Mediapolis Softball

Class: 2A
Conference: SEISC
Overall Record: 0-24
Winning Streak:
Overall Win %: 0.00%
Conference Record: 0-20
Conference Win %: 0.00%
District Record: 0-9
District Win %: 0.00%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
05/20/19 7:00PMWapelloBox ScoreL 19-0Mediapolis High School
05/22/19 7:00PMNew LondonBox ScoreL 14-4New London Jr-Sr High School
05/23/19 7:00PMColumbusBox ScoreL 11-6Mediapolis High School
05/28/19 7:00PMHighlandGame PreviewHighland High School
05/31/19 Lone TreeBox ScoreL 10-4Lone Tree Junior-Senior High School
06/01/19 South TamaBox ScoreL 11-6Centerville High School
06/01/19 CentervilleBox ScoreL 13-0Centerville High School
06/03/19 7:00PMLouisa-MuscatineBox ScoreL 12-0Mediapolis High School
06/04/19 7:00PMDanvilleBox ScoreL 13-1Danville Junior-Senior High School
06/05/19 PekinBox ScoreL 14-4Pekin Community High School
06/07/19 7:00PMWest BurlingtonBox ScoreL 17-0Mediapolis High School
06/10/19 7:00PMWapelloBox ScoreL 13-4Wapello Senior High School
06/11/19 Winfield-Mt UnionBox ScoreL 10-0Mediapolis High School
06/11/19 Winfield-Mt UnionGame PreviewWinfield Softball Park
06/11/19 Winfield-Mt UnionBox ScoreL 12-0Mediapolis High School
06/13/19 7:00PMColumbusBox ScoreL 12-11Columbus Junction High School
06/14/19 7:00PMVan BurenBox ScoreL 9-3Mediapolis High School
06/15/19 10:00AMNew LondonGame PreviewMediapolis High School
06/15/19 10:00AMWest LibertyGame PreviewMediapolis High School
06/17/19 7:00PMHighlandBox ScoreL 10-0Mediapolis High School
06/18/19 Iowa Mennonite SchoolBox ScoreL 16-9Iowa Mennonite School
06/18/19 5:30PMIowa Mennonite SchoolBox ScoreL 14-3Iowa Mennonite School
06/20/19 7:00PMLone TreeBox ScoreL 6-2Mediapolis High School
06/21/19 7:00PMCardinalGame PreviewMediapolis High School
06/24/19 7:00PMLouisa-MuscatineBox ScoreL 12-0Louisa-Muscatine High School
06/26/19 KeokukBox ScoreL 12-2Keokuk High School
06/27/19 7:00PMPekinBox ScoreL 11-0Mediapolis High School
07/01/19 7:00PMHighlandBox ScoreL 11-0Highland High School
07/08/19 7:00PMWest BranchBox ScoreL 10-0West Branch High School
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Hallie Mohr6Freshman
Rachael Kennedy3Junior
Nova Petty8Sophomore
Jayde Eberhardt9Freshman
Alaina Oliver13Sophomore
Lexie Arnold8th
Olivia Moehle10Junior
Jaedyn EdleSophomore
Jenna Parrott4Freshman
Kyra AndersonFreshman
Melody Manley17Sophomore
Elise Wagenbach12Senior
Jaylea Hartman8th
Mackenna Bandy14Freshman
Kendal Nollen15Freshman
Catie Messer5Senior
Josie Wolter16Sophomore
Jenna Hartman8th

Game Team Stats

Game DateABHitsRunsDoublesTripleHRRBISBBBGameTeams
05/20/191010000000vs Wapello
05/22/1926104101412@ New London
05/23/1930126200443vs Columbus
05/31/193084300224@ Lone Tree
06/01/1928146200610@ South Tama
06/01/191500000021vs Centerville
06/03/191620000000vs Louisa-Muscatine
06/04/191021100110@ Danville
06/05/192474000432@ Pekin
06/07/19900000000vs West Burlington
06/10/192864100415@ Wapello
06/11/191930000010vs Winfield-Mt Union
06/11/191830000000@ Winfield-Mt Union
06/13/19381611300803@ Columbus
06/14/192983001220vs Van Buren
06/17/192340000010vs Highland
06/18/192373100333@ Iowa Mennonite Sch
06/18/1926119100683@ Iowa Mennonite Sch
06/20/193062200010vs Lone Tree
06/24/19800000001@ Louisa-Muscatine
06/26/191942210212@ Keokuk
06/27/192120100002vs Pekin
07/01/191830200000@ Highland
07/08/191720100000@ West Branch

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