Holy Trinity Catholic Volleyball

Class: 1A
Conference: SEISC
Overall Record: 18-7
Winning Streak: W3
Overall Win %: 72.00%
Conference Record: 12-4
Conference Win %: 75.00%
District Record: 5-1
District Win %: 83.33%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
08/29/19 7:30PMDanvilleBox ScoreW 3-0Holy Trinity Junior/Senior High
08/31/19 North PolkBox ScoreL 2-1Bondurant-Farrar High School
08/31/19 AmesBox ScoreW 2-1Ames High School
08/31/19 Waverly-Shell RockBox ScoreL 2-0Bondurant-Farrar High School
08/31/19 BooneBox ScoreW 2-0Unknown
08/31/19 Pella ChristianBox ScoreW 2-0Pella Christian School
09/12/19 5:30PMNew LondonBox ScoreL 3-1New London Jr-Sr High School
09/17/19 7:00PMBurlington Notre DameBox ScoreW 3-1Holy Trinity Junior/Senior High
09/19/19 7:00PMVan Buren, KeosauquaBox ScoreL 3-0Van Buren Community High School
09/21/19 KnoxvilleBox ScoreL 2-0Keokuk High School
09/21/19 9:00AMKeokukBox ScoreW 2-0Keokuk High School
09/21/19 9:00AMBurlington Notre DameBox ScoreW 2-1Keokuk High School
09/21/19 9:00AMLouisa-MuscatineBox ScoreW 2-0Keokuk High School
09/23/19 Central Lee, DonnellsonBox ScoreL 2-0Holy Trinity Junior/Senior High
09/23/19 4:00PMKeokukBox ScoreW 2-0Holy Trinity Junior/Senior High
09/23/19 4:00PMDanvilleBox ScoreW 2-0Holy Trinity Junior/Senior High
09/23/19 4:00PMWinfield-Mt UnionBox ScoreW 2-0Holy Trinity Junior/Senior High
09/23/19 4:00PMFort MadisonGame PreviewHoly Trinity Junior/Senior High
09/26/19 Louisa-MuscatineBox ScoreW 2-0Unknown
09/26/19 5:00PMNew LondonBox ScoreW 2-1Holy Trinity Junior/Senior High
09/26/19 5:00PMPekinBox ScoreW 2-0Unknown
09/28/19 Central Lee, DonnellsonBox ScoreW 2-0Unknown
09/28/19 Cardinal, EldonBox ScoreW 2-0Unknown
09/28/19 Van Buren, KeosauquaBox ScoreL 2-0Unknown
10/03/19 5:30PMWACOBox ScoreW 3-0Holy Trinity Junior/Senior High
10/08/19 5:30AMWest BurlingtonBox ScoreW 3-0West Burlington High School
10/08/19 5:30AMWest BurlingtonGame PreviewUnknown
10/10/19 7:30PMCardinal, EldonGame PreviewHoly Trinity Junior/Senior High
10/12/19 Mount PleasantGame PreviewMount Pleasant High School
10/15/19 7:30PMCentral Lee, DonnellsonGame PreviewCentral Lee High School
10/17/19 5:00PMMediapolisGame PreviewMediapolis High School
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Game Team Stats

10/03/19vs WACO39389698
09/28/19vs Central Lee, Donnellson20183278
09/28/19vs Cardinal, Eldon252338812
09/28/19@ Van Buren, Keosauqua16163344
09/26/19vs Pekin22222907
09/26/19vs New London42409151
09/26/19vs Louisa-Muscatine19193337
09/23/19@ Danville18162472
09/23/19vs Keokuk181627126
09/23/19vs Winfield-Mt Union24213123
09/23/19@ Central Lee, Donnellson15373470
09/21/19vs Knoxville2172314
09/21/19@ Burlington Notre Dame252437411
09/21/19vs Keokuk191721610
09/21/19vs Louisa-Muscatine181621139
09/19/19@ Van Buren, Keosauqua29276642
09/17/19@ Burlington Notre Dame4843951412
09/12/19vs New London545189153
08/31/19@ Ames26254566
08/31/19@ Pella Christian18162367
08/31/19@ Boone17145524
08/31/19vs Waverly-Shell Rock15141921
08/31/19vs Carroll14143764
08/31/19vs North Polk19195143
08/29/19@ Danville29294487

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