Charles City Softball

Class: 4A
Conference: Northeast Iowa
Overall Record: 35-3
Winning Streak: W2
Overall Win %: 92.11%
Conference Record: 19-0
Conference Win %: 100.00%
District Record: 10-1
District Win %: 90.91%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
05/22/19 5:30PMTurkey ValleyBox ScoreW 16-0Turkey Valley Jr-Sr High School
05/23/19 CrestwoodBox ScoreW 6-3Crestwood High School
05/23/19 5:30PMCrestwoodBox ScoreW 2-0Crestwood High School
05/28/19 4:00PMWaverly-Shell RockBox ScoreW 12-0Waverly-Shell Rock Senior High School
05/29/19 Cedar FallsBox ScoreW 4-0Sportsmen's Park, Charles City
05/30/19 WaukonBox ScoreW 13-3Sportsmen's Park, Charles City
05/30/19 5:30PMWaukonBox ScoreW 13-1Sportsmen's Park, Charles City
05/31/19 8:00AMDon BoscoBox ScoreW 21-0North Fayette High School
05/31/19 8:00AMKeeBox ScoreW 12-0North Fayette High School
06/01/19 Iowa Falls-AldenBox ScoreW 14-2Sportsmen's Park, Charles City
06/01/19 North ButlerBox ScoreW 6-0Sportsmen's Park, Charles City
06/01/19 WaukonBox ScoreW 5-0Sportsmen's Park, Charles City
06/04/19 6:00PMForest CityBox ScoreW 14-0Forest City High School
06/05/19 New HamptonBox ScoreW 4-0Sportsmen's Park, Charles City
06/05/19 5:30PMNew HamptonBox ScoreW 12-2Sportsmen's Park, Charles City
06/06/19 OelweinBox ScoreW 15-0Sportsmen's Park, Charles City
06/10/19 DecorahBox ScoreW 7-0Decorah High School
06/13/19 Waverly-Shell RockBox ScoreW 12-0Sportsmen's Park, Charles City
06/13/19 Waverly-Shell RockBox ScoreW 14-1Waverly-Shell Rock Senior High School
06/15/19 Mason CityBox ScoreW 4-1Mason City High School
06/15/19 OsageBox ScoreW 15-3Mason City High School
06/15/19 1:00PMClear LakeBox ScoreW 11-0Mason City High School
06/17/19 WaukonBox ScoreW 13-0Waukon High School
06/18/19 5:30PMSaint AnsgarBox ScoreW 12-0Sportsmen's Park, Charles City
06/19/19 Central SpringsBox ScoreW 8-1Central Springs High School
06/20/19 New HamptonBox ScoreW 9-0Mikkelson Park
06/21/19 7:30PMAlgonaGame PreviewAlgona High School
06/25/19 OelweinBox ScoreW 15-0Oelwein Sports Complex
06/25/19 5:30PMOelweinBox ScoreW 12-0Oelwein High School
06/27/19 DecorahBox ScoreW 9-4Sportsmen's Park, Charles City
06/27/19 5:30PMDecorahBox ScoreW 3-0Charles City High School
06/28/19 5:30PMIndependenceGame PreviewIndependence Junior Senior High School
07/01/19 CrestwoodBox ScoreW 5-0Sportsmen's Park, Charles City
07/03/19 Sumner-FredericksburgBox ScoreW 14-0Sportsmen's Park, Charles City
07/05/19 North ScottBox ScoreL 6-5Charles City High School
07/05/19 OskaloosaBox ScoreW 9-5Charles City High School
07/06/19 Pleasant ValleyBox ScoreL 7-1Charles City High School
07/06/19 ValleyBox ScoreL 1-0Charles City High School
07/13/19 7:00PMClass 4A-Region 3Box ScoreW 6-0Sportsmen's Park, Charles City
07/16/19 7:00PMClass 4A-Region 3Box ScoreW 11-1Sportsmen's Park, Charles City
07/23/19 3:30PM4A-StateGame PreviewIowa Central CC-Rogers Sports Complex
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Sadie GebelSophomore
Lisabeth Fiser9Junior
Carly Stevenson12Sophomore
Allie Cross16Sophomore
Lydia Staudt18Freshman
Samantha Heyer2Senior
Brooke VanceJunior
Emma Grimm13Sophomore
Ava Ellis8th
Cora Crooks14Senior
Dani Reetz6Sophomore
Marley Hagarty5Sophomore
Delaney Ruzicka8th
Kiki Connell8Sophomore
Alex Litterer10Junior
Rachel Chambers7Freshman
Ashlyn Hoeft17Freshman

Game Team Stats

Game DateABHitsRunsDoublesTripleHRRBISBBBGameTeams
05/22/1919101610010106@ Turkey Valley
05/23/193072100032@ Crestwood
05/23/1931116001491@ Crestwood
05/28/19231012301545@ Waverly-Shell Rock
05/29/192574201341vs Cedar Falls
05/30/192814135011273vs Waukon
05/30/192312132101383vs Waukon
05/31/192212122031226vs Kee
05/31/192917213021853vs Don Bosco
06/01/191914144001431vs Iowa Falls-Alden
06/01/192255000321vs Waukon
06/01/192386120421vs North Butler
06/04/192413142011173@ Forest City
06/05/193117125011132vs New Hampton
06/05/192164000331vs New Hampton
06/06/192013152101152vs Oelwein
06/10/1931107101671@ Decorah
06/13/192817121011171vs Waverly-Shell Roc
06/13/192013141021192@ Waverly-Shell Rock
06/15/1932104100231@ Mason City
06/15/192211110111060vs Clear Lake
06/15/192613152021475vs Osage
06/17/192614132011252@ Waukon
06/18/192212122131120vs Saint Ansgar
06/19/192998012732@ Central Springs
06/20/1932129202941@ New Hampton
06/25/1929141551010105@ Oelwein
06/25/19201012400977@ Oelwein
06/27/1933199100960vs Decorah
06/27/192583002340vs Decorah
07/01/192475100340vs Crestwood
07/03/191812141011293vs Sumner-Fredericks
07/05/1936115000410vs North Scott
07/05/1933159001852vs Oskaloosa
07/06/192550100020vs Valley
07/06/192891000121vs Pleasant Valley
07/13/1929136210641vs Waterloo East
07/16/19221611112973vs Mason City

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