Sioux Central Softball

Class: 2A
Conference: Twin Lakes
Overall Record: 10-18
Winning Streak: L2
Overall Win %: 35.71%
Conference Record: 7-9
Conference Win %: 43.75%
District Record: 5-7
District Win %: 41.67%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
05/23/19 Harris-Lake ParkBox ScoreW 5-4Peterson Ball Park
05/28/19 Manson-NW WebsterBox ScoreL 13-7Peterson Ball Park
05/29/19 Southeast ValleyBox ScoreL 10-0Harcourt Softball Field
05/30/19 Pocahontas AreaBox ScoreW 11-1Peterson Ball Park
05/31/19 South Central CalhounBox ScoreL 10-9Peterson Ball Park
06/03/19 GTRABox ScoreW 20-7Ruthven-Ayrshire High School
06/04/19 5:30PMSpirit LakeBox ScoreL 12-0Spirit Lake High School
06/05/19 Manson-NW WebsterBox ScoreL 12-6Manson Northwest Webster Junior High/High School
06/06/19 12:00PMEstherville Lincoln CentralBox ScoreL 5-2Estherville Lincoln Central High School
06/07/19 West Bend-MallardGame PreviewWest Bend-Mallard High School
06/07/19 West Bend-MallardBox ScoreW 21-11Peterson Ball Park
06/08/19 Hartley-Melvin-SanbornBox ScoreW 7-6South O'Brien Secondary School
06/08/19 South O BrienBox ScoreL 14-2South O'Brien Secondary School
06/10/19 5:30PMEmmetsburgBox ScoreL 16-4Peterson Ball Park
06/12/19 Alta-AureliaBox ScoreL 10-4Peterson Ball Park
06/13/19 5:30PMStorm LakeBox ScoreL 13-10Peterson Ball Park
06/14/19 Pocahontas AreaBox ScoreW 7-3Pocahontas Area Middle/ High School
06/17/19 East Sac CountyBox ScoreW 12-8East Sac County High School
06/18/19 MMCRUBox ScoreL 10-1Sunrise Park
06/19/19 St. Marys, Storm LakeBox ScoreL 11-3Peterson Ball Park
06/20/19 Newell-FondaBox ScoreL 13-1Newell Fonda Softball Field
06/22/19 SheldonBox ScoreL 6-5Okoboji High School
06/22/19 OkobojiBox ScoreL 10-6Milford Memorial Park
06/24/19 Alta-AureliaBox ScoreL 13-3Alta-Aurelia High School School
06/26/19 St. Marys, Storm LakeBox ScoreW 9-3St. Mary's High School - Baseball/Softball Complex
06/27/19 GTRABox ScoreW 9-8Peterson Ball Park
07/02/19 River ValleyBox ScoreL 14-10River Valley Junior- Senior High School
07/10/19 7:00PMNorth UnionBox ScoreL 10-0North Union High School
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Halle Laursen8th
Emily SmithFreshman
Taylor Krager14Sophomore
Zamara Geisinger18Sophomore
Alyse Terrell8th
Emma Ahrendson19Sophomore
Emma Lonning11Sophomore
Maddy MuellerSophomore
Kristen Cowell5Sophomore
Alex Olsen3Junior
Kendra Casey8th
Bailey Houston12Senior
Nicole Fahnlander23Sophomore
Elise Rusk8th
Kali Fahnlander6Junior
Brielle Wernimont9Sophomore
Berkley Johannsen8th
McKenzie Coffee2Junior
Maggie McGuire21Sophomore

Game Team Stats

Game DateABHitsRunsDoublesTripleHRRBISBBBGameTeams
05/23/192945100432vs Harris-Lake Park
05/28/193097500543vs Manson-NW Webster
05/29/192160000001@ Southeast Valley
05/30/19163110004511vs Pocahontas Area
05/31/1934129101822vs South Central Cal
06/03/193514205001427@ GTRA
06/04/191530000000@ Spirit Lake
06/05/193496400611@ Manson-NW Webster
06/06/192862000211@ Estherville Lincol
06/07/194317213201342vs West Bend-Mallard
06/08/192897210532vs Hartley-Melvin-Sa
06/08/191622100100@ South O Brien
06/10/191424000412vs Emmetsburg
06/12/192614000054vs Alta-Aurelia
06/13/19381210100951vs Storm Lake
06/14/193077110484@ Pocahontas Area
06/17/193714122011321@ East Sac County
06/18/192761210101@ MMCRU
06/19/192653000367vs St. Marys, Storm
06/20/191111000100@ Newell-Fonda
06/22/192132100264@ Sibley-Ocheyedan
06/22/192695200522@ Sheldon
06/22/193296101642@ Okoboji
06/24/191913000222@ Alta-Aurelia
06/26/192989000649@ St. Marys, Storm L
06/27/1934149300918vs GTRA
07/02/19317105001015@ River Valley
07/10/192140102010@ North Union

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