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Name: Alex Baccam
School: Des Moines Lincoln High School
College Status:
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Team: DSM, Abraham Lincoln
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04/22/192019 Clyde Duncan Relays110 Meter Hurdles20.4170.00
04/22/192019 Clyde Duncan Relays440 Meter Shuttle Hurdle Relay1:10.4436.00
04/12/19Blue Oval Invitational 2019110 Meter HurdlesHeat 121.04240.00
04/12/19Blue Oval Invitational 2019440 Meter Shuttle Hurdle RelayHeat 2DQ00.00
04/04/192019 Kenny Dean Bobcat Inivte110 Meter HurdlesHeat 121.04130.00
04/04/192019 Kenny Dean Bobcat Inivte440 Meter Shuttle Hurdle RelayHeat 11:11.7345.00
04/01/192019 DSM East Don Graves Invitational110 Meter HurdlesHeat 14:13.89110.00
04/01/192019 DSM East Don Graves Invitational440 Meter Shuttle Hurdle RelayHeat 11:11.6952.00
Alex Baccam4x110 Meter Shuttle Hurdle Relay1:06.16130
Alex Baccam110 Meter Hurdles19.68720

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