Collins-Maxwell Baseball

Class: 1A
Conference: Unknown
District: District 11
Overall Record: 1-17
Winning Streak:
Overall Win %: 5.56%
Conference Record: 0-0
Conference Win %: 0.00%
District Record: 1-7
District Win %: 12.50%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
05/20/19 GMG, GarwinBox ScoreL 12-2Green Mountain
05/29/19 Don BoscoBox ScoreL 27-0Don Bosco High School
05/30/19 5:30PMColo-NescoBox ScoreL 11-6Collins-Maxwell Middle/High School
05/31/19 5:00PMJanesvilleGame PreviewCollins-Maxwell Middle/High School
06/03/19 5:00PMDunkertonBox ScoreL 15-5Dunkerton High School
06/05/19 5:30PMNorth Tama, TraerBox ScoreL 22-3Collins-Maxwell Middle/High School
06/06/19 5:00PMBaxterBox ScoreL 15-5Baxter High School
06/14/19 Iowa Falls-AldenBox ScoreL 17-0Cadet Field
06/19/19 Colo-NescoBox ScoreL 6-0Colo-NESCO Elementary School
06/24/19 North Tama, TraerBox ScoreL 15-0Traer Sports Complex
06/25/19 5:00PMClarksvilleBox ScoreL 16-1Clarksville High School
06/26/19 GMG, GarwinBox ScoreL 14-3Collins-Maxwell Middle/High School
06/27/19 TripoliBox ScoreL 15-2Collins-Maxwell Middle/High School
06/28/19 5:00PMBaxterBox ScoreL 7-0Collins-Maxwell Middle/High School
06/29/19 RicevilleBox ScoreL 17-0Riceville High School
07/03/19 JanesvilleBox ScoreL 13-0Collins-Maxwell Middle/High School
07/08/19 JanesvilleGame PreviewCollins-Maxwell Middle/High School
07/09/19 Colfax-MingoBox ScoreL 16-1Colfax-Mingo High School
07/11/19 7:00PMDunkertonBox ScoreW 5-3Dunkerton High School
07/13/19 5:00PMDon BoscoBox ScoreL 31-0Hudson High School
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Game Team Stats

Game DateABHitsRunsDoublesTripleHRRBISBBBGameTeams
05/20/191922100005@ GMG, Garwin
05/29/191200000002@ Don Bosco
05/30/1930166300302vs Colo-Nesco
06/03/192275200431@ Dunkerton
06/05/191533000244vs North Tama, Traer
06/06/192275000530@ Baxter
06/14/191410000001@ Iowa Falls-Alden
06/19/192450000010@ Colo-Nesco
06/24/19920000014@ North Tama, Traer
06/25/191431000010@ Clarksville
06/26/191323000109vs GMG, Garwin
06/27/192372000216vs Tripoli
06/28/192140000023vs Baxter
06/29/191430000003@ Riceville
07/09/191331000002@ Colfax-Mingo
07/11/1931115100297@ Dunkerton
07/13/191200000001vs Don Bosco

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