Starmont @ Track Meet

@Maquoketa Community High School
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#TmRaceSt RnkAthleteLocation (Dt)Mark
11110 Meter Hurdles752Moine, SpencerOelwein High School (04/15)20.22
211600 Meter Run665Schuchmann, GrahamStarmont High School (04/26)5:07.74
321600 Meter Run887Hayes, HenryEdgewood-Colesburg Jr Sr High (05/02)5:16.95
431600 Meter Run1416Wittman, ConnorEdgewood-Colesburg Jr Sr High (05/09)5:42.79
541600 Meter Run1604Zobac, Dawson (04/04)5:59.43
613200 Meter Run356Schuchmann, GrahamEdgewood-Colesburg Jr Sr High (05/02)10:55.26
723200 Meter Run671Hayes, Henry (04/04)11:36.82
833200 Meter Run955Wittman, ConnorEdgewood-Colesburg Jr Sr High (05/02)12:19.66
943200 Meter Run1053Patrick, Will (04/04)12:41.37
101400 Meter Hurdles836Henry, NickStarmont High School (04/26)1:07.65
112400 Meter Hurdles955Moine, SpencerNorth Fayette Valley High School (04/18)1:09.56
121800 Meter Run332Munger, BowenEdgewood-Colesburg Jr Sr High (05/09)2:08.32
132800 Meter Run656Schuchmann, GrahamStarmont High School (04/26)2:13.34
143800 Meter Run1386Hayes, HenryOelwein High School (04/15)2:23.32
154800 Meter Run1403Boardman, ConnorOelwein High School (04/15)2:23.52


#RaceSt RnkAthletesLocation (Dt)Mark
11600 Medley Relay285Kramer, D, Munger, B, Schuchmann, G, Wessels, COelwein High School (04/15)4:11.22
24x100 Meter Relay292Baumgartner, E, Henry, N, Kramer, D, Moine, SNorth Fayette Valley (04/18)48.84
34x110 Meter Shuttle Hurdle Relay257Henry, N, Kugel, M, Moine, S, Zobac, DEdgewood-Colesburg J (05/09)1:19.66
44x200 Meter Relay298Baumgartner, E, Boardman, C, Kramer, D, Wessels, COelwein High School (04/15)1:43.81
54x400 Meter Relay225Boardman, C, Munger, B, Schuchmann, G, Wessels, CStarmont High School (04/26)3:47.16
64x800 Meter Relay161Boardman, C, Hayes, H, Munger, B, Schuchmann, GEdgewood-Colesburg J (05/09)8:57.79
7800 Medley Relay323Baumgartner, E, Kramer, D, Munger, B, Schuchmann, GOelwein High School (04/15)1:49.27

Field Events

#TmRaceSt RnkAthleteLocation (Dt)Mark
11Discus818Hamlett, HenryNorth Fayette Valley High School (04/18)98-04.00
22Discus924Jaster, SkylerEdgewood-Colesburg Jr Sr High (05/09)93-04.00
31High Jump439Wittman, ConnorUniversity of Dubuque (03/22)5-04.00
42High Jump533Patrick, WillNorth Fayette Valley High School (04/18)5-02.00
51Long Jump1012Zobac, DawsonJesup High School (04/09)16-06.25
62Long Jump1109Wessels, ChanceUniversity of Dubuque (03/22)15-11.05
71Shot Put693Hamlett, HenryEdgewood-Colesburg Jr Sr High (05/09)37-09.00
82Shot Put1338Jaster, SkylerEdgewood-Colesburg Jr Sr High (05/09)30-10.50

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