Burlington/NotreDame Girls Soccer

Class: 2A
Conference: Mississippi Athletic
Overall Record: 15-3
Winning Streak:
Overall Win %: 83.33%
Conference Record: 3-1
Conference Win %: 75.00%
District Record: 0-0
District Win %: 0.00%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
04/01/19 Davenport AssumptionBox ScoreL 2-1Notre Dame
04/05/19 WapelloBox ScoreW 10-0Notre Dame
04/12/19 Regina CatholicBox ScoreW 2-0Notre Dame
04/13/19 Beckman CatholicBox ScoreW 2-1St Vincent Athletic Complex (Dav Assump)
04/13/19 West BranchBox ScoreW 9-0St Vincent Athletic Complex (Dav Assump)
04/15/19 Holy Trinity CatholicBox ScoreW 2-1Holy Trinity Junior/Senior High
04/26/19 Richwoods High SchoolBox ScoreW 3-0Unknown
04/29/19 Davenport WestBox ScoreW 10-0Notre Dame
04/30/19 Holy Trinity CatholicBox ScoreW 2-0Notre Dame
05/07/19 5:00PMMediapolisBox ScoreW 4-0Mediapolis High School
05/13/19 5:00PMMount PleasantBox ScoreW 2-1East Lake Park, Mt Pleasant
05/14/19 5:00PMBurlingtonBox ScoreW 4-0Burlington Community High School
05/16/19 KeokukBox ScoreW 4-0Keokuk High School
05/20/19 FairfieldGame PreviewNotre Dame
05/28/19 5:00PMBurlingtonBox ScoreW 6-0Bracewell Stadium
06/03/19 5:00PMMarionBox ScoreW 1-0Notre Dame
06/06/19 1:30PMADMBox ScoreL 1-0Cownie Soccer #9
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Game Team Stats

04/01/19vs Notre Dame-Inacti11332
04/05/19vs Wapello107272817
04/12/19vs Notre Dame-Inacti2262112
04/13/19@ Beckman Catholic2152416
04/13/19vs West Branch95233420
04/15/19@ Holy Trinity Catho226154
04/26/19vs Richwoods High Sc3282513
04/27/19vs Pewaukee (WI)102113
04/27/19vs Olathe, KS00072
04/29/19vs Davenport West108284330
04/30/19vs Notre Dame-Inacti226228
05/07/19@ Mediapolis88247628
05/13/19@ Mount Pleasant2154013
05/14/19vs Burlington3282811
05/16/19@ Keokuk43112111
05/28/19vs Burlington66182713
06/03/19@ Marion1132514

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