Pleasantville Baseball

Class: 2A
Conference: Pride of Iowa
District: District 12
Overall Record: 18-16
Winning Streak: W4
Overall Win %: 52.94%
Conference Record: 4-0
Conference Win %: 100.00%
District Record: 3-6
District Win %: 33.33%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
05/20/19 Pella ChristianBox ScoreL 5-1Pella Christian Eagles
05/22/19 7:00PMPCMBox ScoreL 19-12Pleasantville High School
05/23/19 PanoramaBox ScoreW 6-5Panorama High School
05/23/19 5:00PMPanoramaBox ScoreL 4-0Panorama High School
05/28/19 7:00PMEarlhamGame PreviewEARLHAM SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL
05/29/19 5:00PMMelcher-DallasGame PreviewMelcher-Dallas High School
05/30/19 West Central ValleyBox ScoreW 12-1Pleasantville High School
05/30/19 5:00PMWest Central ValleyBox ScoreW 10-0Pleasantville High School
06/01/19 ADMBox ScoreL 7-4ADM Senior High School
06/01/19 Coon Rapids-BayardBox ScoreL 13-6Coon Rapids-Bayard
06/03/19 5:15PMDes Moines ChristianGame PreviewDes Moines Christian
06/04/19 7:00PMInterstate 35Box ScoreW 9-7Pleasantville High School
06/06/19 Woodward-GrangeBox ScoreL 9-4Woodward-Granger High School
06/06/19 5:00PMWoodward-GrangeBox ScoreL 4-1Woodward-Granger Baseball Field
06/08/19 Colo-NescoBox ScoreW 22-6Colo-NESCO Jr./Sr. High School
06/08/19 Webster CityBox ScoreL 5-4Pleasantville High School
06/10/19 Van MeterBox ScoreL 9-3Pleasantville High School
06/11/19 3:15PMWoodward AcademyBox ScoreW 16-0Pleasantville High School
06/11/19 5:15PMWoodward AcademyBox ScoreW 13-0Woodward Academy
06/13/19 ACGCBox ScoreW 13-3Pleasantville High School
06/13/19 5:00PMACGCBox ScoreW 11-1Pleasantville High School
06/17/19 5:00PMEarlhamBox ScoreW 10-0Pleasantville High School
06/17/19 7:00PMEarlhamBox ScoreW 10-0EARLHAM SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL
06/18/19 WintersetBox ScoreL 9-1Pleasantville High School
06/20/19 5:00PMMadridBox ScoreL 7-5Madrid High School
06/20/19 5:00PMMadridBox ScoreL 3-1Madrid High School
06/24/19 7:00PMDes Moines ChristianBox ScoreL 3-2Pleasantville High School
06/24/19 7:00PMDes Moines ChristianBox ScoreL 5-2Pleasantville High School
06/25/19 5:00PMInterstate 35Game PreviewInterstate 35 Secondary School
06/26/19 7:30PMCharitonBox ScoreL 11-10Chariton High School
06/27/19 OgdenBox ScoreW 12-7Pleasantville High School
06/27/19 OgdenBox ScoreW 4-2Pleasantville High School
06/28/19 7:00PMInterstate 35Box ScoreW 13-7Interstate 35 Secondary School
07/02/19 Van MeterGame PreviewVan Meter Jr-Sr High School
07/03/19 Ankeny ChristianGame PreviewCownie Baseball Field, Des Moines
07/05/19 West MarshallBox ScoreL 11-10West Marshall High School
07/08/19 Martensdale-St MarysBox ScoreW 7-6Pleasantville High School
07/09/19 Southeast WarrenBox ScoreW 11-7Pleasantville High School
07/11/19 Bondurant-FarrarBox ScoreW 7-6Pleasantville High School
07/13/19 5:00PMClass 2A District 12Box ScoreW 11-1Madrid High School
07/16/19 7:00PMWoodward-GrangeGame PreviewWoodward-Granger High School
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Cael Berglund11Junior
Max Hinners1Senior
Teron Mount27Junior
Dylan Taylor3Sophomore
Bristol Huyck25Freshman
Wyatt Clark15Junior
Matthew Kauffman20Sophomore
Brady Powers34Junior
Aaron Wilkins18Sophomore
Nicholas Martin30Freshman
Grant Fouch10Senior
Isaac Mann12Sophomore
Brady Sanders21Junior
Caedon Hickman15Sophomore
Mason Scheve7Freshman
Quintin Berglund14Senior
Dale Jolly17Sophomore
Triston Mount22Senior
Tyler Vrban35Sophomore
Kolbie Jarvis13Junior
Alex Bartels26Junior
Cody Garr33Sophomore
Austin McMillan23Sophomore
Colby Sandholt28Sophomore
Jacob Hiemstra16Freshman
Ben Wicks37Freshman
Kaydin Dyer2Senior
Isac Lopez16Senior
Cole Sampson36Sophomore
Jake De Joode21Freshman
Larry Remster31Freshman
Jeremy Colboth8Junior
Cael Lester24Senior
Trevor Pulse19Sophomore
A.J. Bull28Freshman
Michael McGriff26Freshman
Trevan Davis31Junior
Gabe Lopez32Sophomore
Nolan Roff9Sophomore
Trevor Daggett29Freshman
Taylon Mount34Freshman

Game Team Stats

Game DateABHitsRunsDoublesTripleHRRBISBBBGameTeams
05/20/192421100114@ Pella Christian
05/22/192961210010517vs PCM
05/23/192520000003@ Panorama
05/23/192576200506@ Panorama
05/30/19341012100821vs West Central Vall
05/30/1925810100806vs West Central Vall
06/01/192656000508@ Coon Rapids-Bayard
06/01/192654100315@ ADM
06/04/192699100927vs Interstate 35
06/06/193071100123@ Woodward-Grange
06/06/192974100323@ Woodward-Grange
06/08/192510221012129@ Colo-Nesco
06/08/192864101437vs Webster City
06/10/193093100306vs Van Meter
06/11/192711161001317vs Woodward Academy
06/11/19231013200634@ Woodward Academy
06/13/19275112009311vs ACGC
06/13/1925111300010310vs ACGC
06/17/1925710200809vs Earlham
06/17/1922610100927@ Earlham
06/18/192661100100vs Winterset
06/20/192875000413@ Madrid
06/20/192881010110@ Madrid
06/24/192872100200vs Des Moines Christ
06/24/192552000235vs Des Moines Christ
06/26/19351010100658@ Chariton
06/27/193114121001022vs Ogden
06/27/193274100222vs Ogden
06/28/193110131001117@ Interstate 35
07/05/19341210010928@ West Marshall
07/08/192987200664vs Martensdale-St Ma
07/09/192710113001025vs Southeast Warren
07/11/192367300604vs Bondurant-Farrar
07/13/1918711101809vs Colfax-Mingo

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