Lisbon Softball

Class: 1A
Conference: Tri-Rivers
Overall Record: 34-7
Winning Streak: W1
Overall Win %: 82.93%
Conference Record: 21-2
Conference Win %: 91.30%
District Record: 25-1
District Win %: 96.15%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
05/23/19 Central CityBox ScoreW 7-3Central City High School
05/23/19 5:00PMCentral CityBox ScoreW 13-0Central City High School
05/29/19 MidlandBox ScoreW 12-0Lisbon City Park
05/29/19 5:00PMMidlandBox ScoreW 20-1Lisbon High School
05/30/19 North LinnBox ScoreL 9-1North Linn Senior High School
05/30/19 North LinnBox ScoreL 10-3North Linn Senior High School
06/01/19 Iowa ValleyBox ScoreW 11-4Lisbon High School
06/01/19 North TamaBox ScoreW 25-0Unknown
06/06/19 SpringvilleBox ScoreW 9-0Springville Secondary School
06/06/19 5:00PMSpringvilleBox ScoreW 5-1Springville Secondary School
06/07/19 Mid-PrairieGame PreviewPrairie High School, Cedar Rapids
06/07/19 9:00AMCentral LeeBox ScoreW 2-0Prairie High School, Cedar Rapids
06/08/19 Mid-PrairieBox ScoreW 11-2Prairie High School, Cedar Rapids
06/08/19 10:00AMPrairieBox ScoreL 4-3Prairie High School, Cedar Rapids
06/10/19 AlburnettBox ScoreW 7-1Lisbon City Park
06/10/19 AlburnettBox ScoreW 7-1Unknown
06/13/19 Calamus-WheatlandBox ScoreW 9-1Calamus-Wheatland Elementary School
06/13/19 5:00PMCalamus-WheatlandBox ScoreW 14-0Calamus-Wheatland Elementary School
06/14/19 Southeast ValleyBox ScoreW 1-0Humboldt High School
06/15/19 10:00AMCarrollGame PreviewHumboldt High School
06/15/19 10:00AMHumboldtBox ScoreL 2-1Humboldt High School
06/17/19 Marquette CatholicBox ScoreW 5-4Unknown
06/17/19 Marquette CatholicBox ScoreW 10-0Lisbon City Park
06/20/19 Davenport WestBox ScoreL 1-0Davenport West Baseball/Softball Complex
06/21/19 Bondurant-FarrarGame PreviewBondurant-Farrar High School
06/21/19 Colfax-MingoGame PreviewMarshalltown Community College
06/24/19 Edgewood-ColesburgBox ScoreW 11-0Unknown
06/24/19 5:00PMEdgewood-ColesburgBox ScoreW 11-3Lisbon City Park
06/26/19 Easton ValleyBox ScoreW 11-0Easton Valley High School
06/26/19 Easton ValleyBox ScoreW 14-1Easton Valley Elementary School
06/27/19 5:00PMEast BuchananBox ScoreW 15-4East Buchanan High School
06/27/19 5:00PMEast BuchananBox ScoreW 14-0East Buchanan High School
06/29/19 NortheastBox ScoreW 4-2Northeast Middle-High School
06/29/19 MonticelloBox ScoreW 3-0Northeast Middle-High School
06/29/19 CamancheBox ScoreL 2-0Northeast Middle-High School
07/01/19 StarmontBox ScoreW 4-0Starmont High School
07/01/19 5:00PMStarmontBox ScoreW 7-0Starmont High School
07/03/19 Maquoketa ValleyBox ScoreW 11-2Unknown
07/03/19 Maquoketa ValleyBox ScoreW 7-2Lisbon City Park
07/10/19 7:00PMEaston ValleyBox ScoreW 7-0Lisbon City Park
07/12/19 7:00PMDon BoscoBox ScoreW 10-0Lisbon City Park
07/15/19 7:00PMBelle PlaineBox ScoreW 1-0Lisbon City Park
07/22/19 1:00PMWayneBox ScoreW 1-0Kruger Seeds-Rogers Sports Complex
07/24/19 1:00PMClarksvilleBox ScoreL 1-0Kruger Seeds-Rogers Sports Complex
07/25/19 5:00PMNewell-FondaBox ScoreW 6-2Iowa Central CC-Rogers Sports Complex
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Reegan Happel5Senior
Paige Roos12Sophomore
Chloe Woldruff8Sophomore
Jenna Aubrey32Junior
Emma Howard4Junior
Skylar Sadler0Senior
Emily Butteris28Junior
Kate Kitterman9Senior
Sam Schrantz25Senior
Kali Nelson8th
Hannah Dighton26Senior
McKenna Nelson3Junior
Lauren Sylvester19Unknown
Peyton Robinson8th
Stacia Hall10Sophomore
Mia Peterson21Freshman
Taylor Techau16Sophomore
Ella Clark8th
Grace Clark11Senior
Maya Kohl15Sophomore
Emily Schultz32Junior
Samantha Bennett20Junior
Jackie Jeutt18Sophomore
Made Schnipkoweit23Sophomore
Lexi Hotz17Sophomore
Rachel Ross24Senior

Game Team Stats

Game DateABHitsRunsDoublesTripleHRRBISBBBGameTeams
05/23/193918134101012@ Central City
05/23/1932147001501@ Central City
05/29/191351221011610vs Midland
05/29/192115207001758vs Midland
05/30/192881000102@ North Linn
05/30/1929103100300@ North Linn
06/01/1919911100820vs Iowa Valley
06/01/192282530112914@ North Tama
06/06/1933129001714@ Springville
06/06/1930105000312@ Springville
06/07/192442100212@ Central Lee
06/08/19251111200942vs Mid-Prairie
06/08/191973000213@ Prairie
06/10/1922673006510vs Alburnett
06/10/1927147010711vs Alburnett
06/13/192311142101244@ Calamus-Wheatland
06/13/1932129100773@ Calamus-Wheatland
06/14/192261100101vs Southeast Valley
06/15/192851100102@ Humboldt
06/17/192513101106102vs Marquette Catholi
06/17/1931125400433vs Marquette Catholi
06/20/193860100000@ Davenport West
06/24/19269110006612vs Edgewood-Colesbur
06/24/192214112001152vs Edgewood-Colesbur
06/26/1922711110787@ Easton Valley
06/26/1924914200648@ Easton Valley
06/27/1929101510011510@ East Buchanan
06/27/19165140106213@ East Buchanan
06/29/193184200321@ Northeast
06/29/192210000001vs Camanche
06/29/192773100213@ Monticello
07/01/1935107200740@ Starmont
07/01/192444000321@ Starmont
07/03/19281211310846vs Maquoketa Valley
07/03/192797010521vs Maquoketa Valley
07/10/192897201740vs Easton Valley
07/12/19281310201924vs Don Bosco
07/15/193891100123vs Belle Plaine
07/22/192231000111vs Wayne
07/24/192120000000vs Clarksville
07/25/192386200601@ Newell-Fonda

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