Davenport Assumption Baseball

Class: 3A
Conference: Mississippi Athletic
District: District 5
Overall Record: 28-4
Winning Streak: W5
Overall Win %: 87.50%
Conference Record: 17-1
Conference Win %: 94.44%
District Record: 0-0
District Win %: 0.00%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
05/20/19 Moline High SchoolBox ScoreL 6-4Davenport Assumption
05/20/19 Moline High SchoolBox ScoreL 4-3Davenport Assumption
05/21/19 Mount PleasantGame PreviewDavenport Assumption
05/21/19 5:00PMMount PleasantGame PreviewDavenport Assumption
05/24/19 7:00PMRegina CatholicBox ScoreW 14-0Regina High School
05/25/19 ValleyBox ScoreW 9-8Davenport Assumption
05/25/19 ValleyBox ScoreW 8-3Davenport Assumption
05/28/19 North ScottGame PreviewNorth Scott Senior High School
05/30/19 BurlingtonBox ScoreW 18-2Burlington Community High School
05/30/19 5:00PMBurlingtonBox ScoreW 10-0Burlington Community High School
06/01/19 Burlington Notre DameGame PreviewNotre Dame
06/01/19 Burlington Notre DameGame PreviewNotre Dame
06/03/19 Davenport NorthBox ScoreW 11-0North High School-Sioux City
06/03/19 5:00PMDavenport NorthBox ScoreW 2-0North High School-Sioux City
06/06/19 10:00AMBettendorfBox ScoreW 10-0Davenport Assumption
06/06/19 10:00AMBettendorfBox ScoreW 6-3Davenport Assumption
06/08/19 Newman CatholicBox ScoreW 2-1Davenport Assumption
06/08/19 Xavier, CRBox ScoreL 12-1Dowling High School
06/10/19 Pleasant ValleyBox ScoreW 7-1Pleasant Valley High School
06/10/19 5:00PMPleasant ValleyBox ScoreW 3-2Pleasant Valley High School
06/13/19 MFL Mar-MacBox ScoreW 15-0MFL MarMac HS
06/17/19 Davenport WestBox ScoreW 5-3Davenport Assumption
06/17/19 3:00PMDavenport WestBox ScoreW 7-3Davenport Assumption
06/18/19 Beckman, DyersvilleBox ScoreW 5-0Jenk Field
06/21/19 2:30PMBallardGame PreviewAnkeny Centennial High School
06/21/19 4:45PMGilbertGame PreviewAnkeny Centennial High School
06/24/19 Davenport CentralBox ScoreW 5-2Brady Stadium
06/24/19 5:00PMDavenport CentralBox ScoreW 10-2Brady Stadium
06/26/19 SolonBox ScoreW 13-2Solon High School
06/27/19 North ScottBox ScoreW 8-3Davenport Assumption
06/27/19 3:00PMNorth ScottBox ScoreW 3-2Davenport Assumption
07/01/19 MuscatineGame PreviewDavenport Assumption
07/01/19 MuscatineGame PreviewDavenport Assumption
07/02/19 3:30PMColumbus CatholicBox ScoreW 4-0Columbus Catholic High School
07/05/19 Cascade, Western DubBox ScoreW 15-4Cascade Junior-Senior High School
07/08/19 ClintonBox ScoreW 6-2Durgin Baseball and Softball Complex-Clinton
07/08/19 5:00PMClintonBox ScoreL 4-1Durgin Baseball and Softball Complex-Clinton
07/09/19 BentonBox ScoreW 8-7Davenport Assumption
07/11/19 MuscatineBox ScoreW 14-7Davenport Assumption
07/11/19 MuscatineBox ScoreW 4-3Davenport Assumption
07/11/19 3:00PMMuscatineGame PreviewDavenport Assumption
07/12/19 MuscatineGame PreviewTom Bruner Field
07/15/19 PrairieBox ScoreW 11-3Prairie High School, Cedar Rapids
07/19/19 5:00PMClass 3A Substate District 9Game PreviewWashington High School
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Tyler Kulhanek16Junior
Jayson Willers25Senior
Christopher Haack15Senior
Zach Wesolowski27Sophomore
Julien Broderson22Senior
Brandon Schlichting6Senior
Joe ManternachSophomore
Jeremy McIntosh7Senior
Tylen GilletteSenior
Nick Gottilla24Senior
Nate Schlichting42Junior
Seth Adrian12Junior
Adam Quested10Senior
Vince ThomasJunior
Nick BurkhartJunior
Adam Metivier11Senior
Alex HeckrothJunior
Weiman Noah4Junior
Grant SimpsonJunior
Zach WemhoffJunior

Game Team Stats

Game DateABHitsRunsDoublesTripleHRRBISBBBGameTeams
05/20/192784100443@ Moline High Schoo
05/20/192553000325@ Moline High Schoo
05/24/19239142101166@ Regina Catholic
05/25/192888000751vs Valley
05/25/193099300617vs Valley
05/30/1928910200966@ Burlington
05/30/1928111830118410@ Burlington
06/03/192462100101@ Davenport North
06/03/192610110007117@ Davenport North
06/06/192456101433vs Bettendorf
06/06/19231410101851vs Bettendorf
06/08/191951100102@ Xavier, CR
06/08/192352010124vs Newman Catholic
06/10/193197200725@ Pleasant Valley
06/10/192663000305@ Pleasant Valley
06/13/192514153041442@ MFL Mar-Mac
06/17/192685400511vs Davenport West
06/17/1927117201504vs Davenport West
06/18/192765100539@ Beckman, Dyersvill
06/24/19341610410812@ Davenport Central
06/24/192455001518@ Davenport Central
06/26/1925913201904@ Solon
06/27/192688100607vs North Scott
06/27/192483100332vs North Scott
07/02/192234000205@ Columbus Catholic
07/05/193616153111023@ Cascade, Western D
07/08/192696210605@ Clinton
07/08/192551100110@ Clinton
07/09/1931148300858vs Benton
07/11/193213141111225vs Muscatine
07/11/192484000322vs Muscatine
07/15/19331211410924@ Prairie

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