Pocahontas Area Baseball

Class: 2A
Conference: Twin Lakes
District: District 2
Overall Record: 24-5
Winning Streak:
Overall Win %: 82.76%
Conference Record: 13-1
Conference Win %: 92.86%
District Record: 4-0
District Win %: 100.00%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
05/21/19 7:30PMOkobojiGame PreviewOkoboji High School
05/22/19 5:30PMStorm LakeBox ScoreL 3-0Storm Lake High School
05/23/19 5:30PMEagle GroveBox ScoreW 11-0Pocahontas Area Middle/ High School
05/24/19 South Central CalhounGame PreviewRockwell City-Lytton Middle School
05/24/19 South Central CalhounGame PreviewUnknown
05/28/19 5:15PMSpirit LakeBox ScoreW 8-5Pocahontas Area Middle/ High School
05/30/19 Coon Rapids-BayardBox ScoreL 5-4Pocahontas Area Middle/ High School
05/31/19 Ruthven-AyrshireBox ScoreW 10-0Pocahontas Area Middle/ High School
06/03/19 East Sac CountyBox ScoreW 3-0Pocahontas Area Middle/ High School
06/04/19 Alta/AureliaBox ScoreW 16-5Alta-Aurelia High School School
06/04/19 Alta/AureliaGame PreviewAlta-Aurelia High School School
06/05/19 7:00PMSt. Marys, Storm LakeBox ScoreW 15-0St. Mary's High School - Baseball/Softball Complex
06/06/19 Webster CityBox ScoreW 6-5Pocahontas Fields
06/07/19 Newell-FondaBox ScoreW 17-1Pocahontas Area Middle/ High School
06/10/19 Southeast ValleyBox ScoreW 4-0Southeast Valley Baseball Diamond
06/12/19 South Central CalhounBox ScoreW 10-3Pocahontas Area Middle/ High School
06/13/19 7:30PMBishop Garrigan, AlgonaBox ScoreW 8-7Pocahontas Area Middle/ High School
06/14/19 Sioux CentralBox ScoreL 3-2Pocahontas Area Middle/ High School
06/17/19 Manson-NW WebsterGame PreviewManson Northwest Webster Junior High/High School
06/18/19 St. EdmondGame PreviewHarlan Rogers Sports Complex
06/19/19 West Bend-MallardBox ScoreW 10-2Pocahontas Area Middle/ High School
06/20/19 St. EdmondBox ScoreW 2-0Harlan Rogers Sports Complex
06/21/19 5:30PMEmmetsburgGame PreviewEmmetsburg High School
06/22/19 TBDGame PreviewCarroll Baseball (Merchants Park)
06/22/19 CarrollBox ScoreL 6-1Carroll Baseball (Merchants Park)
06/22/19 Greene CountyBox ScoreW 10-0Carroll Baseball (Merchants Park)
06/24/19 Southeast ValleyBox ScoreW 3-0Pocahontas Area Middle/ High School
06/25/19 West Bend-MallardBox ScoreW 21-1West Bend-Mallard High School
06/26/19 East Sac CountyGame PreviewEast Sac County High School
06/26/19 EmmetsburgBox ScoreW 12-0Emmetsburg High School
06/27/19 Manson-NW WebsterBox ScoreW 5-2Pocahontas Area Middle/ High School
07/01/19 North UnionBox ScoreW 11-1Pocahontas Area Middle/ High School
07/02/19 Manson-NW WebsterGame PreviewManson Northwest Webster Junior High/High School
07/08/19 Greene CountyBox ScoreW 3-2Pocahontas Area Middle/ High School
07/10/19 6:00PMRidge ViewBox ScoreW 10-2Early Ball Fields
07/11/19 Newell-FondaBox ScoreW 9-3Newell Fonda Baseball Field
07/16/19 OkobojiGame PreviewEstherville Lincoln Central High School
07/18/19 7:00PMOkobojiBox ScoreW 10-1Pocahontas Area Middle/ High School
07/22/19 7:00PMEstherville Lincoln CentralBox ScoreW 3-0Estherville Lincoln Central High School
07/23/19 7:00PMWest SiouxBox ScoreL 3-0Washington High School
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Ryan Anderson13Junior
Cage Arends6Junior
Chase Cook15Freshman
Christian Davidson10Sophomore
Jace Davidson14Senior
Gavin Ehn21Freshman
Dane Ford24Sophomore
Caleb Freeburg16Freshman
Colton Freeburg23Junior
Trevor Frerk26Sophomore
Braden Grebner18Sophomore
Cavin Henrickson5Freshman
Isaiah Hinners8Junior
Dane Johnson12Sophomore
Thomas Melohn7Junior
Chris Meyer11Junior
Trey Oehlertz4Sophomore
Tyce Ruffridge9Freshman
Cole Runneberg22Sophomore

Game Team Stats

Game DateABHitsRunsDoublesTripleHRRBISBBBGameTeams
05/22/192110000023@ Storm Lake
05/23/19239111001186vs Eagle Grove
05/28/192578200692vs Spirit Lake
05/30/192754100202@ Coon Rapids-Bayard
05/31/19249101001085vs Ruthven-Ayrshire
06/03/192023100210vs East Sac County
06/04/1919616001969@ Alta/Aurelia
06/05/192715156011374@ St. Marys, Storm L
06/06/1925106100553vs Webster City
06/07/192512175021424vs Newell-Fonda
06/10/191944000424@ Southeast Valley
06/12/1928910000756vs South Central Cal
06/13/192378010658vs Bishop Garrigan,
06/14/192452000232vs Sioux Central
06/19/19271410301874vs West Bend-Mallard
06/20/192452100135@ St. Edmond
06/22/19281110110935vs Greene County
06/22/192781100121vs Carroll
06/24/192243100222vs Southeast Valley
06/25/193420214222055@ West Bend-Mallard
06/26/19291112110898@ Emmetsburg
06/27/1925105110143vs Manson-NW Webster
07/01/191771110081011vs North Union
07/08/192243000312vs Greene County
07/10/19311210200893@ Ridge View
07/11/1933149300841@ Newell-Fonda
07/18/19271010310644vs Okoboji
07/22/192643010311vs Estherville Linco
07/23/192110000012vs West Sioux

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