Melcher-Dallas Baseball

Class: 1A
Conference: Bluegrass
District: District 12
Overall Record: 6-24
Winning Streak: L5
Overall Win %: 20.00%
Conference Record: 5-18
Conference Win %: 21.74%
District Record: 4-11
District Win %: 26.67%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
05/20/19 EarlhamBox ScoreL 14-0EARLHAM SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL
05/21/19 6:00PMLamoniGame PreviewGeorge Foreman Park
05/23/19 5:00PMTwin CedarsBox ScoreL 10-0Twin Cedars Jr-Sr High School
05/27/19 5:00PMWoodward AcademyGame PreviewMelcher-Dallas High School
05/28/19 Mormon TrailGame PreviewMormon Trail Elementary School
05/29/19 5:00PMPleasantvilleGame PreviewMelcher-Dallas High School
06/03/19 7:00PMCardinal, EldonBox ScoreL 17-14Cardinal Middle-Senior High School
06/04/19 5:00PMOrient-MacksburgBox ScoreW 3-1Melcher-Dallas High School
06/05/19 5:00PMWayne, CorydonBox ScoreL 16-0Melcher-Dallas High School
06/06/19 8:00PMSeymourBox ScoreL 2-1Seymour High School
06/07/19 5:00PMAnkeny ChristianBox ScoreL 13-6Melcher-Dallas High School
06/08/19 Mormon TrailBox ScoreL 18-13Mormon Trail Elementary School
06/08/19 6:00PMMoulton-UdellBox ScoreW 16-9Melcher-Dallas High School
06/11/19 6:00PMLamoniBox ScoreL 13-2Melcher-Dallas High School
06/12/19 Southeast WarrenBox ScoreL 15-5Lacona Ball Field
06/13/19 5:00PMTwin CedarsBox ScoreL 11-0Twin Cedars Jr-Sr High School
06/14/19 5:00PMMoraviaBox ScoreL 16-8Melcher-Dallas High School
06/14/19 6:00PMMoraviaBox ScoreW 3-2Moravia High School
06/15/19 Mormon TrailBox ScoreL 24-13Mormon Trail Elementary School
06/15/19 10:00AMLamoniBox ScoreL 20-1George Foreman Park
06/17/19 East UnionBox ScoreW 12-11Melcher-Dallas High School
06/18/19 6:00PMMormon TrailBox ScoreL 16-2Melcher-Dallas High School
06/19/19 Central Decatur, LeonGame PreviewCentral Decatur MS/Sr High School
06/20/19 6:00PMMoulton-UdellBox ScoreL 5-4Moulton-Udell High School
06/21/19 MurrayGame PreviewMelcher-Dallas High School
06/24/19 5:00PMOrient-MacksburgBox ScoreL 6-4Orient-Macksburg Senior High School
06/25/19 5:00PMSigourneyBox ScoreL 21-2Sigourney Jr-Sr High Sch
06/26/19 6:00PMAnkeny ChristianBox ScoreL 13-3Cownie Baseball Field, Des Moines
06/27/19 6:00PMSeymourBox ScoreW 2-1Melcher-Dallas High School
07/01/19 6:00PMMurrayBox ScoreL 8-0Murray Jr/Sr High School
07/02/19 Moulton-UdellBox ScoreW 6-2Melcher-Dallas High School
07/02/19 Mormon TrailBox ScoreL 14-1Mormon Trail Elementary School
07/02/19 5:00PMNorth MahaskaGame PreviewMelcher-Dallas High School
07/08/19 Woodward AcademyBox ScoreL 10-0Melcher-Dallas High School
07/09/19 LamoniBox ScoreL 16-1George Foreman Park
07/09/19 5:00PMMurrayBox ScoreL 16-6Melcher-Dallas High School
07/10/19 5:30PMCentral Decatur, LeonGame PreviewCentral Decatur MS/Sr High School
07/13/19 7:00PMMoraviaBox ScoreL 6-3Moravia High School
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Steven Krpan25Sophomore
Owen Suntken8th
Kevin Jones15Sophomore
Anthony Schneider1Freshman
Derien Jones11Junior
Brady Parker24Junior
Cayden Butrum8th
Eric Karpan3Senior
Max Enfield8th
Blaise Cooper7Senior
Cole Metz22Freshman
Tyler Gyles8th
Ryan Krpan10Sophomore
Logan Godfrey8th
Dalton Lovell4Senior
Pierce Chiabotta23Freshman
Owen Mann27Sophomore

Game Team Stats

Game DateABHitsRunsDoublesTripleHRRBISBBBGameTeams
05/20/191620000006@ Earlham
05/23/191910100003@ Twin Cedars
06/03/193291400111212@ Cardinal, Eldon
06/04/191943000325vs Orient-Macksburg
06/05/191310000003vs Wayne, Corydon
06/06/192761100114@ Seymour
06/07/193096300667vs Ankeny Christian
06/08/1934131310010118@ Mormon Trail
06/08/19371316200101010vs Moulton-Udell
06/11/192462000203vs Lamoni
06/12/191735010406@ Southeast Warren
06/13/191620000023@ Twin Cedars
06/14/192443100106@ Moravia
06/14/1929108101621vs Moravia
06/15/1923413000819@ Mormon Trail
06/15/191331100101@ Lamoni
06/17/192681230110410vs East Union
06/18/192052000213vs Mormon Trail
06/20/194354400315@ Moulton-Udell
06/24/193044000146@ Orient-Macksburg
06/25/191422001201@ Sigourney
06/26/191953001325@ Ankeny Christian
06/27/192142100222vs Seymour
07/01/192200000016@ Murray
07/02/192456100458vs Moulton-Udell
07/02/191611000101@ Mormon Trail
07/08/191500000003vs Woodward Academy
07/09/191531200101@ Lamoni
07/09/191946000609vs Murray
07/13/192973200300@ Moravia

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