East Mills @ Track Meet

@Lewis Central Senior High School
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East Mills

Overall: 0-0 Conference: 0-0Team Rank: Not Ranked


#TmRaceSt RnkAthleteLocation (Dt)Mark
11110 Meter Hurdles492Story, RileyFremont-Mills High School (05/09)17.94
22110 Meter Hurdles757Anderson, ThomasGriswold High School (03/28)20.33
33110 Meter Hurdles780Croghan, KarsenMustang Field and Ray Graves Track (04/08)20.87
44110 Meter Hurdles814Prokop, TylerTreynor Community School (04/01)22.35
511600 Meter Run501Schafer, MichaelLenox Jr/Sr High School (04/15)4:59.35
621600 Meter Run1361Oyster, JesseFremont-Mills High School (05/09)5:40.09
731600 Meter Run1517Wells, JustinGriswold High School (03/28)5:50.46
841600 Meter Run1711Pfister, MarkusGriswold High School (04/25)6:12.65
913200 Meter Run1065Wells, JustinTreynor Community School (04/01)12:45.11
1023200 Meter Run1084Oyster, JesseFremont-Mills High School (05/02)12:51.49
1133200 Meter Run1155Prokop, TylerMarnie Simons Elementary (04/18)13:24.29
1243200 Meter Run1188Pfister, MarkusGriswold High School (04/25)13:41.13
131400 Meter Hurdles169Duysen, NicFremont-Mills High School (05/09)59.14
142400 Meter Hurdles718Story, RileyFremont-Mills High School (05/02)1:06.10
153400 Meter Hurdles955Poorker, KeeganFremont-Mills High School (05/09)1:09.56
164400 Meter Hurdles1068Prokop, TylerAHSTW Community School District (04/04)1:12.24
171800 Meter Run517Schafer, MichaelGriswold High School (04/25)2:11.28
182800 Meter Run1505Prokop, TylerMustang Field and Ray Graves Track (04/08)2:25.21
193800 Meter Run1678Wells, JustinMustang Field and Ray Graves Track (04/08)2:28.23
204800 Meter Run2059Oyster, JesseFremont-Mills High School (05/02)2:36.56


#RaceSt RnkAthletesLocation (Dt)Mark
11600 Medley Relay141Anderson, T, Duysen, N, Schafer, M, Smiley, NFremont-Mills High S (05/09)3:50.83
24x100 Meter Relay269Anderson, T, Duysen, N, Moore, L, Smiley, NFremont-Mills High S (05/02)48.38
34x110 Meter Shuttle Hurdle Relay233Anderson, T, Duysen, N, Moore, L, Story, RGriswold High School (04/25)1:15.03
44x200 Meter Relay300Anderson, T, Moore, L, Ragazzo, P, Smiley, NFremont-Mills High S (05/02)1:43.92
54x400 Meter Relay249Duysen, N, Schafer, M, Smiley, N, Story, RGriswold High School (04/25)3:50.82
64x800 Meter Relay286Oyster, J, Prokop, T, Schafer, M, Wells, JAHSTW Community Scho (04/04)10:02.24
7800 Medley Relay270Duysen, N, Moore, L, Schafer, M, Smiley, NFremont-Mills High S (05/02)1:44.11

Field Events

#TmRaceSt RnkAthleteLocation (Dt)Mark
11Discus770Glockel, TrevorTreynor Community School (04/01)100-06.00
22Discus818Ragazzo, PedroMarnie Simons Elementary (04/18)98-04.00
31Long Jump416Story, RileyTreynor Community School (04/01)18-09.25
42Long Jump1220Smiley, NolanMustang Field and Ray Graves Track (04/08)15-02.00
51Shot Put618Glockel, TrevorAHSTW Community School District (04/04)38-06.00
62Shot Put1197Ragazzo, PedroGriswold High School (03/28)32-06.50

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