Burlington Notre Dame Volleyball

Class: 1A
Conference: SEISC
Overall Record: 12-16
Winning Streak: L2
Overall Win %: 42.86%
Conference Record: 8-9
Conference Win %: 47.06%
District Record: 3-4
District Win %: 42.86%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
08/31/19 GilbertBox ScoreL 2-0Bondurant Middle School
08/31/19 CarrollBox ScoreL 2-0Bondurant Middle School
08/31/19 PellaBox ScoreL 2-0Bondurant Middle School
08/31/19 Fort MadisonBox ScoreL 2-0Bondurant-Farrar High School
08/31/19 Des Moines, RooseveltBox ScoreL 2-0Bondurant-Farrar High School
08/31/19 BooneBox ScoreW 2-0Unknown
09/02/19 English ValleysBox ScoreW 2-0Wapello Senior High School
09/03/19 Central Lee, DonnellsonBox ScoreL 2-1Wapello Senior High School
09/03/19 KeotaBox ScoreW 2-0Wapello Senior High School
09/03/19 4:00PMWapelloBox ScoreL 2-1Wapello Senior High School
09/05/19 7:30PMCardinal, EldonBox ScoreW 3-1Notre Dame
09/07/19 Louisa-MuscatineBox ScoreW 2-1Notre Dame
09/07/19 9:00AMDavenport, AssumpBox ScoreL 2-0Notre Dame
09/10/19 7:30PMCentral Lee, DonnellsonBox ScoreL 3-1Central Lee High School
09/12/19 5:30PMDanvilleBox ScoreW 3-1Notre Dame
09/17/19 7:00PMHoly Trinity CatholicBox ScoreL 3-1Holy Trinity Junior/Senior High
09/19/19 5:30PMNew LondonBox ScoreL 3-1Notre Dame
09/21/19 9:00AMHoly Trinity CatholicBox ScoreL 2-1Keokuk High School
09/21/19 9:00AMLouisa-MuscatineBox ScoreW 2-1Unknown
09/21/19 9:00AMNew LondonBox ScoreL 2-0Unknown
09/21/19 9:00AMKeokukBox ScoreL 2-0Keokuk High School
09/23/19 TBDGame PreviewNotre Dame
09/26/19 WapelloBox ScoreW 2-0Unknown
09/26/19 Iowa Mennonite, KalonaBox ScoreW 2-0Unknown
09/26/19 5:00PMColumbus, Columbus JuncBox ScoreW 2-0Notre Dame
09/26/19 6:00PMVan Buren, KeosauquaBox ScoreL 2-0Notre Dame
10/08/19 7:00PMVan Buren, KeosauquaBox ScoreL 3-0Van Buren Community High School
10/08/19 7:00PMVan Buren, KeosauquaGame PreviewUnknown
10/10/19 7:30PMWACOGame PreviewNotre Dame
10/12/19 9:00AMMount PleasantGame PreviewMount Pleasant High School
10/15/19 7:30PMWest BurlingtonGame PreviewWest Burlington High School
10/22/19 TBDGame PreviewNotre Dame
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Kerrigan Belger125-04
Evie Deery335-07
Molly Johnson105-06
Kayla Marino315-07Senior
Taylor Marino235-08
Katy Stephens165-09
Maddy Stutsman115-05Senior
Isabel Tjaden135-06
Rylie Todd45-09
Hope Ward95-05
Maisey Belger225-06
Gabby Deery86-00

Game Team Stats

09/28/19@ Mediapolis15132411
09/26/19@ Iowa Mennonite, Kalona221726410
09/26/19vs Van Buren, Keosauqua13103442
09/26/19@ Wapello19154383
09/26/19vs Columbus, Columbus Junc21152514
09/21/19@ Louisa-Muscatine21183783
09/21/19@ New London1294160
09/21/19vs Holy Trinity Catholic22174858
09/21/19vs Keokuk992663
09/19/19vs New London3528109113
09/17/19vs Holy Trinity Catholic3728121115
09/12/19vs Danville484211236
09/10/19vs Central Lee, Donnellson353285157
09/07/19vs Pekin26236016
09/07/19vs Louisa-Muscatine21194632
09/07/19vs Keokuk1774035
09/07/19vs Davenport, Assump522820
09/05/19vs Cardinal, Eldon35308565
09/03/19vs Keota18162618
09/03/19vs Central Lee, Donnellson13155761
09/03/19vs Wapello20205049
09/02/19vs English Valleys17162745
08/31/19vs Pella14132943
08/31/19vs Gilbert161316134
08/31/19@ Boone14123963
08/31/19vs Fort Madison17163802
08/31/19vs Carroll11132560
08/31/19vs Des Moines, Roosevelt12102791

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