Northeast, Goose Lk vs Track Meet

@Northeast Middle-High School
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Northeast, Goose Lk

Overall: 0-0 Conference: 0-0Team Rank: Not Ranked


#TmRaceSt RnkAthleteLocation (Dt)Mark
11100 Meter Dash93Hildebrandt, Neveah (04/09)13.03
22100 Meter Dash100Rickertsen, EllieCascade High School (05/06)13.06
33100 Meter Dash534Ehlers, Alexis (04/09)13.84
44100 Meter Dash873Erens, JanaTipton City Park (04/16)14.26
51100 Meter Hurdles11Rickertsen, EllieDrake Stadium (04/27)15.09
62100 Meter Hurdles607Messerich, MadisonTipton City Park (04/16)18.60
73100 Meter Hurdles998Guilliams, BryceCascade High School (05/06)20.31
84100 Meter Hurdles1017Kruse, AubrieDurant High School (04/18)20.40
911500 Meter Run856Oberman, EllaBeckman Catholic High School (04/05)6:10.40
1021500 Meter Run1055Portz, RaeannDurant High School (04/18)6:29.42
1131500 Meter Run1143Chambers, ElizabethCascade High School (05/06)6:41.07
1213000 Meter Run497Oberman, EllaNortheast Community School District (03/28)13:11.56
131400 Meter Dash348Tarr, MadisonBeckman Catholic High School (04/05)1:05.19
142400 Meter Dash991Messerich, Miya (03/16)1:10.02
153400 Meter Dash1152Spooner, Valerie (04/09)1:11.10
164400 Meter Dash1232Messerich, Madison (03/04)1:11.57
171400 Meter Hurdles15Rickertsen, EllieTipton City Park (04/16)1:06.20
182400 Meter Hurdles241Messerich, MadisonMaquoketa High School (04/29)1:14.68
193400 Meter Hurdles532Kucera, BrooklynDubuque Senior High School (04/02)1:21.51
201800 Meter Run233Messerich, MiyaTipton City Park (04/16)2:33.47
212800 Meter Run243Friedrichsen, AmberTipton City Park (04/16)2:33.88
223800 Meter Run306Rickertsen, Ellie (03/11)2:36.12
234800 Meter Run433Petersen, MakenzieMaquoketa High School (04/29)2:39.22


#RaceSt RnkAthletesLocation (Dt)Mark
11600 Medley Relay133Ehlers, A, Friedrichsen, A, Hildebrandt, N, Rickertsen, EUniversity of Dubuqu (03/21)4:38.68
24x100 Meter Relay74Ehlers, A, Hildebrandt, N, Rickertsen, E, Tarr, MDrake Stadium (04/27)52.20
34x100 Meter Shuttle Hurdle Relay195Chambers, E, Hansen, K, Kruse, A, Messerich, MMaquoketa High Schoo (04/29)1:19.12
44x200 Meter Relay134Ehlers, A, Hildebrandt, N, Rickertsen, E, Tarr, MUniversity of Dubuqu (03/21)1:53.24
54x400 Meter Relay180Friedrichsen, A, Messerich, M, Messerich, M, Tarr, MTipton City Park (04/16)4:31.14
64x800 Meter Relay108Friedrichsen, A, Messerich, M, Messerich, M, Petersen, MCamanche High School (05/02)10:40.60
7800 Medley Relay64Ehlers, A, Hildebrandt, N, Rickertsen, E, Tarr, MCamanche High School (05/02)1:54.62

Field Events

#TmRaceSt RnkAthleteLocation (Dt)Mark
11Discus177Abbott, ClaireMaquoketa High School (04/29)103-09.00
22Discus446Shockey, MadisonMaquoketa High School (04/29)86-09.00
33Discus845Wilke, DakotaNortheast Community School District (03/28)69-07.00
44Discus875Moraetes, AbbiDurant High School (04/18)68-05.00
51High Jump125Ehlers, Alexis (03/11)4-11.00
62High Jump132Chambers, ElizabethDubuque Senior High School (04/02)4-10.00
71Long Jump92Erens, JanaDubuque Senior High School (04/02)16-03.25
82Long Jump196Dague, KyraTipton City Park (04/16)15-05.25
93Long Jump243Smith, JadenDubuque Senior High School (04/02)15-02.75
104Long Jump513Tarr, Madison (03/04)14-02.00
111Shot Put41Abbott, ClaireTipton City Park (04/16)38-08.00
122Shot Put294Shockey, MadisonMaquoketa High School (04/29)32-05.25
133Shot Put525Pessman, AlyssaUniversity of Dubuque (03/21)29-07.00
144Shot Put711Moraetes, AbbiNortheast Community School District (03/28)27-06.50

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