Kuemper Cath, Carrll vs Track Meet

@Saydel High School
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Kuemper Cath, Carrll

Overall: 0-0 Conference: 0-0Team Rank: Not Ranked


#TmRaceSt RnkAthleteLocation (Dt)Mark
11100 Meter Dash330Badding, MalloryMadrid High School (04/23)13.53
22100 Meter Dash715Bauer, NicoleMadrid High School (04/23)14.09
33100 Meter Dash1147Sturm, KaileeMadrid High School (04/23)14.55
44100 Meter Dash1204Seidl, NicoleStorm Lake High School (04/29)14.62
51100 Meter Hurdles79Irlbeck, HannahStorm Lake High School (04/29)16.32
62100 Meter Hurdles897Brincks, HannahMadrid High School (04/23)19.73
73100 Meter Hurdles947Haukap, DaisySoutheast Valley High School Football field and Tr (04/01)20.01
84100 Meter Hurdles1033Lux, BriannaSouth Central Calhoun High School (04/26)20.49
911500 Meter Run914Klein, OliviaSouth Central Calhoun High School (04/26)6:14.93
1021500 Meter Run1164Gifford, SydneeGreene County High School (04/15)6:44.38
111200 Meter Dash154Badding, MallorySouth Central Calhoun High School (04/26)27.29
122200 Meter Dash867Gifford, BrooklynHarlan (04/04)29.33
133200 Meter Dash894Irlbeck, HannahSouth Central Calhoun High School (04/26)29.39
144200 Meter Dash1166Sturm, MeghanMadrid High School (04/23)29.95
1513000 Meter Run616Klein, OliviaHeelan Catholic Memorial Stadium (03/27)13:49.10
161400 Meter Dash411Gifford, BrooklynMadrid High School (04/23)1:05.72
172400 Meter Dash423Badding, MalloryStorm Lake High School (04/29)1:05.79
183400 Meter Dash1243Venner, KamrynGriswold High School (04/09)1:11.64
194400 Meter Dash1413Malek, AbiolGreene County High School (04/15)1:12.90
201400 Meter Hurdles400Irlbeck, HannahHeelan Catholic Memorial Stadium (03/27)1:18.58
212400 Meter Hurdles750Lux, BriannaGriswold High School (04/09)1:28.86
223400 Meter Hurdles813Haukap, DaisyHeelan Catholic Memorial Stadium (03/27)1:35.48
234400 Meter Hurdles841Malek, AbiolCarroll Athletic Stadium (03/21)1:44.73
241800 Meter Run630Gifford, BrooklynSouth Central Calhoun High School (04/26)2:43.58
252800 Meter Run1684Gifford, SydneeDenison High School (03/26)3:13.48
263800 Meter Run1894Malek, AbiolHeelan Catholic Memorial Stadium (03/27)3:33.40
274800 Meter Run1927Riesberg, KendraSoutheast Valley High School Football field and Tr (04/01)3:45.59


#RaceSt RnkAthletesLocation (Dt)Mark
11600 Medley Relay286Klein, O, Seidl, N, Venner, K, Wanninger, AMadrid High School (04/23)5:10.33
24x100 Meter Relay232Badding, M, Bauer, N, Irlbeck, H, Wanninger, ASaydel High School (04/22)55.44
34x100 Meter Shuttle Hurdle Relay171Brincks, H, Haukap, D, Hoffman, J, Irlbeck, HMadrid High School (04/23)1:17.35
44x200 Meter Relay257Seidl, N, Sturm, M, Sturm, K, Wanninger, AStorm Lake High Scho (04/29)2:00.60
54x400 Meter Relay164Badding, M, Gifford, B, Irlbeck, H, Venner, KSouth Central Calhou (04/26)4:28.55
64x800 Meter Relay228Gifford, S, Gifford, B, Klein, O, Venner, KMadrid High School (04/23)11:48.38
7800 Medley Relay204Badding, M, Bauer, N, Gifford, S, Irlbeck, HSaydel High School (04/22)2:01.21

Field Events

#TmRaceSt RnkAthleteLocation (Dt)Mark
11Discus292Schon, KenzieGreene County High School (04/15)96-00.00
22Discus605Wiskus, LaurenSouth Central Calhoun High School (04/26)79-09.00
33Discus1036Lux, BriannaHeelan Catholic Memorial Stadium (03/27)61-03.00
41High Jump439Seidl, NicoleGriswold High School (04/09)4-04.00
52High Jump439Brincks, HannahDenison High School (03/26)4-04.00
61Long Jump31Badding, MalloryCarroll Athletic Stadium (03/21)17-01.25
72Long Jump243Wanninger, AnnaHarlan (04/04)15-02.75
83Long Jump559Sturm, KaileeSouth Central Calhoun High School (04/26)14-00.00
91Shot Put133Schon, KenzieLewis Central High School (05/02)35-04.00
102Shot Put652Wiskus, LaurenMadrid High School (04/23)28-02.00

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