Sioux City, East Girls Basketball

Class: 5A
Conference: Missouri River
District: Region 8
Overall Record: 14-9
Winning Streak:
Overall Win %: 60.87%
Conference Record: 9-4
Conference Win %: 69.23%
District Record: 3-1
District Win %: 75.00%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
11/27/18 Western ChristianBox ScoreW 62-54Western Christian High School
11/30/18 5:30PMCouncil Bluffs, Thomas JeffersonBox ScoreW 63-61Thomas Jefferson High School, Cedar Rapids
12/06/18 Sioux City, WestBox ScoreW 67-58East High School (Sioux City)
12/08/18 South Sioux City (NE)Box ScoreL 68-60East High School (Sioux City)
12/13/18 Sergeant Bluff-LutonBox ScoreL 71-63Sergeant Bluff-Luton Senior High School
12/15/18 Bishop Heelan, SCBox ScoreW 64-47East High School (Sioux City)
12/17/18 5:30PMLewis CentralBox ScoreL 50-48East High School (Sioux City)
01/03/19 Siouxland ChristianBox ScoreW 70-23Tyson Events Center
01/08/19 Council Bluffs, Abraham LincolnBox ScoreW 59-46Abraham Lincoln High School
01/10/19 Sioux City, NorthBox ScoreW 65-29East High School (Sioux City)
01/12/19 Woodbury CentralBox ScoreW 61-24Woodbury Central High School
01/14/19 Sioux City, WestBox ScoreW 55-51West High School-Sioux City
01/17/19 Bishop Heelan, SCBox ScoreL 52-43Bishop Heelan High School
01/22/19 O'GormanBox ScoreL 44-35Unknown
01/24/19 Sergeant Bluff-LutonBox ScoreL 51-48East High School (Sioux City)
01/26/19 1:30PMLeMarsBox ScoreL 66-60LeMars High School
01/31/19 5:30PMSpencerGame PreviewSpencer High School
02/01/19 5:30PMCouncil Bluffs, Thomas JeffersonBox ScoreL 53-47East High School (Sioux City)
02/04/19 7:00PMHarlanBox ScoreW 53-33Harlan Community High School
02/07/19 7:00PMSioux City, NorthBox ScoreW 70-38North High School-Sioux City
02/08/19 7:00PMCouncil Bluffs, Abraham LincolnBox ScoreW 51-42East High School (Sioux City)
02/11/19 SpencerBox ScoreW 54-31Spencer High School
02/13/19 7:00PMSioux City, NorthBox ScoreW 69-35East High School (Sioux City)
02/16/19 3:00PMAnkeny CentennialBox ScoreL 50-31Ankeny Centennial High School
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Nyamer DiewUnknown
Kaia DownsUnknown
Rylee Irwin105-06Junior
Nyarial LulUnknown
Laken Gardner225-04Junior
Bailey CoppleUnknown
Olivia Barnes145-09Junior
Kayla BensonUnknown
Nya Malout256-01Junior
Nya LulUnknown
Katlynn Tucker215-04Junior
Taylor DrentUnknown
Kennedy McCloy3/5-05Junior
Abby Alter34Junior
Megan CallahanUnknown
Madi VanDyke4/5-08Junior
Riley Wiederhold346-00Senior
Kyley VondrakUnknown
Josie Blake5/5-03Junior

Game Team Stats

11/27/18@ Western Christian6224816623
11/30/18@ Council Bluffs, Th6335177220
12/06/18vs Sioux City, West67281014521
12/08/18vs South Sioux City 603585125
12/13/18@ Sergeant Bluff-Lut6324113317
12/15/18vs Bishop Heelan, SC6425149615
12/17/18vs Lewis Central482585512
01/03/19vs Siouxland Christi70161912212
01/08/19@ Council Bluffs, Ab59311614412
01/10/19vs Sioux City, North6538171748
01/12/19@ Woodbury Central61251714616
01/14/19@ Sioux City, West55231110711
01/17/19@ Bishop Heelan, SC433074524
01/22/19@ O'Gorman35208646
01/24/19vs Sergeant Bluff-Lu483364616
01/26/19@ LeMars604086422
02/01/19vs Council Bluffs, T472597313
02/04/19@ Harlan5326511110
02/07/19@ Sioux City, North70331111414
02/08/19vs Council Bluffs, A5118138114
02/11/19@ Spencer5437111366
02/13/19vs Sioux City, North69361816417
02/16/19@ Ankeny Centennial312045016

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