Davenport, Assumption Boys Basketball

Class: 3A
Conference: Mississippi Athletic
District: District 3
Overall Record: 15-9
Winning Streak:
Overall Win %: 62.50%
Conference Record: 11-7
Conference Win %: 61.11%
District Record: 2-1
District Win %: 66.67%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
11/29/18 Wahlert, DubuqueBox ScoreL 62-61Davenport Assumption
12/04/18 Pleasant ValleyBox ScoreL 46-45Pleasant Valley High School
12/07/18 North Scott, EldridgeBox ScoreL 47-38Davenport Assumption
12/11/18 Davenport, WestBox ScoreW 59-51West High School-Davenport
12/14/18 BurlingtonBox ScoreW 63-46Davenport Assumption
12/15/18 TBDBox ScoreW 48-45Unknown
12/18/18 Davenport, CentralBox ScoreL 73-62Central High School (Davenport)
12/21/18 ClintonBox ScoreW 56-29Davenport Assumption
01/04/19 BettendorfBox ScoreL 63-50Bettendorf High School
01/08/19 MuscatineBox ScoreW 53-36Muscatine High School
01/11/19 Davenport, NorthBox ScoreW 63-48Davenport Assumption
01/15/19 Rock Island Alleman (IL)Box ScoreW 59-44North Polk High School
01/18/19 Pleasant ValleyBox ScoreW 50-42Davenport Assumption
01/26/19 2:00PMNorth Scott, EldridgeBox ScoreL 48-46North Scott Senior High School
02/01/19 7:30PMDavenport, CentralBox ScoreL 76-63Davenport Assumption
02/04/19 7:30PMDavenport, WestBox ScoreW 55-52Davenport Assumption
02/06/19 7:30PMClintonBox ScoreW 61-16Clinton High School
02/08/19 7:30PMBettendorfBox ScoreL 51-44Davenport Assumption
02/12/19 7:30PMMuscatineBox ScoreW 67-43Davenport Assumption
02/14/19 7:30PMDavenport, NorthBox ScoreW 54-52North High School-Davenport
02/16/19 1:30PMBurlingtonBox ScoreW 64-60Burlington Community High School
02/18/19 6:30PMClear Creek-AmanaBox ScoreW 63-46Xavier High School
02/21/19 7:00PMXavier, Cedar RapidsBox ScoreW 40-38Xavier High School
02/25/19 6:30PMWest Delaware, ManchesterBox ScoreL 66-59US Cellular Center
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Broginni Nick5/5-08Senior
Bill FlahertyUnknown
Kotula Ray2/6-03Senior
Peeters Sean246-04Junior
Zach WesolowskiUnknown
Peeters Dylan3/6-07Senior
Maro Tyler406-05Sophomore
Valainis Anthony216-05Senior
Ray TuckerUnknown
Heiser Grayson4/5-08Junior
J.J. StratmanUnknown
Hammer Michael156-02Senior
Vince ThomasUnknown
Logan EhreckeUnknown
Kopp Bret136-00Senior
Grant SchaeferUnknown
Jay CostelloUnknown
Quested Adam106-00Senior
Jack McGuireUnknown

Game Team Stats

11/29/18vs Wahlert, Dubuque6119198214
12/04/18@ Pleasant Valley4521123523
12/07/18vs North Scott, Eldr3822117512
12/11/18@ Davenport, West5943145512
12/14/18vs Burlington6337169913
12/15/18vs TBD482512569
12/18/18@ Davenport, Central624094122
12/21/18vs Clinton5644124612
01/04/19@ Bettendorf5026135216
01/08/19@ Muscatine53271491011
01/11/19vs Davenport, North632913879
01/15/19@ Rock Island Allema59241410416
01/18/19vs Pleasant Valley50199369
01/26/19@ North Scott, Eldri462783114
02/01/19vs Davenport, Centra6330106019
02/04/19vs Davenport, West552813747
02/06/19@ Clinton614412888
02/08/19vs Bettendorf4419119416
02/12/19vs Muscatine6730171049
02/14/19@ Davenport, North5428143613
02/16/19@ Burlington6429183813
02/18/19vs Clear Creek-Amana63351113616
02/21/19@ Xavier, Cedar Rapi403482414
02/25/19@ West Delaware, Man5919114418

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