Davenport, West Girls Basketball

Class: 5A
Conference: Mississippi Athletic
District: Region 8
Overall Record: 0-22
Winning Streak:
Overall Win %: 0.00%
Conference Record: 0-19
Conference Win %: 0.00%
District Record: 0-3
District Win %: 0.00%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
11/17/18 Dubuque, SeniorBox ScoreL 68-26Dubuque Senior High School
11/27/18 ClintonBox ScoreL 55-10Clinton High School
11/30/18 BurlingtonBox ScoreL 61-34West High School-Davenport
12/01/18 MaquoketaBox ScoreL 65-25West High School-Sioux City
12/04/18 Davenport, CentralBox ScoreL 54-43Central High School (DeWitt)
12/07/18 BettendorfBox ScoreL 69-18West High School-Davenport
12/11/18 Davenport, AssumptionBox ScoreL 76-6West High School-Davenport
12/14/18 Pleasant ValleyBox ScoreL 67-6Pleasant Valley High School
12/18/18 North Scott, EldridgeBox ScoreL 66-18West High School-Sioux City
12/21/18 Davenport, NorthBox ScoreL 87-26West High School-Sioux City
01/04/19 MuscatineBox ScoreL 63-22West High School-Davenport
01/05/19 United Township, East MolineBox ScoreL 65-32Augustana College (IL)
01/08/19 ClintonBox ScoreL 46-23West High School-Sioux City
01/11/19 BurlingtonBox ScoreL 51-28Burlington Community High School
01/18/19 Davenport, CentralBox ScoreL 52-38West High School-Davenport
01/22/19 BettendorfBox ScoreL 63-22Bettendorf High School
02/01/19 7:30PMNorth Scott, EldridgeBox ScoreL 62-24North Scott Senior High School
02/02/19 2:30PMPleasant ValleyBox ScoreL 71-19West High School-Davenport
02/04/19 6:00PMDavenport, AssumptionBox ScoreL 86-33Davenport Assumption
02/08/19 6:00PMMuscatineBox ScoreL 33-27Muscatine High School
02/11/19 Davenport, NorthBox ScoreL 76-16North High School-Davenport
02/16/19 7:00PMPleasant ValleyBox ScoreL 54-19Pleasant Valley High School
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Allie Poston115-05Junior
Brooke HildebrandtUnknown
Madison Perry215-10Junior
Lauren OostendorpUnknown
Alivia Honaker225-07Junior
Kaitlyn PowellUnknown
Jessie Chalupa0/5-09Junior
Ashlyn Utterback335-10Sophomore
Erica RalfsUnknown
Chloe Mohr4/5-04Junior
Erin Honts425-07Sophomore
Tessa HicksUnknown
Madison Schlotfeldt105-05Senior
Grace Thalacker516-01Junior
Kylee DevoreUnknown
Grace SchneidermanUnknown
Roxana Diaz2/5-06Senior
Chandra Duyvejonck355-02Junior
Nativionna Griffen-BlanksUnknown
Nevaeh Thomas5/5-08Sophomore
Paige Townley455-07Senior
Chantale MaomnbiUnknown

Game Team Stats

11/17/18@ Dubuque, Senior263033518
11/27/18@ Clinton102713319
11/30/18vs Burlington3433391219
12/01/18vs Maquoketa252354320
12/04/18@ Davenport, Central433346220
12/07/18vs Bettendorf181603126
12/11/18vs Davenport, Assump61413010
12/14/18@ Pleasant Valley62627212
12/18/18vs North Scott, Eldr182243413
12/21/18vs Davenport, North261461214
01/04/19vs Muscatine222133113
01/05/19vs United Township, 322284520
01/08/19vs Clinton23262809
01/11/19@ Burlington283209419
01/18/19vs Davenport, Centra3830341214
01/22/19@ Bettendorf223011214
02/01/19@ North Scott, Eldri24165749
02/02/19vs Pleasant Valley191338113
02/04/19@ Davenport, Assumpt332118213
02/08/19@ Muscatine273008313
02/11/19@ Davenport, North162031119

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