North Tama Softball

Class: 1A
Conference: Iowa Star
Overall Record: 5-18
Winning Streak:
Overall Win %: 21.74%
Conference Record: 4-10
Conference Win %: 28.57%
District Record: 5-14
District Win %: 26.32%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
05/20/19 Colo-NescoBox ScoreL 13-0North Tama High School
05/24/19 5:00PMBaxterBox ScoreL 17-0Neil Seales Sports Complex (Baxter)
05/25/19 9:00AMNorth CedarBox ScoreL 16-6Jesup High School
05/25/19 9:00AMWest CentralBox ScoreL 25-10Jesup High School
05/31/19 5:00PMClarksvilleBox ScoreL 22-0North Tama High School
06/01/19 Iowa ValleyBox ScoreW 12-10Unknown
06/01/19 LisbonBox ScoreL 25-0Unknown
06/03/19 5:00PMRicevilleBox ScoreL 9-0Riceville High School
06/05/19 5:30PMCollins-MaxwellBox ScoreL 17-1Collins-Maxwell Middle/High School
06/06/19 GMG, GarwinBox ScoreW 17-5Traer Sports Complex
06/07/19 5:00PMDunkertonBox ScoreW 6-5Dunkerton High School
06/10/19 Colo-NescoBox ScoreL 10-1Stan Vigness Field, McCallsburg
06/12/19 5:00PMTripoliBox ScoreW 17-3Tripoli Middle/Sr High School
06/14/19 5:00PMBaxterBox ScoreL 17-2North Tama High School
06/17/19 GMG, GarwinBox ScoreW 8-6GMG Baseball/Softball Fields
06/19/19 Don BoscoBox ScoreL 13-1Don Bosco High School
06/21/19 HudsonGame PreviewNorth Tama High School
06/24/19 5:30PMCollins-MaxwellBox ScoreL 21-0North Tama High School
06/26/19 5:00PMJanesvilleBox ScoreL 17-7North Tama High School
06/27/19 South TamaBox ScoreL 9-8South Tama County High School
07/01/19 Grundy CenterBox ScoreL 11-1George Wilhem Sports Complex
07/02/19 Union CommunityGame PreviewNorth Tama High School
07/03/19 6:00PMUnion CommunityBox ScoreL 21-4North Tama High School
07/05/19 Iowa ValleyBox ScoreL 8-2Unknown
07/08/19 7:00PMSpringvilleBox ScoreL 8-0Springville Secondary School
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Emily Bradley8Sophomore
Mary Lycett12Sophomore
Karly Ledvina8th
Molly Kvidera1Senior
Brooklyn Johanningmeier8th
Sable Fehr24Junior
Megan Popelka2Sophomore
Karly Jans20Junior
Kierra DronebargerFreshman
Chloe Feisel4Senior
Hailey Stover15Senior
Kirstan Jans23Freshman
LeAdyn Hatcher8th
Carissa Calderwood21Senior
Rylee McLean10Sophomore
Isabelle UrbanFreshman
Kaitlyn Calderwood5Freshman
Lilly O'Clair25Freshman

Game Team Stats

Game DateABHitsRunsDoublesTripleHRRBISBBBGameTeams
05/20/191520000004vs Colo-Nesco
05/24/191010000001@ Baxter
05/25/192356000642@ North Cedar
05/25/19103101005115vs West Central
05/31/191220100020vs Clarksville
06/01/191110000030vs Lisbon
06/01/19229125005156vs Iowa Valley
06/03/192330000022@ Riceville
06/05/191121000120@ Collins-Maxwell
06/06/191651700011311vs GMG, Garwin
06/07/193496300651@ Dunkerton
06/10/192531000052@ Colo-Nesco
06/12/19168170001329@ Tripoli
06/14/192242100124vs Baxter
06/17/192628100589@ GMG, Garwin
06/19/191331000120@ Don Bosco
06/24/19900000002vs Collins-Maxwell
06/26/192477300646vs Janesville
06/27/193798110751@ South Tama
07/01/192141000120@ Grundy Center
07/03/192334000393@ Union Community
07/05/192332100274vs Iowa Valley
07/08/192120000012@ Springville

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