North Fayette Valley Baseball

Class: 2A
Conference: Upper Iowa
District: District 4
Overall Record: 14-19
Winning Streak:
Overall Win %: 42.42%
Conference Record: 10-5
Conference Win %: 66.67%
District Record: 5-3
District Win %: 62.50%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
05/22/19 5:00PMIndependenceBox ScoreW 9-6Independence Junior Senior High School
05/22/19 5:00PMIndependenceBox ScoreL 19-5Independence Junior Senior High School
05/23/19 7:00PMCrestwoodBox ScoreL 10-0North Fayette High School
05/28/19 PostvilleBox ScoreW 14-4North Fayette High School
05/28/19 4:00PMPostvilleBox ScoreW 11-0North Fayette High School
05/29/19 7:00PMDecorahBox ScoreL 11-0Decorah High School
05/30/19 WaukonBox ScoreW 7-4North Fayette High School
06/01/19 New HamptonBox ScoreL 11-4North Fayette High School
06/03/19 South WinneshiekBox ScoreL 6-0North Fayette High School
06/03/19 4:00PMSouth WinneshiekBox ScoreL 2-0North Fayette High School
06/08/19 11:00AMCascade, Western DubBox ScoreL 7-6Cascade Junior-Senior High School
06/08/19 11:00AMCascade, Western DubBox ScoreL 17-7Cascade Junior-Senior High School
06/10/19 Clayton RidgeBox ScoreW 11-1Clayton Ridge Elementary-Garnavillo Baseball Field
06/10/19 4:00PMClayton RidgeBox ScoreW 10-0Clayton Ridge Elementary-Garnavillo Baseball Field
06/12/19 Dike-New HartfordBox ScoreL 12-1North Fayette High School
06/13/19 7:30PMDenverBox ScoreL 16-6Denver Athletic Complex
06/14/19 10:00AMNorth LinnBox ScoreL 10-2North Fayette High School
06/17/19 KeeBox ScoreL 5-2Shooky Fink Field-New Albin
06/17/19 5:30PMKeeBox ScoreL 5-0Kee High School
06/19/19 HudsonBox ScoreL 9-4Hudson Football Field
06/22/19 Wapsie ValleyBox ScoreL 10-0North Fayette High School
06/22/19 Don BoscoBox ScoreL 12-9North Fayette High School
06/24/19 Turkey ValleyBox ScoreW 15-0North Fayette High School
06/24/19 4:00PMTurkey ValleyBox ScoreW 13-0North Fayette High School
06/26/19 Clayton RidgeBox ScoreW 15-0North Fayette High School
06/27/19 OelweinGame PreviewNorth Fayette High School
07/01/19 MFL Mar-MacBox ScoreW 10-8MFL MarMac HS
07/01/19 5:30PMMFL Mar-MacBox ScoreW 15-10MFL MarMac HS
07/03/19 Sumner-FredericksburgBox ScoreW 8-0Sumner-Fredericksburg HS
07/05/19 OsageBox ScoreL 2-0Osage High School
07/05/19 OsageGame PreviewOsage High School
07/08/19 South WinneshiekBox ScoreL 7-1South Winneshiek High School
07/10/19 JesupBox ScoreW 13-1North Fayette High School
07/13/19 5:00PMStarmontBox ScoreW 12-1Waukon High School
07/16/19 5:30PMOelweinBox ScoreL 7-1Cascade Junior-Senior High School
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Jackson Blue24Sophomore
Lance Butikofer8Senior
Isaiah Corbin23Sophomore
Trey Darnall3Junior
Cody Duehring9Sophomore
Cole Everitt2Sophomore
Nolan Hoey16Sophomore
Brooks Hovden7Senior
Lukas Lau20Sophomore
Liam McIntyre12Sophomore
Jonah Moore14Sophomore
Dylan Muggler5Senior
Gunner Rodgers1Senior
Kale Rodgers4Sophomore
Ty Stee11Senior
Levi DankerFreshman
Bryce Elsbernd8th
Clay Moser8th
Kaleb White8th
Israel HernandezFreshman
Blake Reichter8th

Game Team Stats

Game DateABHitsRunsDoublesTripleHRRBISBBBGameTeams
05/22/1932890006112@ Independence
05/22/191935200314@ Independence
05/23/192130100002vs Crestwood
05/28/1922611200426vs Postville
05/28/19301314110881vs Postville
05/29/191620000000@ Decorah
05/30/192677000532vs Waukon
06/01/192944010400vs New Hampton
06/03/192320000002vs South Winneshiek
06/03/192550000000vs South Winneshiek
06/08/1927107000405@ Cascade, Western D
06/08/192866100003@ Cascade, Western D
06/10/1925811100647@ Clayton Ridge
06/10/19185102007610@ Clayton Ridge
06/12/192451000103vs Dike-New Hartford
06/13/1930116000505@ Denver
06/14/192652000102vs North Linn
06/17/192340100011@ Kee
06/17/192652000223@ Kee
06/19/192554100331@ Hudson
06/22/192569000618vs Don Bosco
06/22/191830000000vs Wapsie Valley
06/24/1922613010936vs Turkey Valley
06/24/192311150001099vs Turkey Valley
06/26/191671510012510vs Clayton Ridge
07/01/193112153001058@ MFL Mar-Mac
07/01/193816101001003@ MFL Mar-Mac
07/03/1934118100333@ Sumner-Fredericksb
07/05/192430000022@ Osage
07/08/192651000102@ South Winneshiek
07/10/19209130001209vs Jesup
07/13/1923812000763vs Starmont
07/16/192861000024vs Oelwein

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