/18 7:45PMRicevilleBox ScoreW 56-36Riceville High School
11/27/18 6:15PMCentral SpringsBox ScoreW 37-20St Ansgar High School
12/04/18 6:15PMOsageBox ScoreL 50-48Osage High School
12/07/18 6:15PMNorth ButlerBox ScoreW 43-42North Butler High School
12/08/18 3:00PMCharles CityBox ScoreW 70-45St Ansgar High School
12/10/18 6:15PMNashua-PlainfieldBox ScoreW 59-21Nashua-Plainfield Junior-Senior High School
12/14/18 6:15PMWest ForkBox ScoreW 69-52St. Ansgar High School
12/18/18 6:15PMRockfordBox ScoreW 58-33Rockford Junior-Senior Rockford Senior High
12/20/18 6:15PMHampton-DumontBox ScoreW 69-66St Ansgar High School
12/21/18 Northwood-KensettBox ScoreW 54-27St Ansgar High School
01/04/19 6:15PMNewman Catholic, MCBox ScoreW 61-54Newman Catholic High School
01/05/19 Belmond-KlemmeBox ScoreW 60-27Belmond-Klemme Community Jr-Sr High School
01/08/19 6:15PMCentral SpringsBox ScoreW 48-27Central Springs High School
01/15/19 6:15PMOsageBox ScoreL 63-34St. Ansgar High School
01/25/19 6:15PMWest ForkBox ScoreL 52-49West Fork High School
01/26/19 4:00PMRockfordBox ScoreW 57-42St. Ansgar High School
01/28/19 North ButlerGame PreviewSt Ansgar High School
02/01/19 6:15PMNewman Catholic, MCBox ScoreW 56-50St. Ansgar High School
02/02/19 5:30PMNorthwood-KensettBox ScoreW 63-39Northwood-Kensett Jr-Sr High School
02/04/19 4:45PMNashua-PlainfieldBox ScoreW 65-29St Ansgar High School
02/05/19 Forest CityBox ScoreL 59-54St Ansgar High School
02/05/19 6:15PMTBDGame PreviewSt Ansgar High School
02/13/19 7:00PMWest ForkBox ScoreL 56-49St. Ansgar High School
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Hannah Patterson5/5-05Junior
Sarika Rademacher415-06Senior
Kirsten BoerjanUnknown
Hali Anderson115-06Sophomore
Gracie Urbatsch435-07Sophomore
Lauren BorkUnknown
Tanyon Schutjer255-08Senior
Taylor Hanna355-06Sophomore
Kira BaldusUnknown
Maggie DavisUnknown
Molly Jenkins335-09Senior
Maggi DavisUnknown
Sam Hemann235-06Senior
Brooklyn Hackbart215-11Sophomore
Megan Gooder515-07Sophomore
Jadyn Anderson155-07Senior
Lily Vasquez455-07Senior

Game Team Stats

11/20/18@ Riceville56391025317
11/27/18vs Central Springs3728119513
12/04/18@ Osage48341313624
12/07/18@ North Butler43341115318
12/08/18vs Charles City70331010328
12/10/18@ Nashua-Plainfield59341226413
12/14/18vs West Fork69371010426
12/18/18@ Rockford58271715311
12/20/18vs Hampton-Dumont6941136716
12/21/18vs Northwood-Kensett54281014617
01/04/19@ Newman Catholic, M6137146815
01/05/19@ Belmond-Klemme6032819410
01/08/19@ Central Springs4830818318
01/15/19vs Osage3421111019
01/25/19@ West Fork49421212720
01/26/19vs Rockford57281213715
02/01/19vs Newman Catholic, 5643126814
02/02/19@ Northwood-Kensett63291211214
02/04/19vs Nashua-Plainfield65461916816
02/05/19vs Forest City5427126418
02/13/19vs West Fork494095618

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