Eagle Grove @ Track Meet

@Lake Mills Senior High School
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Eagle Grove

Overall: 0-0 Conference: 0-0Team Rank: Not Ranked


#TmRaceSt RnkAthleteLocation (Dt)Mark
11100 Meter Dash1241Ngugen, LynGarner-Hayfield-Ventura High School (04/16)14.67
22100 Meter Dash1314Blomgren, MaddieGarner-Hayfield-Ventura High School (05/02)14.75
33100 Meter Dash2345Friedl, MariahSoutheast Valley High School Football field and Tr (04/01)16.27
44100 Meter Dash2495Surber, MishayleaClarion-Goldfield-Dows Middle School (04/09)16.71
51100 Meter Hurdles1253Pinkele, SamGarner-Hayfield-Ventura High School (04/16)22.68
611500 Meter Run825Schafer, MeganGarner-Hayfield-Ventura High School (05/02)6:08.09
721500 Meter Run925Anderson, AleciaGarner-Hayfield-Ventura High School (05/02)6:16.53
831500 Meter Run1334Gump, JozeyIowa Falls-Alden High School (04/29)7:54.87
91200 Meter Dash933Beecher, MauraGarner-Hayfield-Ventura High School (04/16)29.47
102200 Meter Dash1302Blomgren, MaddieGarner-Hayfield-Ventura High School (04/16)30.21
113200 Meter Dash1814Ngugen, LynIowa Falls-Alden High School (04/29)31.20
124200 Meter Dash2655Friedl, MariahMadrid High School (04/23)33.51
1313000 Meter Run539Anderson, AleciaGarner-Hayfield-Ventura High School (05/02)13:22.86
141400 Meter Dash803Beecher, HannahSoutheast Valley High School Football field and Tr (04/01)1:08.82
152400 Meter Dash1857Asche-Molitor, DelaneyGarner-Hayfield-Ventura High School (05/02)1:16.67
163400 Meter Dash2086Ngugen, LynSoutheast Valley High School Football field and Tr (04/01)1:20.60
171400 Meter Hurdles350Friedl, LeaIowa Falls-Alden High School (04/29)1:17.20
182400 Meter Hurdles588Crail, McKenzieGarner-Hayfield-Ventura High School (04/16)1:23.03
191800 Meter Run1625Anderson, AleciaIowa Falls-Alden High School (04/29)3:10.55
202800 Meter Run1658Gump, JozeyGarner-Hayfield-Ventura High School (05/02)3:11.64
213800 Meter Run1728Asche-Molitor, DelaneyClarion-Goldfield-Dows Middle School (04/09)3:15.50


#RaceSt RnkAthletesLocation (Dt)Mark
11600 Medley Relay154Beecher, M, Blomgren, M, Friedl, L, Kastler, JGarner-Hayfield-Vent (05/02)4:42.47
24x100 Meter Relay295Beecher, M, Beecher, H, Kastler, J, Morgan, LGarner-Hayfield-Vent (05/02)57.60
34x200 Meter Relay267Blomgren, M, Crail, M, Kastler, J, Morgan, LGarner-Hayfield-Vent (05/02)2:01.14
44x400 Meter Relay295Asche-Molitor, D, Beecher, H, Friedl, L, Kastler, JSoutheast Valley Hig (04/01)4:58.78
54x800 Meter Relay244Anderson, A, Friedl, L, Gump, J, Schafer, MClarion-Goldfield-Do (04/09)12:12.65
6800 Medley Relay280Beecher, M, Beecher, H, Crail, M, Morgan, LGarner-Hayfield-Vent (05/02)2:05.76

Field Events

#TmRaceSt RnkAthleteLocation (Dt)Mark
11Discus183Flummerfelt, MaxxSoutheast Valley High School Football field and Tr (04/01)103-03.00
22Discus421Thul, EmmaSoutheast Valley High School Football field and Tr (04/01)88-00.00
33Discus683Anderson, OliviaClarion-Goldfield-Dows Middle School (04/09)76-01.50
41Long Jump200Beecher, HannahSoutheast Valley High School Football field and Tr (04/01)15-05.00
52Long Jump753Friedl, LeaIowa Falls-Alden High School (04/29)13-03.00
63Long Jump891Gump, JozeyGarner-Hayfield-Ventura High School (05/02)12-07.75
74Long Jump1043Pinkele, SamMadrid High School (04/23)11-00.50
81Shot Put450Flummerfelt, MaxxClarion-Goldfield-Dows Middle School (04/09)30-04.50
92Shot Put930Shefford, ImaniIowa Falls-Alden High School (04/29)25-01.00
103Shot Put1150Johnston, EmmaClarion-Goldfield-Dows Middle School (04/09)22-06.00

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