Belmond-Klemme Volleyball

Class: 2A
Conference: Top of Iowa
Overall Record: 5-23
Winning Streak: L7
Overall Win %: 17.86%
Conference Record: 3-12
Conference Win %: 20.00%
District Record: 3-8
District Win %: 27.27%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
08/29/19 7:00PMBishop Garrigan, AlgonaBox ScoreL 3-0Belmond-Klemme Community Jr-Sr High School
08/31/19 Eagle GroveBox ScoreW 2-0Clarion-Goldfield HS
08/31/19 North ButlerBox ScoreL 2-0Clarion-Goldfield HS
08/31/19 South HamiltonBox ScoreL 2-1South Hamilton Middle And High School
08/31/19 Clear LakeBox ScoreL 2-0Clarion-Goldfield HS
08/31/19 Harris-Lake ParkBox ScoreW 2-0Clarion-Goldfield HS
09/03/19 7:00PMLake MillsBox ScoreL 3-0Lake Mills Senior High School
09/07/19 Pocahontas AreaBox ScoreL 2-0Unknown
09/07/19 South HamiltonBox ScoreL 2-0South Central Calhoun High School
09/07/19 4:50PMGreene CountyBox ScoreL 2-0South Central Calhoun High School
09/07/19 4:50PMIKM-ManningBox ScoreL 2-0South Central Calhoun Middle School
09/07/19 8:00AMAudubonBox ScoreL 2-0South Central Calhoun High School
09/07/19 8:30AMSouth Central CalhounBox ScoreL 2-1South Central Calhoun High School
09/10/19 7:00PMGarner-Hayfield-VenturaBox ScoreL 3-0Garner-Hayfield High School
09/14/19 Hampton-DumontBox ScoreL 2-0Unknown
09/14/19 RicevilleBox ScoreW 2-0Belmond-Klemme Community Jr-Sr High School
09/14/19 12:00AMNorth ButlerBox ScoreL 2-0Belmond-Klemme Community Jr-Sr High School
09/17/19 7:00PMNorth Iowa, Buffalo CntrBox ScoreL 3-0North Iowa High School
09/24/19 Forest CityBox ScoreL 3-1Belmond-Klemme Community Jr-Sr High School
09/28/19 West HancockBox ScoreW 2-1Bishop Garrigan High School
09/28/19 1:00PMGarner-Hayfield-VenturaBox ScoreL 2-0Bishop Garrigan High School
09/28/19 9:00AMNorth Iowa, Buffalo CntrBox ScoreL 2-0Bishop Garrigan High School
09/28/19 9:00AMSoutheast ValleyBox ScoreL 2-1Bishop Garrigan High School
09/28/19 9:00AMBishop Garrigan, AlgonaBox ScoreL 2-0Bishop Garrigan High School
09/28/19 9:00AMSaint AnsgarBox ScoreL 2-1Bishop Garrigan High School
10/01/19 7:00PMWest HancockBox ScoreL 3-1West Hancock High School
10/10/19 7:00PMNorth UnionGame PreviewBelmond-Klemme Community Jr-Sr High School
10/14/19 6:00PMWest ForkGame PreviewWest Fork High School
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Jazmyn Gomez75-07
Brynn Heidemann265-06
Haley Beminio246-00
Addi McMurray315-08
Sheridan Fox95-01
Addie Buseman205-07
Jennah Meyer455-09
Allison BarrusFreshman
Kenedie Gabrielson215-09
Madi Barrus135-06
Alaina Lyons14-11
Maddison Dougherty25-04
Ashlynn Willms215-02
Maddie RobertsSophomore

Game Team Stats

10/01/19vs West Hancock32236968
09/28/19vs West Hancock191255112
09/28/19vs Bishop Garrigan, Algona332500
09/28/19vs Southeast Valley22193336
09/28/19vs Saint Ansgar19134214
09/28/19vs Garner-Hayfield-Ventura1082612
09/28/19vs North Iowa, Buffalo Cntr13112901
09/24/19vs Forest City28256524
09/17/19vs North Iowa, Buffalo Cntr15194303
09/14/19vs Hampton-Dumont14112211
09/14/19vs North Butler862411
09/14/19vs Riceville171324011
09/10/19vs Garner-Hayfield-Ventura23203205
09/07/19vs Pocahontas Area11101821
09/07/19vs IKM-Manning15111503
09/07/19vs South Central Calhoun13101961
09/07/19vs Greene County9113354
09/07/19@ Audubon13133023
09/07/19vs South Hamilton871024
09/05/19vs Eagle Grove342750112
09/03/19vs Lake Mills19193632
08/31/19vs Clarion-Goldfield-Dows441501
08/31/19vs North Butler1273617
08/31/19vs Harris-Lake Park10813010
08/31/19vs Clear Lake44914
08/31/19@ South Hamilton20152928
08/31/19vs Eagle Grove1581407
08/29/19vs Bishop Garrigan, Algona22154645

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