WACO Volleyball

Class: 1A
Conference: SEISC
Overall Record: 15-9
Winning Streak: L5
Overall Win %: 62.50%
Conference Record: 9-8
Conference Win %: 52.94%
District Record: 4-2
District Win %: 66.67%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
08/26/19 4:30PMVan Buren, KeosauquaBox ScoreL 2-1WACO High School
08/26/19 4:30PMWapelloBox ScoreW 2-0WACO High School
08/26/19 4:30PMColumbus, Columbus JuncBox ScoreW 2-0WACO High School
08/26/19 5:00PMPekinBox ScoreW 2-1WACO High School
09/05/19 WapelloBox ScoreW 2-0WACO High School
09/05/19 KeokukBox ScoreW 2-0WACO High School
09/07/19 Davis County, BloomfldBox ScoreW 2-0English Valleys Jr-Sr High School
09/07/19 SigourneyBox ScoreW 2-0English Valleys Jr-Sr High School
09/10/19 5:30PMWest BurlingtonGame PreviewWest Burlington High School
09/12/19 5:00PMCardinal, EldonGame PreviewWACO High School
09/17/19 5:30PMCentral Lee, DonnellsonBox ScoreL 3-1Central Lee High School
09/19/19 5:30PMDanvilleBox ScoreW 3-0WACO High School
09/21/19 North MahaskaBox ScoreW 2-0North Mahaska Jr-Sr High School
09/21/19 Lynnville-SullyBox ScoreL 2-1Unknown
09/21/19 SigourneyBox ScoreW 2-0Unknown
09/21/19 11:00AMPCM, MonroeBox ScoreW 2-0North Mahaska Jr-Sr High School
09/26/19 DanvilleBox ScoreW 2-0Mediapolis High School
09/26/19 Highland, RiversideBox ScoreW 2-0Mediapolis High School
09/26/19 West BurlingtonBox ScoreW 2-0Mediapolis High School
09/26/19 5:00PMMediapolisBox ScoreL 2-0Mediapolis High School
09/30/19 5:00AMWest BurlingtonBox ScoreL 3-0West Burlington High School
10/01/19 7:30PMCardinal, EldonBox ScoreL 3-1WACO High School
10/03/19 5:30PMHoly Trinity CatholicBox ScoreL 3-0Holy Trinity Junior/Senior High
10/08/19 5:30PMNew LondonBox ScoreW 3-0WACO High School
10/08/19 5:30PMNew LondonGame PreviewUnknown
10/10/19 7:30PMBurlington Notre DameGame PreviewNotre Dame
10/12/19 Davis County, BloomfldGame PreviewDavis County Community High School
10/12/19 AlbiaGame PreviewMutchler Community Center
10/15/19 7:30PMVan Buren, KeosauquaGame PreviewWACO High School
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Lona Farrier135-09
Lela-Ann Fort105-03
Aubri Garnsey55-04
Laney Graber15-06
Morgan Graber145-09
Maysan Lee45-07
Molly McLaughlin125-05
Ellie Miles95-09
Lindsey Roth75-04
Bridgett Smith35-06
Laurie Ackles215-08
Grace Coble65-09
Olivia Leichty175-01
Taylor Sammons235-09
Kaylee Shelman35-03

Game Team Stats

10/03/19@ Holy Trinity Catholic342610653
10/01/19vs Cardinal, Eldon555011136
09/30/19@ West Burlington32303915
09/28/19vs Van Buren, Keosauqua21213423
09/26/19vs West Burlington20183369
09/26/19@ Danville19144127
09/26/19@ Highland, Riverside19182906
09/26/19@ Mediapolis883160
09/21/19@ Sigourney19162848
09/21/19@ Lynnville-Sully30244685
09/21/19@ PCM, Monroe22173611
09/21/19vs North Mahaska20163237
09/19/19@ Danville37325053
09/17/19@ Central Lee, Donnellson32265098
09/07/19vs Sigourney20192115
09/07/19@ Davis County, Bloomfld17132342
09/07/19vs Columbus, Columbus Junc12103179
09/07/19vs Cardinal, Eldon2402576
09/05/19vs Keokuk22232358
09/05/19vs Wapello22173473
08/26/19@ Van Buren, Keosauqua36347555
08/26/19vs Wapello15133646
08/26/19@ Pekin26233828
08/26/19vs Columbus, Columbus Junc13112788

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