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Name: Kelly Gray
School: Colo-Nesco Jr./Sr. High Learning Center
College Status:
HUDL Profile :
Team: Colo-Nesco
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Game by Game Results

07/13/19@ Grundy Center0/3=0.0000-0-0-0
07/09/19@ Grundy Center0/2=0.0001-0-0-145.250686-6-1-2
07/08/19vs AGWSR, Ackley1/3=0.3330-0-0-0
07/01/19vs Colfax-Mingo2/4=0.5001-0-0-2
06/28/19@ Janesville0/3=0.0000-0-0-110.000193-3-1-0
06/27/19vs Nevada0/3=0.0000-0-0-0
06/26/19@ Baxter3/5=0.6002-0-0-3
06/24/19@ Dunkerton1/4=0.2502-0-0-4W50.000721-0-2-4
06/24/19@ Riceville3/4=0.7502-0-0-2
06/19/19vs Collins-Maxwell2/3=0.6661-0-0-2W70.000774-0-3-1
06/17/19vs Clarksville1/3=0.3332-0-2-0
06/14/19vs Don Bosco0/2=0.0000-0-0-0
06/13/19@ South Hardin3/4=0.7502-0-1-3114.000203-4-0-1
06/12/19@ GMG, Garwin1/1=1.0001-0-0-3
06/10/19vs North Tama, Traer2/3=0.6661-0-0-12 1/39.001465-4-2-1
06/08/19vs Pleasantville0/2=0.0001-0-0-1
06/08/19vs Gladbrook-Reinbeck0/1=0.0002-0-0-3
06/07/19@ Tripoli1/3=0.3333-0-5-3
06/05/19vs Baxter1/1=1.0003-0-0-4
06/04/19vs BCLUW, Conrad3/5=0.6002-0-0-473.0001105-4-5-3
05/30/19@ Collins-Maxwell1/2=0.5001-0-0-3W47.0006710-6-3-1
05/22/19vs GMG, Garwin1/4=0.2500-0-1-1
05/20/19@ North Tama, Traer1/3=0.3333-0-0-33 2/37.638867-7-3-1
rStat#Overall RankClass RankConf Rank
6Innings Pitched34-3/3111339930
6Pitch Ks20111339930
7Pitch ER19270690967
8Pitch ERA3.8120635033
9Pitch W-L:%3-0:100%111

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Player of the Week

Kelly Gray (Colo-Nesco)

What do you attribute to your success?I attribute hard work and dedication to my success. I always strive to be the best that I can be and I do that by working hard and sticking with it always.

What is your favorite sports memory?My favorite memory is during senior night throwing a shutout and getting two school records.

Do you have any role models?I have one main role model that I strive to be like. That person is my father. He’s taught me everything that I’ve known and has created my strong work ethic.

Tell us more about yourself?Check out Kelly's baseball page

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