St. Albert Softball

Class: 1A
Conference: Hawkeye Ten
Overall Record: 4-29
Winning Streak:
Overall Win %: 12.12%
Conference Record: 2-18
Conference Win %: 10.00%
District Record: 1-4
District Win %: 20.00%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
05/20/19 Council Bluffs LincolnBox ScoreL 7-5Wickersham Athletic Complex- Council Bluffs
05/23/19 5:30PMGlenwoodBox ScoreL 6-2St Albert High School
05/23/19 7:30PMGlenwoodBox ScoreL 13-1St Albert High School
06/01/19 Bishop HeelanBox ScoreL 11-3Carroll Athletic Stadium
06/01/19 St. EdmondBox ScoreL 12-0Carroll Athletic Stadium
06/03/19 7:30PMDenison-SchleswigGame PreviewSt Albert High School
06/04/19 7:30PMKuemper CatholicBox ScoreL 16-7St Albert High School
06/05/19 7:00PMCouncil Bluffs JeffersonBox ScoreL 13-3Wickersham Athletic Complex- Council Bluffs
06/06/19 Red OakBox ScoreL 12-2Red Oak High School
06/06/19 5:30PMRed OakBox ScoreW 5-3Red Oak High School
06/07/19 5:30PMShenandoahBox ScoreL 10-7St Albert High School
06/07/19 7:30PMShenandoahBox ScoreL 18-1St Albert High School
06/10/19 7:30PMHarlanBox ScoreL 12-0Harlan Community High School
06/11/19 5:30PMLewis CentralBox ScoreL 6-3Lewis Central Senior High School
06/11/19 7:00PMLewis CentralGame PreviewSt Albert High School
06/12/19 Lewis CentralBox ScoreW 7-2Lewis Central Senior High School
06/13/19 Fremont-MillsBox ScoreW 6-5St Albert High School
06/15/19 Council Bluffs JeffersonBox ScoreL 9-2Thomas Jefferson High School, Council Bluffs
06/15/19 9:40AMCentral DecaturBox ScoreL 13-2Wickersham Athletic Complex- Council Bluffs
06/16/19 EarlhamBox ScoreL 10-0Wickersham Athletic Complex- Council Bluffs
06/17/19 AtlanticBox ScoreL 13-1St Albert High School
06/17/19 5:30PMAtlanticBox ScoreL 10-3St Albert High School
06/18/19 5:30PMDenison-SchleswigGame PreviewDenison High School
06/18/19 7:00PMDenison-SchleswigGame PreviewDenison High School
06/19/19 UnderwoodBox ScoreW 2-1St Albert High School
06/20/19 5:30PMCrestonBox ScoreL 12-0St Albert High School
06/20/19 7:30PMCrestonBox ScoreL 17-0St Albert High School
06/24/19 Kuemper CatholicBox ScoreL 12-0Carroll Athletic Stadium
06/26/19 Council Bluffs JeffersonBox ScoreL 17-6St Albert High School
06/27/19 ClarindaBox ScoreL 15-3Lied Recreation Center
06/27/19 ClarindaBox ScoreL 11-2Lied Recreation Center
06/28/19 Denison-SchleswigBox ScoreL 13-1Denison High School
06/28/19 5:00PMDenison-SchleswigBox ScoreL 17-1St Albert High School
06/29/19 7:00PMHarlanBox ScoreL 14-0Lewis Central Senior High School
07/01/19 West MononaBox ScoreL 12-0West Monona High School
07/02/19 SidneyBox ScoreL 8-4Sidney High School
07/08/19 7:00PMAr-We-VaBox ScoreL 9-8St Albert High School
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Shelby HatcherJunior
Lainey SheffieldFreshman
Gabby BrownfieldSophomore
Anna Helton8th
Maddy Horvath11Freshman
Allie PetrySophomore
Peyton Carman8Senior
Landry Miller8th
Sarah Eggerling7Sophomore
Presley Poor13Junior
Olivia BarnesJunior
Jessica McMartin8th
Carly McKeever8th
Mallory Daley18Freshman
Isabel PershingJunior

Game Team Stats

Game DateABHitsRunsDoublesTripleHRRBISBBBGameTeams
05/20/193085210541@ Council Bluffs Lin
05/23/191622100122vs Glenwood
05/23/191421000110vs Glenwood
06/01/191650000001@ St. Edmond
06/01/191723000212@ Bishop Heelan
06/04/193457200746vs Kuemper Catholic
06/05/192343100323@ Council Bluffs Jef
06/06/192965000500@ Red Oak
06/06/192122000224@ Red Oak
06/07/194347100617vs Shenandoah
06/07/192241000101vs Shenandoah
06/10/191110000010@ Harlan
06/11/193373000233@ Lewis Central
06/12/193997001757@ Lewis Central
06/13/193376111614vs Fremont-Mills
06/15/192552100123@ Council Bluffs Jef
06/15/192262100203@ Central Decatur
06/16/191500000000@ Earlham
06/17/192863100320vs Atlantic
06/17/191431000101vs Atlantic
06/19/192872000132vs Underwood
06/20/191010000000vs Creston
06/20/191120100000vs Creston
06/24/191640000000@ Kuemper Catholic
06/26/192686101634vs Council Bluffs Je
06/27/192542100200@ Clarinda
06/27/191333001310@ Clarinda
06/28/192251000110vs Denison-Schleswig
06/28/192401000005@ Denison-Schleswig
06/29/191300000000vs Harlan
07/01/191110000010@ West Monona
07/02/193174000442@ Sidney
07/08/1938118000824vs Ar-We-Va

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