Coon Rapids-Bayard Baseball

Class: 1A
Conference: Rolling Valley
District: District 16
Overall Record: 29-5
Winning Streak:
Overall Win %: 85.29%
Conference Record: 16-0
Conference Win %: 100.00%
District Record: 13-0
District Win %: 100.00%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
05/20/19 CAM, AnitaBox ScoreW 2-0Coon Rapids-Bayard
05/22/19 Exira-EHKBox ScoreW 12-2Coon Rapids-Bayard
05/24/19 7:00PMEarlhamGame PreviewEARLHAM SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL
05/25/19 1:00PMVan MeterBox ScoreL 12-2Coon Rapids-Bayard
05/30/19 Pocahontas AreaBox ScoreW 5-4Pocahontas Area Middle/ High School
05/31/19 5:30PMAr-We-VaBox ScoreW 13-3Coon Rapids-Bayard
06/01/19 ADMBox ScoreL 10-1Coon Rapids-Bayard
06/01/19 PleasantvilleBox ScoreW 13-6Coon Rapids-Bayard
06/03/19 Boyer ValleyBox ScoreW 6-3Boyer Valley Middle/High School
06/04/19 5:30PMGlidden-RalstonBox ScoreW 18-4Glidden-Ralston Jr-Sr High School
06/05/19 7:00PMAudubonBox ScoreW 3-0Coon Rapids-Bayard
06/07/19 WoodbineBox ScoreW 10-0Coon Rapids-Bayard
06/08/19 Logan-MagnoliaBox ScoreW 14-7Carroll Athletic Stadium
06/08/19 10:00AMCarrollBox ScoreL 10-0Carroll High School
06/10/19 West HarrisonBox ScoreW 10-2Coon Rapids-Bayard
06/11/19 Newell-FondaBox ScoreW 13-9Coon Rapids-Bayard
06/12/19 CAM, AnitaBox ScoreW 9-2CAM High School
06/14/19 Exira-EHKBox ScoreW 5-4Exira-EHK
06/18/19 Glidden-RalstonGame PreviewCoon Rapids-Bayard
06/19/19 Ar-We-VaBox ScoreW 3-1Westside Junior-Senior High School
06/20/19 5:30PMGlidden-RalstonBox ScoreW 10-0Coon Rapids-Bayard
06/21/19 Boyer ValleyBox ScoreW 7-0Coon Rapids-Bayard
06/22/19 DenverGame PreviewSaydel High School
06/25/19 Alta/AureliaBox ScoreW 8-2Coon Rapids-Bayard
06/26/19 WoodbineBox ScoreW 6-1Woodbine High School
06/27/19 Southeast ValleyBox ScoreW 13-0Southeast Valley Baseball Diamond
06/28/19 West HarrisonBox ScoreW 8-2Coon Rapids-Bayard
07/01/19 7:30PMNodaway ValleyBox ScoreW 5-1Nodaway Valley High School
07/03/19 IKM-ManningGame PreviewCoon Rapids-Bayard
07/05/19 OgdenBox ScoreL 4-3Ogden High School
07/08/19 South Central CalhounBox ScoreW 5-2Rockwell City-Lytton Middle School
07/09/19 5:30PMWebster CityBox ScoreW 4-0Coon Rapids-Bayard
07/10/19 PanoramaBox ScoreW 8-5Panorama High School
07/13/19 7:00PMGlidden-RalstonBox ScoreW 11-0Coon Rapids-Bayard
07/16/19 7:00PMIKM-ManningBox ScoreW 10-1Coon Rapids-Bayard
07/22/19 7:00PMWoodbineBox ScoreW 3-0Coon Rapids-Bayard
07/23/19 7:00PMSoutheast WarrenBox ScoreW 9-1Dowling High School
07/26/19 11:00AMDon BoscoBox ScoreL 3-1Principal Park
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Nathan Derner15Senior
Josh Ramirez12Sophomore
Jacob Estrada8th
Trenton Golay14Senior
Jalen Rosenbeck2Junior
Tanner OswaldFreshman
Christian Cook11Senior
Gabe Obert4Freshman
Aaron McAlister7Sophomore
Peyton Clipperton10Junior
Ben Obert21Senior
Preston McAlister5Freshman
Easton Hays16Freshman
Kade Schlepp3Junior
Samuel ShirbrounJunior
Quentin Culbertson6Sophomore
Kale Pevestorf8Sophomore
Lance Clayburg8th

Game Team Stats

Game DateABHitsRunsDoublesTripleHRRBISBBBGameTeams
05/20/192022100101vs CAM, Anita
05/22/192712124001157vs Exira-EHK
05/25/192532000116vs Van Meter
05/30/192875200511vs Pocahontas Area
05/31/192391330010010vs Ar-We-Va
06/01/192551310010710vs Pleasantville
06/01/192451000116vs ADM
06/03/192846001495vs Boyer Valley
06/04/192912182001679vs Glidden-Ralston
06/05/192333100203vs Audubon
06/07/192511103107126@ Woodbine
06/08/192260000001vs Carroll
06/08/1937171430012117@ Logan-Magnolia
06/10/1928710100758@ West Harrison
06/11/192810131001147vs Newell-Fonda
06/12/1930129300948vs CAM, Anita
06/14/193165400330vs Exira-EHK
06/19/192783200314@ Ar-We-Va
06/20/19164102006104vs Glidden-Ralston
06/21/192557200553vs Boyer Valley
06/25/1921581007010vs Alta/Aurelia
06/26/193086200535@ Woodbine
06/27/19271213301738@ Southeast Valley
06/28/192698200444@ West Harrison
07/01/192895200513@ Nodaway Valley
07/05/192953000313vs Ogden
07/08/193185100436@ South Central Calh
07/09/192254100422vs Webster City
07/10/192888200508vs Panorama
07/13/19176111106510vs Glidden-Ralston
07/16/19321310200813vs IKM-Manning
07/22/192363000231vs Woodbine
07/23/192549000817vs Southeast Warren
07/26/192971010104vs Don Bosco

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