Valley Baseball

Class: 4A
Conference: CIML
District: District 7
Overall Record: 17-19
Winning Streak:
Overall Win %: 47.22%
Conference Record: 16-16
Conference Win %: 50.00%
District Record: 6-3
District Win %: 66.67%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
05/20/19 Des Moines LincolnBox ScoreL 7-6Valley High School
05/20/19 5:00PMDes Moines LincolnBox ScoreW 7-4Valley High School
05/22/19 UrbandaleBox ScoreW 5-0Valley High School
05/22/19 5:00PMUrbandaleBox ScoreL 4-3Valley High School
05/25/19 Davenport AssumptionBox ScoreL 8-3Davenport Assumption
05/25/19 Davenport AssumptionBox ScoreL 9-8Davenport Assumption
05/25/19 4:00PMNorth ScottBox ScoreL 8-5Augustana College (IL)
06/03/19 Mason CityBox ScoreL 7-3Roosevelt High School
06/03/19 5:00PMMason CityBox ScoreW 8-1Roosevelt High School
06/06/19 AmesBox ScoreW 7-0Ames HS Baseball,Softball,Tennis
06/06/19 5:00PMAmesBox ScoreW 11-6Ames HS Baseball,Softball,Tennis
06/10/19 WaukeeBox ScoreL 6-5Waukee Softball/Baseball Complex
06/10/19 WaukeeBox ScoreW 9-8Waukee Softball/Baseball Complex
06/12/19 MarshalltownBox ScoreW 11-8Valley High School
06/12/19 5:00PMMarshalltownBox ScoreW 12-2Valley High School
06/13/19 7:00PMDowling CatholicBox ScoreL 11-0Dowling High School
06/14/19 7:30PMAnkenyBox ScoreL 11-7Valley High School
06/19/19 Southeast PolkGame PreviewValley High School
06/19/19 5:00PMSoutheast PolkGame PreviewValley High School
06/20/19 Fort DodgeBox ScoreL 5-2Fort Dodge High School
06/20/19 5:00PMFort DodgeBox ScoreW 4-2Fort Dodge High School
06/21/19 2:30PMClear LakeGame PreviewAnkeny Baseball/Softball Complex
06/21/19 3:00PMSaydelGame PreviewAnkeny Baseball/Softball Complex
06/24/19 Mason CityBox ScoreL 8-1Valley High School
06/24/19 5:00PMMason CityBox ScoreL 6-2Valley High School
06/26/19 WaukeeBox ScoreL 4-1Valley High School
06/26/19 5:00PMWaukeeBox ScoreL 8-2Valley High School
06/27/19 Southeast PolkBox ScoreL 8-2Valley High School
06/27/19 Southeast PolkBox ScoreW 2-1Valley High School
07/01/19 MarshalltownBox ScoreW 12-5Marshalltown High School
07/01/19 5:00PMMarshalltownBox ScoreL 5-3Marshalltown High School
07/02/19 Fort DodgeBox ScoreW 2-0Valley High School
07/02/19 5:00PMFort DodgeGame PreviewValley High School
07/03/19 Fort DodgeGame PreviewValley High School
07/03/19 JohnstonGame PreviewJohnston Senior High School
07/03/19 Fort DodgeGame PreviewValley High School
07/03/19 5:00PMJohnstonGame PreviewJohnston Senior High School
07/08/19 Southeast PolkBox ScoreL 5-2Southeast Polk High School
07/08/19 5:00PMSoutheast PolkBox ScoreW 7-2Southeast Polk High School
07/10/19 OttumwaBox ScoreW 7-5Legion Field & Staggs Court
07/10/19 5:00PMOttumwaBox ScoreL 4-2Legion Field & Staggs Court
07/12/19 Dowling CatholicBox ScoreW 3-2Valley High School
07/15/19 TBDGame PreviewValley High School
07/19/19 TBDGame PreviewValley High School
07/19/19 7:00PMOttumwaBox ScoreW 10-2Valley High School
07/22/19 7:00PMIowa City, LibertyBox ScoreW 7-5Mount Mercy University
07/24/19 7:00PMDowling CatholicBox ScoreL 5-3Dowling High School
07/26/19 TBDGame PreviewPrincipal Park
07/27/19 TBDGame PreviewPrincipal Park
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Game Team Stats

Game DateABHitsRunsDoublesTripleHRRBISBBBGameTeams
05/20/192287111618vs Des Moines Lincol
05/20/1931106200439vs Des Moines Lincol
05/22/192785500404vs Urbandale
05/22/192323000016vs Urbandale
05/25/1925550002810@ North Scott
05/25/1929113100312@ Davenport Assumpti
05/25/19331181008111@ Davenport Assumpti
06/03/192653001302@ Mason City
06/03/1936158400711@ Mason City
06/06/1932137310421@ Ames
06/06/193311112021015@ Ames
06/10/192995200324@ Waukee
06/10/193399501914@ Waukee
06/12/19291211300908vs Marshalltown
06/12/193010122011002vs Marshalltown
06/13/191830000000@ Dowling Catholic
06/14/192867100401vs Ankeny
06/20/193082100101@ Fort Dodge
06/20/192874102411@ Fort Dodge
06/24/192672100200vs Mason City
06/24/192981000100vs Mason City
06/26/192242000236vs Waukee
06/26/192721200143vs Waukee
06/27/192332000111vs Southeast Polk
06/27/192662100202vs Southeast Polk
07/01/19381712611912@ Marshalltown
07/01/192433100201@ Marshalltown
07/02/191842100212vs Fort Dodge
07/08/1931117200734@ Southeast Polk
07/08/192882001200@ Southeast Polk
07/10/1930117300554@ Ottumwa
07/10/192572000213@ Ottumwa
07/12/192483300203vs Dowling Catholic
07/19/19301110600926@ Ottumwa
07/22/1929127200728@ Iowa City, Liberty
07/24/192453100013@ Dowling Catholic

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