Ottumwa Softball

Class: 5A
Conference: CIML
Overall Record: 33-7
Winning Streak: W2
Overall Win %: 82.50%
Conference Record: 23-5
Conference Win %: 82.14%
District Record: 26-6
District Win %: 81.25%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
05/24/19 Des Moines RooseveltBox ScoreW 10-2Huston Field - Wildwood School
05/24/19 5:00PMDes Moines RooseveltBox ScoreW 10-0Huston Field - Wildwood School
05/30/19 Ankeny CentennialBox ScoreW 7-6Huston Field - Wildwood School
05/30/19 Ankeny CentennialBox ScoreW 10-1Huston Field - Wildwood School
06/01/19 Mount VernonBox ScoreW 14-0Lacey Sports Complex
06/01/19 Iowa City LibertyBox ScoreW 8-3Lacey Sports Complex
06/03/19 Des Moines HooverBox ScoreW 8-2Huston Field - Wildwood School
06/03/19 6:00PMDes Moines HooverBox ScoreL 10-7Huston Field - Wildwood School
06/06/19 5:45PMIndianolaBox ScoreL 6-0Indianola High School
06/06/19 6:00PMIndianolaBox ScoreW 11-9Indianola High School
06/10/19 Des Moines NorthBox ScoreW 14-0Huston Field - Wildwood School
06/10/19 6:00PMDes Moines NorthBox ScoreW 13-0Huston Field - Wildwood School
06/12/19 Des Moines LincolnBox ScoreW 14-0Huston Field - Wildwood School
06/12/19 6:00PMDes Moines LincolnBox ScoreW 12-0Huston Field - Wildwood School
06/13/19 MarshalltownBox ScoreW 4-0Huston Field - Wildwood School
06/13/19 6:00PMMarshalltownBox ScoreW 12-2Huston Field - Wildwood School
06/14/19 4:00PMDavis CountyBox ScoreW 14-0Huston Field - Wildwood School
06/14/19 4:00PMMount PleasantBox ScoreW 13-3Huston Field - Wildwood School
06/17/19 Des Moines EastBox ScoreW 5-0East High School (DM)
06/17/19 5:00PMDes Moines EastBox ScoreL 2-1East High School (DM)
06/19/19 Des Moines RooseveltGame PreviewRoosevelt High School
06/19/19 4:15PMDes Moines RooseveltGame PreviewRoosevelt High School
06/20/19 Southeast PolkBox ScoreW 10-5Huston Field - Wildwood School
06/20/19 6:00PMSoutheast PolkBox ScoreW 7-0Huston Field - Wildwood School
06/21/19 BentonGame PreviewJefferson Softball Park
06/21/19 Davenport WestGame PreviewJefferson Softball Park
06/22/19 Des Moines LincolnBox ScoreW 6-0Solon Nature and Recreation Center
06/22/19 SolonBox ScoreW 6-3Solon Nature and Recreation Center
06/24/19 Des Moines HooverBox ScoreL 3-2Hoover High School
06/24/19 5:00PMDes Moines HooverBox ScoreW 8-2Hoover High School
06/26/19 Des Moines NorthBox ScoreW 7-0North High School-Sioux City
06/26/19 5:00PMDes Moines NorthBox ScoreW 7-0North High School-Des Moines
07/01/19 Des Moines LincolnBox ScoreW 9-1Lincoln High School
07/01/19 5:00PMDes Moines LincolnBox ScoreW 14-0Lincoln RAILS Academy and Sports Complex
07/03/19 Des Moines EastBox ScoreW 7-2Huston Field - Wildwood School
07/05/19 FairfieldBox ScoreW 11-4Huston Field - Wildwood School
07/05/19 CentervilleBox ScoreW 4-1Huston Field - Wildwood School
07/06/19 Cedar Rapids JeffersonGame PreviewHuston Field - Wildwood School
07/06/19 JohnstonBox ScoreL 4-3Huston Field - Wildwood School
07/06/19 PleasantvilleGame PreviewUnknown
07/06/19 PleasantvilleGame PreviewUnknown
07/06/19 5:15PMDavenport AssumptionBox ScoreL 6-1Huston Field - Wildwood School
07/09/19 Des Moines RooseveltBox ScoreW 10-1Roosevelt High School
07/09/19 4:15PMDes Moines RooseveltBox ScoreW 11-3Roosevelt High School
07/11/19 Des Moines EastBox ScoreL 3-0Huston Field - Wildwood School
07/13/19 7:00PMClass 5A-Region 7Box ScoreW 6-1Huston Field - Wildwood School
07/16/19 7:00PMClass 5A-Region 7Box ScoreW 12-9Kent Stein Park, Muscatine
07/23/19 5:00PMWaukeeGame PreviewKruger Seeds-Rogers Sports Complex
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Morgan Greiner18Senior
Kacy Nickerson4Junior
Jillian Heaton15Junior
Amber Shotts29Freshman
Anne Guest9Sophomore
Sydney Schlarbaum24Senior
Ashton Brown17Junior
Josie Lemonds5Sophomore
Olivia Coram8th
Kaylee Bix11Junior
Ashley Jones19Sophomore
Carley WinnFreshman
Mya Lemonds8th
Abby Bowers33Senior
Madalyn Jones30Junior
Ashlynn Sheets8th
Chloe Bradley23Freshman
Zoey Jones16Sophomore
Ella Allar8th
Hannah Huisinga14Junior
Delaney Stevens3Freshman
Madelyn Houk8th

Game Team Stats

Game DateABHitsRunsDoublesTripleHRRBISBBBGameTeams
05/24/19239103031002vs Des Moines Roosev
05/24/19271010100943vs Des Moines Roosev
05/30/192587202723vs Ankeny Centennial
05/30/19321110301914vs Ankeny Centennial
06/01/1927128301814@ Iowa City Liberty
06/01/192713145011318vs Mount Vernon
06/03/193897101613vs Des Moines Hoover
06/03/1930118102513vs Des Moines Hoover
06/06/192580000001@ Indianola
06/06/19296111021105@ Indianola
06/10/19107141204110vs Des Moines North
06/10/1916813120920vs Des Moines North
06/12/192616125011212vs Des Moines Lincol
06/12/192515141121324vs Des Moines Lincol
06/13/192674300224vs Marshalltown
06/13/192814125001244vs Marshalltown
06/14/193013131031326vs Mount Pleasant
06/14/192914141011312vs Davis County
06/17/1933115310511@ Des Moines East
06/17/192021001113@ Des Moines East
06/20/192777101518vs Southeast Polk
06/20/19311310103907vs Southeast Polk
06/22/192996401542vs Des Moines Lincol
06/22/193196100212@ Solon
06/24/1933118200716@ Des Moines Hoover
06/24/192652101103@ Des Moines Hoover
07/01/193418143011410@ Des Moines Lincoln
07/01/1935129210854@ Des Moines Lincoln
07/03/192587103710vs Des Moines East
07/05/193214112011032@ Fairfield
07/05/192764100430vs Centerville
07/06/192773001300vs Johnston
07/06/192031101102@ Davenport Assumpti
07/09/19321111101974@ Des Moines Rooseve
07/09/193920101021024@ Des Moines Rooseve
07/11/192660000011vs Des Moines East
07/13/192786200421vs Davenport North
07/16/194315123011024vs Muscatine

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