Monticello Softball

Class: 3A
Conference: River Valley
Overall Record: 14-23
Winning Streak:
Overall Win %: 37.84%
Conference Record: 6-12
Conference Win %: 33.33%
District Record: 4-10
District Win %: 28.57%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
05/20/19 7:00PMMarionBox ScoreL 8-0Monticello High School
05/23/19 CamancheBox ScoreL 10-0Monticello High School
05/23/19 5:30PMCamancheBox ScoreL 7-2Monticello High School
06/03/19 North CedarBox ScoreW 11-2Monticello High School
06/03/19 5:30PMNorth CedarBox ScoreW 5-1Monticello High School
06/04/19 7:30PMWest BranchBox ScoreW 13-12Monticello High School
06/06/19 7:30PMTiptonBox ScoreL 11-7Tipton Middle School
06/07/19 Edgewood-ColesburgBox ScoreW 12-5Jesup High School
06/07/19 North Fayette ValleyBox ScoreL 7-2Jesup High School
06/08/19 West BranchBox ScoreL 3-1Monticello High School
06/08/19 Wapsie ValleyBox ScoreW 13-2Jesup High School
06/10/19 NortheastBox ScoreW 16-7Northeast Middle-High School
06/10/19 5:30PMNortheastBox ScoreL 7-2Northeast Middle-High School
06/11/19 WiltonBox ScoreL 5-2Wilton Jr-Sr High School
06/13/19 7:30PMRegina CatholicBox ScoreL 3-0Monticello High School
06/14/19 KeeBox ScoreL 9-6West Delaware High School
06/14/19 Edgewood-ColesburgBox ScoreL 4-0West Delaware High School
06/14/19 TBDGame PreviewWest Delaware High School
06/15/19 North Fayette ValleyBox ScoreW 5-4West Delaware High School
06/15/19 CrestwoodBox ScoreW 2-1West Delaware High School
06/17/19 AnamosaBox ScoreL 5-0Monticello High School
06/17/19 5:30PMAnamosaBox ScoreL 11-8Monticello High School
06/20/19 7:30PMDurantBox ScoreL 5-0Durant High School
06/22/19 WashingtonBox ScoreL 5-4Washington High School
06/22/19 South TamaBox ScoreW 5-3Washington High School
06/24/19 7:30PMWest LibertyBox ScoreL 11-0Monticello High School
06/25/19 Maquoketa ValleyBox ScoreW 8-0Monticello High School
06/25/19 Maquoketa ValleyBox ScoreL 4-3Monticello High School
06/27/19 CascadeBox ScoreL 7-6Cascade Junior-Senior High School
06/27/19 5:30PMCascadeBox ScoreL 2-0Cascade Junior-Senior High School
06/29/19 BellevueBox ScoreW 18-2Northeast Middle-High School
06/29/19 Fort MadisonBox ScoreW 12-5Northeast Middle-High School
06/29/19 LisbonBox ScoreL 3-0Northeast Middle-High School
07/02/19 BellevueGame PreviewCole Park, Bellevue
07/02/19 5:30PMBellevueBox ScoreW 15-0Cole Park, Bellevue
07/03/19 Mid-PrairieBox ScoreL 8-7Mid-Prairie High School
07/05/19 Vinton-ShellsburgBox ScoreL 10-8Vinton-Shellsburg High School
07/10/19 7:00PMCenter Point-UrbanaBox ScoreW 10-9Monticello High School
07/12/19 7:00PMDavenport AssumptionBox ScoreL 12-0Davenport Assumption
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Jordan KuperJunior
Reese Cox20Sophomore
Aspen Gilmore9Senior
Jaelyn Aitchison8th
Sydney Hansen10Senior
Lainey Fellinger11Sophomore
Katie Roher8th
Tori McDonald12Sophomore
Jaelynn KrausSenior
Mallory Steiner14Freshman
Piper Hansen13Freshman
Brea Stahlberg8th
Maddie FellingerSenior
Karle KramerFreshman
Megan James8Senior

Game Team Stats

Game DateABHitsRunsDoublesTripleHRRBISBBBGameTeams
05/20/192340000001vs Marion
05/23/191620000000vs Camanche
05/23/193082200203vs Camanche
06/03/192685301401vs North Cedar
06/03/19261011111806vs North Cedar
06/04/19321113300787vs West Branch
06/06/1934107300625@ Tipton
06/07/192481211010125vs Edgewood-Colesbur
06/07/192722100110vs North Fayette Val
06/08/192611132101225@ Wapsie Valley
06/08/192011100127vs West Branch
06/10/192752101110@ Northeast
06/10/194520163011612@ Northeast
06/11/192872100224@ Wilton
06/13/192430000001vs Regina Catholic
06/14/193076300432vs Kee
06/14/192410100011vs Edgewood-Colesbur
06/15/1938135200330@ North Fayette Vall
06/15/192482100220@ Crestwood
06/17/1931108300715vs Anamosa
06/17/192650100002vs Anamosa
06/20/192210100001@ Durant
06/22/1929125201401vs South Tama
06/22/193594200302@ Washington
06/24/191910000000vs West Liberty
06/25/1929128601801vs Maquoketa Valley
06/25/192783100102vs Maquoketa Valley
06/27/192670200001@ Cascade
06/27/1930106100603@ Cascade
06/29/1984181016017vs Bellevue
06/29/19381513611806@ Fort Madison
06/29/192760000001vs Lisbon
07/02/192110153021205@ Bellevue
07/03/192867300405@ Mid-Prairie
07/05/192988400404@ Vinton-Shellsburg
07/10/19481610601702vs Center Point-Urba
07/12/191200000001@ Davenport Assumpti

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