BCLUW Softball

Class: 1A
Conference: North Iowa Cedar
Overall Record: 23-10
Winning Streak: L1
Overall Win %: 69.70%
Conference Record: 13-1
Conference Win %: 92.86%
District Record: 7-2
District Win %: 77.78%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
05/22/19 8:00PMSouth HamiltonBox ScoreW 10-4BCLUW Softball Field
05/23/19 7:00PMRoland-StoryBox ScoreL 4-2Roland-Story High School
05/27/19 Belle PlaineBox ScoreW 5-2BCLUW Softball Field
05/27/19 2:15PMBallardBox ScoreL 6-2BCLUW Softball Field
05/29/19 East MarshallBox ScoreW 3-0East Marshall Senior High School
05/30/19 South HardinBox ScoreW 12-0BCLUW Softball Field
05/31/19 BallardBox ScoreL 9-1Ballard Community Senior High School
05/31/19 Central SpringsBox ScoreW 3-2Ballard Community Senior High School
06/01/19 ClarkeBox ScoreW 7-0Ballard Community Senior High School
06/01/19 Woodward-GrangerBox ScoreW 14-4Ballard Community Senior High School
06/03/19 AGWSRBox ScoreW 16-2AGWSR High School
06/04/19 8:00PMCollins-MaxwellBox ScoreL 4-0BCLUW Softball Field
06/06/19 Gladbrook-ReinbeckBox ScoreW 10-0BCLUW Softball Field
06/07/19 MarshalltownBox ScoreL 7-5BCLUW Softball Field
06/07/19 5:00PMSumner-FredericksburgBox ScoreW 8-2Neil Seales Sports Complex (Baxter)
06/08/19 10:00AMCedar FallsBox ScoreL 14-12BCLUW Softball Field
06/08/19 10:00AMGilbertBox ScoreW 4-0BCLUW Softball Field
06/10/19 West MarshallBox ScoreW 1-0BCLUW Softball Field
06/12/19 Grundy CenterBox ScoreW 1-0Grundy Center High School
06/13/19 East MarshallBox ScoreW 7-6BCLUW High School
06/14/19 Mount VernonBox ScoreW 2-0Henessy Diamonds, Ackley
06/14/19 PerryBox ScoreW 11-4Henessy Diamonds, Ackley
06/15/19 North PolkBox ScoreL 6-2Henessy Diamonds, Ackley
06/15/19 BooneBox ScoreL 12-2Roland-Story High School
06/17/19 South HardinBox ScoreW 10-0South Hardin High School
06/18/19 HudsonBox ScoreL 7-6Hudson Football Field
06/19/19 AGWSRBox ScoreW 1-0BCLUW Softball Field
06/21/19 TBDGame PreviewBCLUW High School
06/21/19 TBDGame PreviewBCLUW High School
06/21/19 Bondurant-FarrarGame PreviewBondurant-Farrar High School
06/21/19 3:15PMDes Moines RooseveltGame PreviewMarshalltown Community College
06/22/19 Colfax-MingoGame PreviewMarshalltown Community College
06/22/19 Lynnville-SullyGame PreviewBCLUW High School
06/22/19 TBDGame PreviewBCLUW High School
06/22/19 TBDGame PreviewBCLUW High School
06/24/19 Gladbrook-ReinbeckBox ScoreW 9-2Gladbrook-Reinbeck High School
06/26/19 West MarshallBox ScoreW 6-3West Marshall High School
06/27/19 North ButlerGame PreviewNorth Butler Elementary School
06/28/19 Grundy CenterBox ScoreW 4-1BCLUW Softball Field
07/02/19 6:00PMLynnville-SullyGame PreviewBCLUW High School
07/05/19 6:00PMNorth ButlerBox ScoreW 3-0North Butler Elementary School
07/10/19 7:00PMClass 1A-Region 4Box ScoreW 9-1BCLUW High School
07/12/19 7:00PMClass 1A-Region 4Box ScoreL 4-2BCLUW High School
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Jaelyn AllenSenior
Abigail Hand20Senior
Kennedy Williams14Junior
Lizzie Garber8Sophomore
Easton Swanson22Senior
Allison Engle15Freshman
Kenna Paxson9Freshman
Abby Feldpausch12Junior
Parker Scurr1Senior
Olivia Hughes6Senior
Lili Wilson17Senior
Kaylee Grant3Freshman
Madison Ubben10Junior
Emma Averill13Freshman
Cate Nason30Senior
Bailey Ashton11Senior
Kiersten Kruse7Junior
Emma HooverFreshman

Game Team Stats

Game DateABHitsRunsDoublesTripleHRRBISBBBGameTeams
05/22/19311210101671vs South Hamilton
05/23/192862000231@ Roland-Story
05/27/192662100242vs Ballard
05/27/1925115200472vs Belle Plaine
05/29/192463100301@ East Marshall
05/30/192313122101192vs South Hardin
05/31/192673100323@ Central Springs
05/31/192041000121vs Ballard
06/01/192816143001421vs Woodward-Granger
06/01/192897100710vs Clarke
06/03/192813163001555@ AGWSR
06/04/192020000001vs Collins-Maxwell
06/06/192613100011050vs Gladbrook-Reinbec
06/07/192375200401vs Marshalltown
06/07/1930128201851vs Sumner-Fredericks
06/08/193014122001274vs Cedar Falls
06/08/192294100432vs Gilbert
06/10/192261100110vs West Marshall
06/12/192861000141@ Grundy Center
06/13/192477202714vs East Marshall
06/14/192462200200vs Mount Vernon
06/14/192310110001022vs Perry
06/15/192772100022vs North Polk
06/15/191642000220@ Boone
06/17/192614100101070@ South Hardin
06/18/1930126100411@ Hudson
06/19/191611000102vs AGWSR
06/24/1932129000831@ Gladbrook-Reinbeck
06/26/1932116200400@ West Marshall
06/28/192494200452vs Grundy Center
07/05/1932113100240@ North Butler
07/10/1928119101984vs Central Decatur

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