Baxter Baseball

Class: 1A
Conference: Iowa Star
District: District 11
Overall Record: 7-17
Winning Streak:
Overall Win %: 29.17%
Conference Record: 3-9
Conference Win %: 25.00%
District Record: 5-5
District Win %: 50.00%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
05/20/19 BCLUW, ConradBox ScoreW 8-0Neil Seales Sports Complex (Baxter)
05/24/19 5:00PMNorth Tama, TraerBox ScoreL 12-0Neil Seales Sports Complex (Baxter)
05/25/19 10:00AMBGM, BrooklynBox ScoreL 11-6Brooklyn-Guernsey-Malcom Jr-Sr High School
05/25/19 10:00AMClear Creek-AmanaBox ScoreL 17-0Brooklyn-Guernsey-Malcom Jr-Sr High School
05/29/19 5:00PMGMG, GarwinBox ScoreL 11-1GMG Secondary School
05/30/19 5:00PMLynnville-SullyBox ScoreL 19-3Baxter High School
05/31/19 5:00PMDunkertonBox ScoreW 11-3Neil Seales Sports Complex (Baxter)
06/03/19 5:00PMDon BoscoBox ScoreL 25-4Neil Seales Sports Complex (Baxter)
06/04/19 5:00PMClarksvilleBox ScoreL 7-6Clarksville High School
06/05/19 7:00PMColo-NescoBox ScoreL 10-1Zearing Veterans Memorial Field
06/06/19 5:00PMCollins-MaxwellBox ScoreW 15-5Baxter High School
06/10/19 5:00PMTripoliBox ScoreW 8-3Baxter High School
06/12/19 4:00PMRicevilleBox ScoreW 5-4Riceville High School
06/14/19 5:00PMNorth Tama, TraerBox ScoreL 3-2North Tama High School
06/15/19 Grundy CenterGame PreviewWest Marshall High School
06/15/19 10:00AMWest MarshallBox ScoreL 13-0West Marshall High School
06/17/19 5:00PMJanesvilleBox ScoreL 13-3Janesville Junior-Senior High School
06/19/19 GMG, GarwinBox ScoreL 5-2Baxter High School
06/26/19 5:00PMColo-NescoBox ScoreL 7-5Neil Seales Sports Complex (Baxter)
06/27/19 PCMBox ScoreL 17-0Baxter High School
06/28/19 5:00PMCollins-MaxwellBox ScoreW 7-0Collins-Maxwell Middle/High School
07/03/19 AGWSR, AckleyGame PreviewAGWSR High School
07/05/19 Colfax-MingoBox ScoreL 2-1Colfax-Mingo High School
07/09/19 6:00PMMontezumaBox ScoreL 11-9Montezuma High School
07/09/19 6:00PMMontezumaGame PreviewMontezuma High School
07/13/19 5:00PMLynnville-SullyBox ScoreW 9-5Grundy Center High School
07/16/19 7:00PMHudsonBox ScoreL 4-3Hudson High School
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Andrew Klemme9Sophomore
Jake Travis88th
Austin Good16Senior
Ian Thomson4Senior
Patrick Kennedy20Senior
Andrew Esqueda7Senior
Carter Nelsen18Junior
Cael Shepley8th
Matthew Grimes11Senior
Rory Heer6Freshman
Jalen PorterSophomore
Nick NelsonFreshman
Shane Beougher13Junior
Derrick Klemme12Senior
Cole Damman2Junior
Shane Matthews17Junior
Grant Borts19Freshman
Grants Borts19Freshman
Brad Matthews10Sophomore
Dalton Heer8Senior
Brendyn Padget14Senior
Cody Damman18th

Game Team Stats

Game DateABHitsRunsDoublesTripleHRRBISBBBGameTeams
05/20/192768100388vs BCLUW, Conrad
05/24/191720000001vs North Tama, Traer
05/25/193076200444@ BGM, Brooklyn
05/25/191110000012vs Clear Creek-Amana
05/29/191531000126@ GMG, Garwin
05/30/191233000233vs Lynnville-Sully
05/31/19291211110833vs Dunkerton
06/03/191434000416vs Don Bosco
06/04/1932106300532@ Clarksville
06/05/192341000145@ Colo-Nesco
06/06/1925151510015137vs Collins-Maxwell
06/10/1928108100756vs Tripoli
06/12/1935155100523@ Riceville
06/14/192652100004@ North Tama, Traer
06/15/191810000000@ West Marshall
06/17/192463200310@ Janesville
06/19/193272200211vs GMG, Garwin
06/26/193465100386vs Colo-Nesco
06/27/19900000000vs PCM
06/28/192787200688@ Collins-Maxwell
07/05/193391100043@ Colfax-Mingo
07/09/1934159100815@ Montezuma
07/13/193099200816vs Lynnville-Sully

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