Iowa Mennonite, Kalona Baseball

Class: 1A
Conference: SEISC
District: District 8
Overall Record: 13-7-1
Winning Streak: W3
Overall Win %: 61.91%
Conference Record: 13-7-1
Conference Win %: 61.91%
District Record: 6-4-1
District Win %: 54.55%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
06/03/19 7:00PMWapelloBox ScoreW 3-1Wapello Senior High School
06/04/19 6:00PMWinfield-Mt UnionBox ScoreW 9-0Iowa Mennonite School
06/05/19 1:00PMWest BurlingtonBox ScoreL 12-2West Burlington High School
06/10/19 7:00PMHighland, RiversideBox ScoreW 5-1Highland High School
06/11/19 7:00PMBurlington Notre DameBox ScoreL 5-1Notre Dame
06/12/19 1:00PMCardinal, EldonBox ScoreL 3-2Cardinal Middle-Senior High School
06/13/19 Lone TreeBox ScoreW 16-1Iowa Mennonite School
06/13/19 5:30PMLone TreeBox ScoreW 12-2Iowa Mennonite School
06/14/19 7:00PMCentral LeeBox ScoreL 7-2Iowa Mennonite School
06/17/19 Louisa-MuscatineBox ScoreW 11-1Louisa-Muscatine High School
06/17/19 5:30PMLouisa-MuscatineBox ScoreW 2-0Louisa-Muscatine High School
06/18/19 5:30PMMediapolisBox ScoreW 7-4Iowa Mennonite School
06/18/19 5:30PMMediapolisBox ScoreL 13-3Iowa Mennonite School
06/20/19 PekinBox ScoreL 11-1Pekin Community High School
06/20/19 5:30PMPekinBox ScoreW 8-7Pekin Community High School
06/21/19 7:00PMNew LondonGame PreviewIowa Mennonite School
06/22/19 KeokukGame PreviewIowa Mennonite School
06/22/19 DanvilleGame PreviewIowa Mennonite School
06/24/19 7:00PMWapelloBox ScoreW 10-1Wapello Senior High School
06/25/19 6:00PMWinfield-Mt UnionBox ScoreT 1-1Winfield-Mt Union Jr-Sr High School
06/26/19 1:00PMHighland, RiversideBox ScoreL 7-5Iowa Mennonite School
07/09/19 DanvilleGame PreviewDanville Junior-Senior High School
07/09/19 Winfield-Mt UnionBox ScoreW 9-0Winfield-Mt Union Jr-Sr High School
07/13/19 7:00PMClass 1A District 8Box ScoreW 8-4Iowa Mennonite School
07/16/19 5:00PMClass 1A District 8Box ScoreW 14-5Notre Dame
07/20/19 7:00PMPekinGame PreviewMid-Prairie Middle School
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Josiah Beachy8th
Kobe Borntrager6Junior
Luke Schrock8th
Eli Ours13Sophomore
Trevor Leyden1Senior
Blake Bontrager14Senior
Aidan Yoder10Sophomore
Noah Miller7Freshman
Cody Jones5Senior
Jace Rempel8th
Jacob Boller2Senior
Tanner Thrapp23Senior
Drew Blauvelt16Junior
London Schrock4Sophomore

Game Team Stats

Game DateABHitsRunsDoublesTripleHRRBISBBBGameTeams
06/03/192253000243@ Wapello
06/04/192899100855vs Winfield-Mt Union
06/05/192262000213@ West Burlington
06/10/193075100342@ Highland, Riversid
06/11/192961000101@ Burlington Notre D
06/12/193042000132@ Cardinal, Eldon
06/13/19231012100727vs Lone Tree
06/13/193418161001232@ Lone Tree
06/14/192452000213@ Central Lee
06/17/19331111100848vs Louisa-Muscatine
06/17/192772000120@ Louisa-Muscatine
06/18/192583100210vs Mediapolis
06/18/192767200424vs Mediapolis
06/20/1927108100818@ Pekin
06/20/191841001101vs Pekin
06/24/19311010100675@ Wapello
06/26/1931105001522vs Highland, Riversi
07/09/19341092008711@ Winfield-Mt Union
07/13/192598110724vs New London
07/16/193112141101113vs Highland, Riversi

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